Moist Coffee Cake

Moist Coffee Cake: If you are seeking for a coffee cake that is not only delicious and fluffy but also overflowing with the flavour of coffee, then this recipe is exactly what you need! YUM! This delicious dessert consists of layers of soft coffee cake that are sandwiched between the most heavenly white chocolate and coffee whipped ganache icing and delicately candied walnuts.

Moist Coffee Cake


  • Not only does this dish consist of three distinct components, but it is also quite simple to put together!
  • Because the whipped ganache icing is the highlight of this cake, baking it is something that I would strongly recommend doing.
  • The ganache needs to be allowed to chill in the refrigerator before it can be whipped, therefore it is preferable to begin making it first before making the cake (the directions for making the ganache are located under the instructions for making the coffee cake.


The coffee cake

  • To begin making the coffee cake, you should begin by preheating your oven to 160 degrees Celsius (320 degrees Fahrenheit) with the fan on (for those who do not have a fan function
  • Next, grease and/or line two cake tins that are 8 inches in diameter (I use my homemade cake release). Save for the time being.
  • Combine the following ingredients in a bowl: flour, cornflour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and instant coffee powder. Sift the mixture. Combine the ingredients thoroughly by whisking or using a fork. Put aside for later.
  • Take the chocolate and cream mixture and let it sit for five minutes without touching it. Stir the mixture with a spatula after five minutes, and then use an immersion blender to puree it until it is completely smooth.
  • In order to avoid air bubbles from entering the ganache, it is important to keep the immersion blender at the bottom of the glass bowl.
  • The ganache should be poured into a broad baking tray or dish (this will allow it to cool more quickly), and then the dish or tray should be covered with cling film so that it touches the top of the ganache.
  • During the cooling process, this will prevent the formation of a skin. You should put it in the refrigerator for at least a few hours so that it can become very cold and somewhat thicken up.
  • There is also the option of performing this step the day before.
  • Once everything is done, pour the ganache into a bowl and beat it until you obtain peaks that are medium-stiff. Be careful not to overwhip the cream because it comes together in a relatively short amount of time.



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The walnuts are lightly candied.


  • Sugar, butter, and cinnamon should be added to a saucepan that is set over a medium heat and stirred occasionally from time to time.
  • Following the melting of the sugar and the beginning of a gentle bubble, the walnuts should be added to the mixture and stirred in order to ensure that the walnuts are equally covered with the butter and sugar mixture.
  • After the coating has been applied, remove it from the heat immediately and pour it onto a tray. To separate the walnuts, you can either use a spatula or a spoon.



Coffee Cake

  •  cups (320 g) flour – regular all purpose (see note 1 if you want to use cake flour)
  •  cup (40 g) cornflour – also known as cornstarch
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt – omit if using salted butter
  • 4 tbsp (15 g) instant coffee powder – I use a fine powdered coffee
  • ½ cup (113 g) unsalted butter – room temperature
  • ½ cup (105 g) unflavoured vegetable oil – I use canola
  •  cups (300 g) soft brown sugar – firmly packed (see note 6)
  • 3 large eggs – room temperature tbsp vanilla essence/extract
  • 1 tsp white vinegar
  •  cups (337 g) buttermilk – room temperature, see note 5 if using a homemade buttermilk substitute

Whipped White Chocolate & Coffee Ganache Frosting

    • 1 cup (180 g) white chocolate – couverture preferred, otherwise regular eating chocolate. Try not to use compound white chocolate. Milk chocolate can be used too.
    • 3 cups (675 g) cream – minimum fat percentage of 34%
  •  tbsp instant coffee powder – I use a fine powdered coffee

Lightly Candied Walnuts

  • 2 tbsp (30 g) soft brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp (14 g) unsalted butter
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup (100 g) walnuts – roughly chopped or halved




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