10+ Happy Birthday Memes Funny for Special Day

Happy Birthday Memes: Birthdays are the special moments among friends and birthday memes makes it more special with cute, funny jokes that definitely bring a smile on face. They are super cool and trending since the old greeting cards and messages have become boring. Memes are selected according to the attitude of the person which makes it more funny and interactive with friends. Happy Birthday memes are for people of every age starting from kids to elders, but the young generation is using memes tremendously on social media that can grasp peoples attention faster than any other way of greetings. Memes with relative expression and a bit of humor in it make the best birthday greeting among friends.

The funny reactions and expressions of the characters in memes are catchy and represent any of the friends with the same character. It becomes funnier when the same thing happens on the occasion of birthday parties or functions. Post this cool meme on social media or stories of Instagram or Facebook for fun and show your creativity and humor to the world.

Happy Birthday Memes

Happy Birthday Memes
Happy Birthday Memes

1) Most people try to give the somewhat expensive cake to friends but surely keep an account of whole expenses. When a friend invites them on birthday and offers a cheaper quality cake on the birthday party, then people often try to balance the cost with the gift reducing the expenses on the gift. It depicts the evilly minded emotions in a funny way if it matches the mindset of your friend.

2) As soon as classmates or friends come to know about the birthday date of a person, they surely ask to have a blast on the birthday party. Most people even get vexed with all asking for a huge party that requires more amount in it. A girl who is vexed with her friends asking her for having a blast in the party place makes the blast real. Send this meme on group chats where all the classmates can see and laugh.

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3) Trying to match the cost of a gift with the gift that one has got on his /her birthday is done by everyone. But what if the gift was much expensive that one cannot afford? In this situation, an evil plan rises and the cheaper gift with expensive wrap is planned to be in return. If you have such a friend who has gifted you in the same manner with the same planning, post this on your story and see the response. That cunning smile shows how the evil plan was it.

4) Birthday parties are for the exchange of gift with parties in every aged people. In the attendees’ friends at a birthday party, few people bring an expensive gift and others some satisfying ones, but what if a person says some irrelevant quote when asked about a gift? The same situation is shown here where all have attended the party but a person says some irritable comment and faces the rage of the birthday person. It is quite a funny meme which will be suitable for everyone for their dear friends for some utmost humorous talks.

5) Most friends attend the birthday party just for drink and groove and this goes on for the people of every age starting from youth. The reaction when the drink arrives late after all other programs such as cake cutting and dinner is completed is simply depicted by the girl. The irritation is shown clearly by the expression of the girl for the drink. This is for every friend in the birthday party certainly for humor and fun. Priority of the drink at the birthday party is funnily shown in this meme which will make your friends laugh and surely rings a bell to the birthday person.

6) If you can’t manage to give a memorable and expensive gift to your friend as you were gifted then the expression at the birthday party will be like this. It is even more fun with the cunning mindset of gifting used gifts in the wrapper and surprising the birthday boy/girl while unwrapping it. This creates a stir probably and lots of fun if posted in the group before seeing the gift making him realizes the expenses wasted on the wine. It is a super cool way to express your emotion or create fun in the form of an elegant style of Leonardo.

7) Greeting a friend on his birthday with a gift or flower is an old way in this trend. Save your attitude and gift your best friend with the super cool meme by the unique attitude of Donald Trump. This is funny but a catchy meme with the arrogant expression and boasting words of wishing a happy birthday. Boast and attitude things are quite common with fun talks among friends and definitely grab attention in any social media. As memes are not serious statements, people will take it with fun and the birthday person will definitely get a smile on his face after seeing this.

8) When friends forget to bring gifts on birthdays and try to cover that with some attaching words such as sweet memories and philosophies, this expression is quite common. Some might find this catchy and emotional but the people with humor will definitely get touched by the expressions and the manner of covering of the other friend with no gift with him. This will ring a bell to your friend if he/she covered the reason for not bringing the gift on birthday. This super cool toy story expression will definitely be cool when posted on Facebook or any other sites.

9) Friends ask gift on birthday after getting wished from every friend. Few of them can also be the persons who have never gifted anything to anyone but ask gifts in return. The rage, while such a person asks the gift, is clearly shown by the Batman character. This meme is specifically for the person who has never gifted a single present in the life but asks gifts from all. It is super humorous and funny which can bring lots of attention from the friends and circle and can also change the mind of those peoples who ask for gifts on their birthdays.

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Conclusion:Birthday is the best chance to either wish the friends in an elegant manner that touches their heart or with funny comments that bring a smile on their face. Memes are the best way of wishing or comments for making the moment viral and remembered. It is also the best funny way of recognizing some inner manners of the people attending the birthday parties or people asking gifts and parties on birthday.

This is the most used media for youngsters to greet funnily on birthdays and other occasions too. However, boring wishes with a gift is no more a trend after the memes have gone viral in social media. You can try these Happy Birthday Memes for your loved ones.



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