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Top # 10+ Happy Birthday Gift Ideas for Beautiful Girlfriend

Top # 10+ Happy Birthday Gift Ideas for Beautiful Girlfriend: The birth of a human being is not only a significant event but as the year’s pass, it is also a reminder of the milestones crossed in one’s life. Be it the distribution of sweets at school, treat at the college canteen, cake brought in by the HR at office or mom’s special birthday menu, birthdays hold fond memories for everyone. A part of the fond memories also include the birthday gifts. They may be re-gifted, used or long forgotten but they remain an important part of the ritual of birthday celebrations. Choosing a gift takes a lot of thought and effort. A gift may cause two extreme reactions. It may either make someone’s day or totally break someone’s expectations. Hence it is always better to buy a gift after consideration and research.

Some people think that purchasing a gift for a girl is rocket science but that isn’t necessarily the case. It might be that some of your female friends are choosy but it would be unfair to stereotype an entire gender. Also, movies have brought in some outlandish stunts for inspiration such as gifting tons of diamonds, booking an entire amusement park for her to enjoy the carnival rides or even a yacht. It is probably because of these larger than life ideas that an individual was recently inspired to hack into the website of a prominent Indian university and post a birthday message on the homepage. Seriously, a gift doesn’t necessarily have to be that crazy unless you enjoy getting into trouble. So this article explores a few gifting ideas closer to earth.

Happy Birthday Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend

Before choosing a gift for a female Friend, it is first important to learn how she would react to what you would choose. Also, try and find out what she would like. While some people appreciate the sentiment behind the gift, others are outspokenly materialistic. It isn’t a vice for they are quite frank about what they would like so therefore if a smile is what you are aiming for then choose accordingly.


Top # 10+ Happy Birthday Gift Ideas for Beautiful Girlfriend

1) Home cooked meal: There are some who would love it if their gift involves a bit of an effort. A home cooked meal which includes her favourite dishes would make for a great gift. You may enjoy this delicious gift together and make sure that you are charming company. It is her day to ensure that she gets a luxury experience.

2) Handmade card: If you are unsure of your culinary skills, you could also turn to arts and crafts. You could gift her a handmade card with an endearing message or make something funky such as jewellery or a showpiece. Not only are handmade gifts fun but they also add to a personal touch.

3) Quality time: There is nothing more precious than the gift of time. You could always gift your friend an entire day of your time wherein the both of you would spend the time indulging in activities of her choice. Be it a walk or a movie, she gets to choose. She would really appreciate your consideration in letting her choose.

4) Adventure games: For the outdoorsy girl, there can be no better gift than a wholesome dose of an adrenaline rush. You could gift her coupons to participate in adventure games such as bungee jumping or zip lining at the local retreat. This would be a gift she would never forget.

5) Game DVDs: The rare breed of girls who are gaming addicts would be thrilled with game DVDs. You could also gift them passes to the local video game arena. For the ones who love to stay on their feet, it would be a thrill if they were to be gifted a fun session of laser tag or paintball game.

6) Dolls or Teddy Bears: Every girl has an inner child which can be seen in their bubbly and vivacious personality. You can remind them of their childhood by gifting them dolls or teddy bears. Vintage dolls, toys and video games are also quite popular and serve as good collectables.

7) Fitness Products: The current wave of fitness has encouraged a lot of people who got to the gym and stay healthy. This brings in the next novel idea of gifting fitness products. The market is booming with fitness products and active wear. A sturdy pair of gym shoes or a pair of dumbbells would go a long way in keeping her fit, healthy and active.

8) Spa voucher: While there are the active girls, there are also the ones who absolutely love to pamper themselves. A spa voucher is the best way to go. A gateway to a refreshing and relaxing experience at the spa would keep her happy and calm for a long time.

9) Makeup Basket: Talking of grooming, makeup is also a great gifting option. However, it involves a bit of research. You may have to find out what kind of products she uses and if she may be allergic to certain brands or products. Also, learn about the kind of hues and shades she is into. Whether she is of the minimalist kind or if she loves glamour make up. You can gift her an entire range of the latest nail shades or you may also go for something subtle such as a gift basket of personal care products such as moisturizer and essential oils.

10) Audiobooks of Motivational speakers: For that one female friend of yours who is career oriented and always on the go, you may gift her audiobooks of motivational speakers to keep her inspired. She can utilize these gifts while at work. Hardbound paperback books are also a great option for bibliophiles. You may gift the books of her favourite genre or gift her something which she doesn’t normally read. Who knows? She may end up finding a new area of interest. First copy editions of her favourite writers or autographed copy of current writers would make for a thoughtful gift. You could even request for an inset of a personal birthday message in the signed copies.

11) Scented candles: The fast-paced life today has brought with it a lot of stress. There is so much to cope with and the hustle bustle of life leaves one with little time to relax. You could give your friend a little opportunity to relax by gifting her scented candles. Candles with essences such as lavender or tea tree are soothing to the senses. They would make for a thoughtful gift.

12) Travel Backpack: For the one bitten by the travel bug, there can be no better gift than a backpack. Make sure you choose one that is lightweight, waterproof, sturdy and spacious. She would love it.

13) The good pair of footwear: While it is a given that girls have an assortment of Choices when it comes to clothing, selecting one as a gift would be a challenge. A style is not something that is in trend. The style is what one is comfortable with. Choose something that you think she would wear on a regular basis. You could also surprise her with an elegant ethnic ensemble. Footwear is an important part of one’s outfit. A good pair of footwear is a must in one’s closet. You could surprise her with a sturdy pair of custom made shoes. She would appreciate the gift.

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To top off all of these gifting suggestions, it is not the money or the utility of the gift which matters but the sentiment. A gift could be either a tangible item or an experience. What matters supremely is the joy it gives to a person.



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