100+ Break Up Status in English for Boyfriend Girlfriend

Break Up Status in English – Heartbreak is a tough and painful emotion; a person can go through. It is a moment where an individual gets shattered and wants to be alone. There are various thoughts arise in mind like that of suicide. Once you love someone so deep, it is not easy to move on by carrying a fake smile on your face. You have invested a lot of feelings, love, time in that relationship and now you have to go through a break up. Getting apart from the one you trusted and made various plans together make you disheartened. 

We can’t even think of moving on because they showed us so much to remember and a heart break is no less than a depression. It can ruin your state of mind as well as it can physically torture you. The mental health matters a lot and it contributes to be healthy but once it is not in a good condition, how can a person be healthy! 

Sharing your feelings with someone you trust or may be with sharing break up statuses on social media anonymously might help you reduce your frustration and the trauma you are going through. This article is loaded with break up quotes which will help you in bursting out your stress, disappointment and tears. Shouting out loud is the best way to heal yourself because once you distress yourself, you are out of the burden and can begin your life with a new phase. 

Break Up Status in English for Boyfriend Girlfriend100+ Break Up Status in English for Boyfriend Girlfriend

1.    You broke all my hopes and trust. You are the reason why I would not be able to trust anyone.

2.    My feelings were a joke for you. You never loved me even for a fraction of second.

3.    Heart is precious, don’t let anyone break it.

4.    I am not able to forget you. You gave me fondest memories anyone could ever give.

5.    It hurts drastically that the one you loved so much can break you down into tears. 

6.    It is unbelievable that a human can hurt another human just for his fun.

7.    I invested my time, feelings and love for you and you never showed interest in me.

8.    Never forget that how they treated you no matter how much desperately you want to talk to them.

9.    People use you for their benefit and throw you away from their life once you are no more beneficial to them.

10.    Heart break can haunt you forever.

11.    Life is beautiful, don’t quit your life just because they broke your heart.

12.    Those cheesy words were nothing but a technique to attract you.

13.    Enjoy your own company, at least nobody will be able to hurt you.

14.     Never give an authority to someone so that they can hurt you this bad.

15.    Memories suffocate us once we are no more in a relationship. It can do the worst to spoil the mental health.

16.    Your mental health is important and you can’t keep it on a sake just because of a break up.

17.    Break up can be a reason for your illness.

18.    Love is no more a pure emotion for this generation. People blend love with fakeness in it. 

19.    It is better to stay blunt than being cheesy.

20.    The scars you gave me on my soul are forever engraved. 

21.    Falling in love is an addiction which can be dangerous for our soul.

22.    People are connected to each other on almost every social media platform but they are not connected to each other’s heart.

23.    The pain you have given me is the worst curse I can get. I can never forgive you.

24.    You had a fun in making me hurt but I went through a depression.

25.    I am broken, disheartened and hopeless. It will be tough for me to love anyone.

26.    The more cuddle I wanted from you, the more pain you gave me.

27.    Let them suffer because they lost a precious person. You were loyal so be proud to yourself. 

28.    Sometimes you want to forget them but those flashbacks start coming into your mind.

29.    I could count on you forever but you proved me wrong.

30.    I am happy because I loved you so intense but I never knew I am loving a snake who can bite me anytime. 

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31.    One sided relationship doesn’t have a long life.

32.    Walking together is adorable but staying left behind is heartbroken.

33.    Love is a beautiful emotion which you never understood.

34.    I hope you also go through this pain of getting shattered. 

35.    Heart break can be poisonous to your soul. Protect yourself from consuming this poison all over again.

36.    Your innocence betrayed me. I can never expect that an innocence face might have a clever heart.

37.    Nobody is too busy to call you or care for you. It happens when they have decided to move on from you.

38.    I wish things were the same as they were in the beginning. 

39.    My unconditional love for you gave me this pain. 

40.    Holding on to you was my biggest regret.

41.    You made my smile converted into a dull face.

42.    Being fake is really easy, that’s why people opt for it. I wish you have chosen the path of loyalty. 

43.    You won’t be able to be in peace after making my heart into pieces.

44.    Even the wheels of the suitcase get worn out, when we drag them for too long. And you think relationships will not be affected if being dragged? 

45.    All my love and feelings went in vain because of you.

46.    I am regretting to fall for you.

47.    People change more frequently than the weather.

48.    There is a worst pain behind your beautiful smile. 

49.    Your genuine care for me made me feel that you love me so hard. I was wrong.

50.    Too much love destroys you.

51.    Love is nothing but lust nowadays.

52.    A loyal heart will eventually move one but the one who gave pain will later be in regret.

53.    I am afraid that how can you be so cruel. How can someone pretend loving?

54.    I wish heart was also had a title of “Unbreakable”. 

55.    We often lose ourselves while trying to please others and it is the painful feeling of the world.

56.    I would appreciate efforts over expensive gifts.

57.    You were giving me all the pleasures for your own benefit and I was a fool to believe your love was true.

58.    In today’s world, the worst you can do is to believe someone. 

59.    Trust is like fixing the foundation of the building. If it is not strong, it can demolish the whole building. 

60.    You have no concern from my pain. My tears are merely water for you.

61.    You should never beg to be loved. If they really love you, they will initiate efforts for you.

62.    It hurts to know that the coldest person gives the warmest hug.

63.    Once they hurt you, they can never love you again.

64.    The pages of the book can be flipped again but once we have read the page of life, we can’t go back again. 

65.    Going back to them again is like disrespecting your worth.

66.    Rise your value high and forgive the one who forgot you.

67.    A broken heart can teach you a life lesson.

68.    If your message starts disturbing them, there is no need to involve yourself into the relationship.

69.    The pain of heart break is much worst than any outside injury.

70.    You can’t expect coming back from them once they hurt you badly. 

71.    You should be more optimistic towards your mental health. Ultimately, your health is a priority.

72.    It is better to invest in your health rather than someone. 

73.    If you are the only one who is saving the relationship, you are killing your own dreams.

74.    It is really convenient for people to make fun of your feelings. Don’t let them do that.

75.    A breakup is not an end of your life. In fact, it is a lesson to make yourself aware that there are the best things waiting for you in life. 

76.     You can’t give up on your life for getting hurt into a relationship. Your parents’ feelings must be a priority for you.

77.    I could never understand your intuition behind your emotions.

78.    I may cry all night but I won’t come back again.

79.    Getting loved is a blessing but you turned it into a curse for me.

80.    It is because of such creatures that people start doubting on humanity.

81.    You lied to me every time I thought our bond was getting tied.

82.    A genuine person suffers because of a fake one.

83.    Those intense feelings, that beautiful heart has now become a complacent one.

84.    A person doesn’t become stone hearted easily. There are various reasons behind it.

85.    I will love you forever no matter you do or not.

86.    I don’t understand why I keep getting a craving to meet you even after knowing how much pain you gave me.

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87.    I was all into you but you never cared.

88.    Don’t be too careless that you forgot the other person’s love.

89.    Never take feelings for granted. It is not easy for someone to confess their love for you.

90.    I loved you with all my heart but you made me fall into a trap.

91.    People these days have made love; a feeling of hatred.

92.    I have started hating myself for loving you more than anyone in my life.

93.    A heart break can break you into the pieces that it becomes difficult to connect.

94.    I wish if you could also have a heart like mine.

95.    Every time I imagine us together, it makes me go mad. I can’t handle the stress of breaking up with you.

96.    All those late-night chats, those dreams of togetherness and so much imaginations. You have destroyed everything. 

97.    Loving someone is a daring emotion and you were a coward.

98.    It might take a year or two for me to move one but I will never come back to you no matter how much I miss you.

99.    Gazing at the moon every time, I think of you. We were a beautiful couple unless you showed true colors to me.

100.    The moon is alone but it is surrounded with the stars. I am alone and it makes me devastated. 

101.    You were the nightmare which I took as a dream. 

102.    I can’t even cry out loud because I don’t want my family to get hurt.

103.    I have to learn living without you. Though, it will be difficult but it will be better than staying with you without your love.

104.    Loving you taught me a lot about me.

105.    Not everyone can get a true and loyal heart. If you got one, treasure it forever.

106.    Your soul was an inspiring one unless I got to know the skeleton behind it.

107.    You treated me as an option rather I was the only one to love you unconditionally. 

108.    My mind is still not stable to accept that break up. It traumatizes me all over again.

109.    You were my addiction which I never wanted to leave. But you taught me that how much addicted you might get to something or someone you can definitely leave.

110.    Once I was a world to you and now what? Your world has got a fire!

111.    He told me I was his life and later he vanished. I doubt if life can be too short.

112.    Your presence in my life was like a sun. It brightened my life but I never knew that having too much light can make a person go blind. 

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