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100+ Whatsapp Status for Relationship

Whatsapp Status for Relationship: An unbreakable bond with our partner is what we wish for. Getting committed into a relationship especially after knowing that how much love you both have for each other is something heart touching. Love is indeed a feeling which can’t be described in words but if there are right words to explain about your feelings, love is a beautiful emotion. The moment we feel for someone, we wish that moment to be paused because that feeling is outstanding.

When you are in love, small gestures or some initiatives are really must to do so as to make them feel really special. Send them love quotes or something that is directly from your heart. We have collected some really gratifying quotes and statuses which will depict your feelings towards them. Send them these lines and make them feel a part of you.

Whatsapp Status for Relationship

Whatsapp Status for Relationship

Whatsapp Status for Relationship

  • My love for you is priceless and you are someone who is a role model for me.
  • Ab aur kya khwaish kru. Tum mil gaye aur kuch nahi chahiye.
  • After meeting you, I don’t feel like we were strangers ever. It’s the love that is getting stronger or is
  • it you who is getting crazy.
  • A relationship is not where you just meet and go on a date but it is more of sharing your mood with each other.
  • Tum aurmaisathhaitoh kyu haiitna stress. We are together like a board of chess in which you are the white box and I am black one.
  • It is all about understanding. The more you understand, the stronger the bond gets.
  • When you are in love, you automatically become caring.
  • Your hand on my hand makes me feel the safest person.
  • Tere mere darmeyaa, ye doori zaroori thi.

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  • Tu chai aur mai biscuit. Tab tak tujhme rahunga jab tak doobh naa jau.
  • Love is like a silent pain which might not be expressed but it is felt deeply.
  • Loving each other unconditionally is a blessing. I am blessed with you.
  • Teri mohabbat kaafi sukoon deti hai varna ye shor toh jeene hi naa de.
  • To be loved by others, make them feel your love.
  • Love is so powerful that it can break all the walls of denial.
  • Connecting your soul is the most wonderful part of love.
  • We might fight a lot but we can’t stay without each other.
  • Love touches the soul without coming closer.
  • Care and share are the two elements of love which make it worth.
  • Trust in love is like a base of building, jitna strong utna long.
  • Understand each other and give space to have a healthy relationship.
  • Don’t fight with her rather fight for her.
  • If your heart gives that extra beat for someone you love, let them know about your feelings.
  • It is better to confess your feelings than to hide and regret.
  • Feelings fade away if ignored or taken for granted.
  • Fights might create a distance between a relationship but if the love is stronger it can overcome the fight in no time.
  • There is a natural glow if you are being loved in a right way.
  • Love is based upon loyalty. Stay loyal always!
  • Tera Mera Rishta jaise banaya ho rabb ne koi farishta. Toote se bhinaa toote ye hai hamara pyar ka mazboot Rishta.
  • Supporting your partner in all their stuff is really appreciating. Love is when you share everything with each literally everything. Be it good times, problems or work load.
  • A kiss can make a difference when he is not in a good mood.
  • I don’t want to be that anyone, I want to be your only one.
  • Share a bite with her and she will share all her heart with you.
  • Stick to your commitment with your love. It is not okay to ditch.
  • Love is when you she says – patahaiaajkyahua?
  • Relationship grows when you decide to grow old with each other.
  • Staring her all day long is cute but helping her in her household chores is the most beautiful part.
  • When you are in a relationship which is as loyal as you are, you feel satisfied.
  • Getting apart from a relationship is the worst feeling because you are leaving that one person who means a lot to you.
  • You can’t share your deepest of the feelings with everyone and there you need you partner.
  • Making a hot cup of coffee, wrapping you with a warm blanket and kissing you on your forehead is my kind of love.
  • A day without him goes too long.
  • Whenever I see your message on my phone, my cheeks get a blush and my smile becomes unstoppable.
  • That sweetest cuddle from you after a long hectic day makes me feel so peaceful and contented.
  • Relationship has strength when both the partners stand beside each other to face every hurdle of life together.
  • To think about you is my full-time job, to care for you is my passion and I am trying to make my passion my profession.
  • You are a coffee and that’s why I am addicted to you so much.
  • You are a piece of my heart which always beat faster. You make me remind of the time we are with each other.
  • I wish to wake up every morning with you and want see you every time I go to the bed at night.
  • We can do wonders together because love has a power to transform the impossible.
  • You are a moon among those stars. I just love to gaze at you for hours.
  • Love is a language which is simple to speak and easy to understand.
  • That anxiety when we are unable to talk to each other doesn’t let me sleep.
  • I am sure this world is a happy place because love exists. You make my world amazing. Thanks for being there in my life.
  • The way you hold me, makes me forget all the worries and I eventually get joyful.
  • Communication is the best key to be in love with each other. Share, care and stare to each other to be the closest.
  • Love is when you don’t miss anything else when you are with them. Love makes you forget even your sadness.
  • Love can multiply your happiness and subtract your worries.
  • When I am with you, I can feel a sense of positivity like no other.
  • You are a chapter, I would love to read and read.
  • I love poetry only after I fell for you. You have filled my life with the essence of love and warmth.
  • True love never breaks your heart in two pieces rather they seal your heart with love so that nobody has that power to break it.

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  • Love can perfectly replace vulnerable soul into a vigorous one.
  • A smile increases by 2 inches when you are with your perfect mate. Love has all the power to do so.
  • Love accepts all the flaws and kisses you on your scars. Those who love each other never carries a burden for your scar.
  • Those who are in a relationship, have the courage to speak their heart out.
  • When I’m drunk and still, I want to be with you, I am in deep love with you because in that state of mind, you are the only one I trust on.
  • I am the happiest soul when I am with you. Those funny talks, that childish face I make with you gives me immense pleasure.
  • Love do not see the color of the skin; it sees the color of the soul. I am in love with your soul.
  • I can dare to face the world because I have you to support me.
  • Sharing and caring makes relationship stronger.
  • The vibe I get with you is the most precious one. I don’t feel that same with anyone else and I don’t want to feel like that with anyone else.
  • A beautiful relationship has one thing common and that is the consistent efforts both the partners put.
  • If you are along with the right person, the journey of love is worth it.
  • Showing them what you feel will make them feel special.
  • I promise to be with you in all the even and odds of your life.
  • Making a relationship stronger is not by chance but by choice.
  • Our bond is the blessing of God.
  • If we can hold each other even in the worst, I am sure we can overcome any hurdle we come across.
  • The promise is made to make it fulfill. My love for you is a lifetime promise that we will together make it fulfill.
  • I never thought that loving you will be so adorable until I started loving you.
  • I can feel one soul in two bodies with you.
  • That sparkle in your eyes makes me feel more special.
  • Togetherness is a blessing which not everyone has. I am blessed to have you by my side.
  • Your hand in mine makes me feel that you are always mine.
  • No matter how far we are, our love still connects us.
  • You made me realize the true meaning of love. I was unaware what love is until you came in my life and made it full of love.
  • Those innocent eyes are speaking loudly and that throbbing of the heart is a symbol of your true love towards me.
  • Relationship is a single word but the meaning behind it is so deep. It takes courage to make it worthy.
  • I never want to live without you, not even in my dreams.
  • Getting apart from you is the worst punishment I would get. My happiness is with you for life.
  • I am overwhelmed to be a part of your life as a soulmate my love.
  • Finding a friend first before lovers is the best and most beautiful feeling ever.
  • Having a partner who cares more than anyone and with whom you can be totally you without feeling ashamed is the true meaning of love.
  • Even in the black and white world, love was only the thing which made relationships colorful.
  • Your love is that secret behind my glow.
  • You are the pillar of my life. Please be there always.
  • When you can count on someone, it is because you really love and trust that person.
  • Long drives and those walks are so soothing with the one you love.
  • If I can be crazy with you, that means I love you more than anyone.

Keeping relationships stronger and longer you need to put efforts. The way you make them feel special and let them know what you feel for them, really matters a lot. Those little gestures and those efforts are appreciated. When you are in love, keeping them happy and satisfied is what the essential thing is. A loyal relationship is the one where no matter how much you fight but after that one quarrel among each other, how you both sort things out matters the most. Love can’t be found again and if you have it, don’t let it go.

Cherish your love and treat your partner with the best of everything. Not everyone likes to get treated with those expensive gifts but if you even treat them with your love, spending time with them, caring for their needs and desires and giving them little happiness through small gestures or a pretty love note. Send them a nice and warm love Whatsapp Status for Relationship to build that bond even stronger.



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