Top 11+ Birthday Wishes For A Friend

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Birthday Wishes For A Friend: Having a great friend is not something that comes to anyone without any efforts however it takes a lot of patience and humbleness to secure someone’s place in your heart. If you have also got a precious friend, then the following list of “birthday wishes for a friend” will surely assist you a lot. Generally, we spell merely two words to wish someone and those two words are “Happy Birthday”. But, you must understand that special friends deserve to be treated extra-ordinarily therefore it becomes your responsibility to wish them a unique way.Even if you are not creative enough, then you might surely be good at copy paste at least. In such a case, you need to scroll down to see the never ending list of birthday wishes for a friend. Are you excited to say to give birthday greetings to your friend? In the affirmative, you surely need to pay a keen eye to the birthday wishes written down below.

Birthday Wishes For A Friend

Birthday Wishes For A Friend
Birthday Wishes For A Friend
  • I am very much delighted that you came in my life and spread love around me. May you live your life to the fullest. Happy birthday friend.
  • I wish we spend more and more years together to take this bond to the zenith of heights of friendship. Long live dear and have an amazing birthday.
  • I want to wish you all the happiness and cheerfulness that you deserve. May your big day bring an exciting turn for you to shine. Enjoy your birthday dear.
  • I am grateful to God and also to you that you stepped in to my life and added positivity around me. I pray to God for your well being so that you can keep spreading joys.
  • May your birthday bring happy times for you, friend. Have a fantastic birthday my dear.
  • I want to be around you in all your thick and thin the way you have always been there for me. Have a rocking birthday darling.

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Birthday Funny Poems for friends

  • Another year with an exceptional friend. It seems like a dream that we have spent a huge number of years together. Rock your birthday, my friend.
  • True friendships are hard to get, but you came like a magic to my life and filled it with joys. Thanks for being here with me in every situation. Have an exceptional birthday,
  • Though you laugh at the silly jokes, yet you stand with me. You are like nobody my friend. I wish you an amazing life journey on your happy birthday.
  • I am so proud to be a part of your life and friend of a an amazing person like you. Happy birthday dear.
  • You are not just a friend but a family. Happy birthday to my special friend. May you live long and healthy.
  • Many many returns of this happy day dear. Keep your smile always bright friend.
  • Come, let’s celebrate the day!! It’s your birthday buddy. Happy Birthday to my dear best friend
  • Looking forward to have a 1000 years of friendship with you. Happy Birthday my dear best friend. Be with me always.
  • Hey dude, you complete my existence. I am incomplete without you. Happy Birthday to you. Wish you great things always!
  • Happy Birthday dearest friend. Thank God you are priceless otherwise people would have purchased you in million dollars. Lol!
  • Trees are shedding their leaves and you are losing your hair. Trees will get their leaves back but you won’t get your hair back. You are getting older my friend. Happy Birthday!
  • Finally, the most awaited day has come!! Yes, it’s my best friend’s birthday!! Let us have a blast!! And finally, Happy Birthday buddy!! 
  • Before meeting you, I thought, I am the weird person on earth, but after meeting you the thought has changed to “we are the weird gang on earth”! Happy Birthday, pal. You mean the whole world to me. 
  • Today, I will be the happiest person on Earth, because today is the birthday of my best friend. Live long, buddy
  • No human on earth will be born as crazy as you. Birthday greetings to the craziest, most charming and most adorable person on the planet. It’s my best friend.
  • Happy Birthday secret keeper. I always wonder, what would be my life,  without you! It would be more disastrous, I guess. Thank you for sticking with me for so long. May you live long dear.
  • The number of friends doesn’t make a man great, but a single, loyal friend can make. Happy birthday, dear. You made my life great!
  • This is the day God has sent a special gift from heaven. Yaa!! It’s my best friend’s birthday. Love you girl and Happy Birthday
  • To the world’s best friend, happy birthday pal. Let you have a long life filled with happiness.
  • Birthday greetings dear. This is your day. Celebrate to the fullest and have a bright life ahead.
  • No matter who comes and goes in my life, you are always special to me. Happy Birthday my special friend.
  • When life is hard, friends are the only help. You are the person who proved this to me. Happy Birthday dear. May you have all the happiness in your life.
  • The shoulder that carries me whenever I am down!! My chatterbox, Happy Birthday buddy. Have a great life.
  • Another year of your life and our friendship. Thank you for being my awesome friend.
  • True friends are hard to find. But I am so lucky, I got you. Happy Birthday dear girl. Live life to the fullest.
  • Birthday greetings to my best friend. You are such a wonderful soul and the whole world is going to love you. Live long enough to have a fabulous life.
  • Having a friend like you is the most happiest thing one can have in the entire life. Happy Birthday my dear besti. Let us s together have a wonderful life.
  • To the most amazing person I have in life, Happy Birthday dear. Your support and encouragement is my energy. Thank you for being my friend for long. Have a great life ahead.

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Bonus tip: Say anything with your heart to your friend and that will be enough for them to know that how much you love them. Also, you can share the memories of you and your friend together to relive them on their special day. In the today’s era, where social media secures an essential place in the lives of everyone, you need to endow them with love on such platforms only. When you broadcast your love and friendship for your friend among several people, your friend will feel like the luckiest person on the world. Therefore, you need to give your best if you want to see a huge smile on the face of your friend who has always lend you a hand in all your kith and kin.Funny birthday wishes for a friend

  • Remember to not act your age, have a great birthday indeed.
  • I hope everyone keep a note of your birthday but not your age.
  • Many returns of the day, happy birthday to a friend who always skip the thought to bring birthday present of everyone.
  • You are so dumb and idiot, but it’s your birthday, so I wish you happy birthday.
  • I remember your fart series but that will remain a secret between us until it’s your birthday. So, be ready for the surprise, my friend. Jokes apart, Happy birthday dear.

Above all, no happy birthday wishes can replace the compassion that you hold within your heart. Thus, you must treat your friend on his or her grand day with great love to preserve them for life. You need to keep in mind that good friends are easy to get but hard to keep. Therefore, you should give your best in any relationship beginning with the friendship itself. We hope that above compilation of birthday wishes for a friend would have been highly assistive for you. In any case, you can drop your reviews in the comment box below so that we can either improve or continue the great work.




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