# 20+ Best Birthday Surprise Ideas 2023 for Unforgettable Day

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Birthday Surprise Ideas 2023: The time to celebrate special moments with your loved ones is on birthdays. If you are also planning the best birthday surprises for him this year, then there is a lot more you can gift and plan. New and creative ideas are the way to make each and every birthday special and memorable. Although many ideas are present on the internet, there are also DIY ideas which can be done to make him feel special on his birthday. So what are you waiting for, just check out the internet, particularly pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to know the latest trends for celebrating birthdays. So check out the cool birthday surprise gift ideas one by one.

Birthday Surprise Ideas 2023

Birthday surprise ideas for wife: The times of birthdays are special and fun at the same moment. When it’s your wife’s birthday, then you have to make every moment of the day count. You can definitely make her day special with loads of surprises and win her heart back all over again. When it is a girl’s special day, you don’t need to think much as there are plenty of things one can give her and surprise her with and being her husband, you definitely know her choice and the things by which she will get delighted.


Get the best of things for your lady love

There are loads of things that you want to do on her birthday, so here we bring to you plenty of wish list that a women would love to enjoy on her special day.


1) Gift cardsBirthday Surprise Ideas

At times, husbands get confused as to what exactly they can give their lady love. If you are also unsure about the best gift that you can give her, a gift card is probably the best option. You can select a gift card from her favourite brand and don’t forget to see that beautiful smile on her face. The best part about a gift card is that it comes with an expiry date of a year. So as and when you both have time, can visit the store and purchase whatever she wants.

2) Beauty essentials:

Beauty and skin care products for a girl are as important as herself. Girls love to purchase beauty products from popular brands. Many girls also like to buy skin care products that can make and let their skin feel rejuvenated. With many popular brands offering great discounts online, you can always buy her a nice beauty or skin care hamper which she would simply love. Some of the common brands like L’oreal, Maybelline, Lakme and Nykaa are quite a hit among ladies. They have a range of products to select from and hampers which can make any girl’s day worth it.


Birthday Surprise Ideas for Husband Him Boyfriend Girlfriend Friends

3) Printed messages:

Your wife needs to know that she is the best and that you love her to the moon and back. For the same reason, you can get some cool messages printed for her on her birthday. Some of the printed creatives include girls tees or mugs which not only says, Happy Birthday, but also that she’s the best wife and is loved a lot by her hubby! The printed messages can also be done on cushion covers, wall plates and stick boards. Believe me, she will just love the site of these messages and the emotion attached with these.

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4) Gym clothes/ tools:

If your wife is someone who loves to keep herself fit, you can always gift her gym accessories or some nice gym clothes. If you have enough space at home, you can also gift her a fitness equipment like a treadmill or the still cycle, which she will definitely love. You can also give her a good pair of NIKE SHOES. Moreover, The calorie watch is also a great equipment which keeps a check on the number of calories you have lost in a day. The waist running belt is useful for those who like to jog often. These are some pretty darn cool gym stuff that your wife would love as a surprise on her birthday.


5) Beautiful pieces of jewelleryBirthday Surprise Ideas

The beautiful pieces of jewellery always takes a breath away when a girl sees it. So give your spouse that piece of jewellery she has been eyeing. You can purchase a silver, gold, diamond or platinum piece of jewellery for her. A diamond pendant would make a very beautiful gift for her. You can get a her name initials carved or both of your initials carved and she will definitely like the gesture. Depending upon your budget, you can pick up the piece of jewellery in the required metal. Many options are available these days online.

6) Chocolates all the way:

Treasures of a sweet tooth are chocolates. If your wife has a sweet tooth, there can’t be a better gift than pieces of premium chocolates. Purchase an exotic assortment of chocolates from Hershey or Ferrero Rocher or Cadbury and gift that to your wife. You can pair up these with chocolate scented candles to make it worthwhile.


These gifts are a great option and your wife will definitely love the gift you pick. Above – mentioned are just few birthday surprise ideas for wife to make the day special, however, your presence on her birthday is the biggest gift she will cherish. Closing the day with a candle light romantic dinner is the most important thing you can do for her.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Mom

If you feel that Mother’s day is too cliché to be celebrated to make you mom feel special, then there is her birthday- a day in the year to celebrate the born day of the one who gave you birth! We cannot stress enough on how special the bond between a mother and a child is. We also cannot forget how mothers selflessly give in their hundred percent each and every day to make their children feel loved and special. Be it baking a cake on your birthday to gifting you that gorgeous dress you badly wanted for your sweet sixteenth or that one comforting phone call when you have moved out and are badly missing home. Moms know how to design that one birthday of yours to perfection. However, this does not necessarily have to be a one-way process. Birthday stock proudly presents this article which is guaranteed to give your mother a perfect birthday to cherish.


When we think of the material value of a gift, it is nothing compared to the sacrifices our mothers make for us. So shelling out a few extra dollars on a trinket or a fancy card and expecting for it to work the magic will not do. The gift has to be as special as the bond is.

7) The Gift of Time: 

In our childhood, we are inseparable from our mothers. A moment away from them was enough to send us wailing louder than an ambulance siren. However, as the years pass, we tend to grow more distant from her. In our selfish and materialistic pursuits, we forget the one person who is priceless to us. This year, give your mother the gift of time. Take some time out to pamper her. Relax at a spa or head out on an adventure trip dragging her along. Make her try something fun which she normally wouldn’t do. Take her out to a fine dining restaurant with a great ambience such as a rooftop setting or by the pool. Whatever you do, make sure that you give her the best time she has ever had and she will cherish those moments for a long time to come.


8) The Gift of Gratitude

‘Thank you’ is a word we use quite often. We thank our friends on social media for their likes, maybe the lady at the coffee shop for brewing your early morning cuppa or even the random liftman. Reflect for a moment, do we ever thank our mothers? Of course, we don’t for we take them for granted. Come to think of it, we never need to because mothers give and give without expecting anything in return. We are truly blessed to have their presence in our lives. However, there is one thing we can do. We can spread the joy our mothers give us. Take time to help the underprivileged and to provide for those in need. Adopt a pet from a rescue shelter or visit an orphanage once a week. You don’t necessarily have to go there loaded with gifts and sweets for many sponsored donors already do that. Connect with the children at a personal level. Help them do their homework, be their playmate, attend a recital at their school and tend to them when they are sick.

Take your mother with you on these visits and make this an activity exclusively for the both of you. She will be proud of the difference you are creating in someone’s life and there can be bigger gift than a mother seeing a shadow of herself in her children.



9) Gift of Appreciation – Birthday Surprise Ideas

Our Insta stories and FB likes provide us an ample amount of ego boost but do we ever appreciate the most special person in our life? On this birthday, make your mother discover a new side of her. For a woman who has unwavering love for others deserves to know just how awesome she is. Appreciate her for the little things which often go unnoticed. Perhaps her handwriting, her smile or how she looks splendid in a certain colour. There can be no better gift than the gift of making a person recognize their self-worth.



10) The Gift of Effort

In the age of e-commerce, gifts are just a click away. You have a wide range of options to choose from the comfort of your home. This year, how about we go old school? In this age of insta-orders and on-time deliveries, what could be better than a gift that was painstakingly created out of precious time and effort? The investment of time put into the gift combined with the genuine hard work brings in a different perspective altogether. The gift speaks for itself. Bake a cake from scratch for mommy dearest or make a meal comprising of her favourite dishes. Perhaps you could totally surprise her by knitting a shawl or a sweater. Get artsy and gift her a framed painting made by you. It does not really have a be a Da Vinci. All it has to be is you in your true element.


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11) The Gift of Living Well

Every mother wishes the best for her child. Therefore the ideal gift you could give her would be in being the best in what you do. Do what you love and be the best in what you do. Imbibe the best of values, principles and ethics in the face of adversity. There can be nothing more pleasing to a mother than in taking satisfaction in the fact that their child is living well.



12) Recreate the Old Times

Nothing is ever so fancy than a journey back in time. Throw your mom a big party with a theme of the retro days. You could set the mood with a playlist of her favourite singer and also arrange for a screening of a classic vintage movie. You could gift her a vintage dress or a classic watch. You could also dig into old family albums  and create a lovely collage comprising of her best pictures. A gift like this is surely bound to bring fond memories every time she looks at it.

So the last thing to note is that whether you choose to give your mom a tangible item or the memory of an experience, always keep an idea of how she would receive it. Buy her something that is more suited to her interests and exclusively defines her. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in planning what to give your beautiful lady on her special day.


13) Gifting Travel & Much More: 

New things to do for him on his birthday, With a plethora of ideas available all around on social media and everywhere we see, there is so much we can do. If he loves to travel, why not gift him a nice travel trip this birthday, bet he will love that. You can always pick any one of his favourite travel destinations, including hill stations, adventurous spots, desert safari or beach locations. There is so much to explore out there in the world! These days many travel gift cards are available such as make my trip, yatra and many more which you can purchase for special occasions.

14) A day of pampering: 

Why should women have all the fun & pampering? Usually, it is seen that women enjoy facials, spa and have a relaxing time at salons and spa & wellness centre. This can be done for your partner’s birthday. With all his hectic schedule from office and a lot more, he also needs a day of pampering and relaxation. You can gift him vouchers for a nice massage or facial and even hair treatment, something which he has been looking for. Many reputed brands like urbanclap can be used to purchase vouchers that will give you some nice deals.



15) Surprise floats all over: Birthday Personalized Surprise Ideas

If your partner loves to indulge in surprises, there are so many things you can do on his birthday. A perfect candlelight romantic dinner for two at his favourite restaurant, a party for your friends on his birthday is he’s the type of guy who enjoys late night clubbing or partying. So for the most of it, there are many things you can plan. Many kinds of men gift hampers are also available in the market to give him gifts.



16) Men gifts – Spoil your men: 

If you are confused about finding the right gift for your partner on his birthday, then don’t worry an inch as we are here to suggest you with many options. Men perfumes and deodorants are a great choice in fragrance. Many options in the apparel section include shirts, t-shirts, jeans, jackets and many more. You can also give your man some cool accessories on his birthday like belts, sling bags, wallets, key chain, which he can use for his car key.



17) Celebrating a birthday in style – The king style: 

There are many ways to celebrate your partner’s birthday in style, however, there are more ways to make it great if you have that kind of money to spend on. An international trip is a great option if you can afford it. You can also plan his birthday by booking a yacht and calling in close friends. Dinner at a five -star hotel is also a great option if you both want to celebrate some nice time together. You can also plan for his birthday at a resort for a two-day getaway.



18) DIY gifting ideas for him: Birthday Surprise Ideas

If love is what blossoms the most between the two of you, there are many DIY ideas which can help you create some interesting things for your man. When you are planning to gift your partner something special, it’s not the cost or the money, but the value and emotion attached to that thing which makes it extra special. So you can make some beautiful cards, pen holder for his table, photo frame which will show the true value of the gift.


With some great gifting options available for men these days, you don’t have to worry an inch or ponder a lot. Everything from men’s grooming kits to apparels, travel plans, there’s a lot you can plan for your man this year. Get ready to surprise him and have a fun-filled time. Still, if you are unsure about what to gift him, then you can definitely check the internet for some nice and cool ideas to make his special day all the more special. Take out some of your free time and get ready to plan his special day.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Girlfriend

Planning a birthday surprise for your girlfriend can be a hectic idea for you so if you are planning to do something great, many ideas are present to make the day extra special. Ideas and gifts needn’t be expensive, but anything done with special effort and planning can make the day special for everyone. You make ask your lady love if she wants something for her birthday as present if you two are close, else you can keep it a secret and wait for the day to come when she sees it in complete excitement.


Gifts are precious ways to show your love: With never ending ideas available on the internet, there is no dearth of ideas in the market. You can choose from seemingly surprising ideas and sweep her off her feet. Anything from budget ideas to moderate and luxurious gifts can spoil her for more. So if you are demanding something that is best for her, it is advisable to start looking sometime ahead of her birthday. This will give you the time to plan for that day with a lot of extra efforts and show your love to her.

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19) Mobile phone:

With a wide variety of mobile phones available in the market, there is a lot you can choose from. If your girlfriend loves to surf on her mobile phone, you can gift her an apple, Samsung or Xiaomi phone. Different models have various features, so make the best pick according to her choices. Pick a phone with a high mega pixel resolution as we know all girls love to take selfies. Many smartphones are available in a variety of colours and you can pair up with cute mobile covers for your sweetheart.



20) Hair remover:

This is something a girl would definitely want. So if you are planning or considering to give her a beauty kit, a hair remover can be the perfect tool. All girls are just fed of regular threading, waxing and don’t want to go through that pain every month. A branded hair remover helps to remove small facial, bikini and underarm hair without pain and can be the perfect gift for her. This gift is in view considering that you have achieved a level of understanding in your relationship when you can give this to her and she won’t feel awkward or embarrassed.

21) Kindle reader: Birthday Surprise Ideas

If your girlfriend is an avid book reader, a kindle would be the perfect gift for her. Since its not possible to carry a book or more than one everywhere, this is the right option. Within the budget, it helps to fill in as many books you would love to read without the need to think about space and organising anywhere you go. So go and give her the perfect gift this year. She would love you for your effort. Available on Amazon and many other websites, you can check any latest available discounts.


22) Make up kit:

There isn’t a girl on the planet who doesn’t love the awesome shades of lipstick and nail paints. Foundation, concealer and gloss being her all time favourite. You can always purchase a make up kit available from Chanel, Lakme, Loreal, Maybelline and woo her on the big day. Available from reputed brands, this gift will definitely make her day. You can visit the stores in person or check out online website for the same. You can also customise the make up set according to your requirement.

23) Fitness Band – Birthday Surprise Ideas

If your girlfriend is a fitness freak and loves to keep herself fit, the fitbit band is the perfect selection for her. It helps to keep a track of the steps you are walking or running and the calories a person loses in a certain time period. So if she loves to keep her body fit, this band can be her perfect partner. Since its very sleek and light to wear, so you can purchase for her. It will also remind her about you wherever you go.


24) Coffee machine:

If her day runs on coffee, a coffee maker will be just the perfect gift. This will also curb her daily craving and she can always start her day with the perfect cup. Make a pick from the best brands available online and select from these. Some of the popular ones are Morphy Richards and many other reputed brands.

The above mentioned are some great ways to make her day nice. These surprise birthday gifts ideas for your girlfriend are the best ones and she will surely understand how much you love her. It is definitely not the money but the memory, love and affection and feeling attached behind the gift.




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