Top 11+ Birthday Gift Ideas for 60 year Old Aunt

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Birthday gift ideas for a 60 year old Aunt: Only can aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend. This quote is true especially when you have an elder aunt. They are simply the best. The one person you can count on for some advice. They are undoubtedly a source of support and your first best friend. Their smile, their cooking and their love, everything is a reminder of all things nice. The bond you share with your aunt gives you the assurance that you have someone to lean on to. A hug from your aunt only makes the entire world better.

So here we present a few ideas to bring in her 60th birthday with a blast this year. She may be older today but definitely happier to see how much you care. It is the one prime age in a woman’s life where she is filled to the brim with a lifetime’s worth of experience. So you must ensure to make it special. Make it your life’s goal that her 60th birthday tops all other birthday. She will have a day to remember and a milestone celebration that she will never ever forget in her entire life.


Birthday Gift Ideas for 60 year old Aunt


We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So what better gift than a diamond? Diamond are ageless as is your aunt. gifting this rare gem to your aunt would be a symbol of what a gem of a person she is. Diamonds add grace and class to a gift. You could opt for a nice delicate diamond bracelet or a simple pendant. Find out her likes and dislikes and go for an appropriate cut and size. Less is more in this case. You could also consider gifting a pair of simple drop earrings which she can utilize for a dressy occasion. This gift idea will surely sparkle your way to your aunt’s heart.

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this 60th birthday, introduce your aunt to a fun new hobby. let’s go green! Drive down to the local nursery and take your pick of the most exotic flower pots you can find. set them in your aunt’s garden as a pleasant little surprise for her. You could also place them on her window sill to provide her with a lovely view as she gazes out. You could also include a watering can with her name inscribed on it with a happy birthday message as a reminder of your thoughtful gift. I am sure that your relationship will bloom with this gift as will the flowers.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 60 year Old Aunt
Birthday Gift Ideas for 60 year Old Aunt

Make up kit

How about you give your aunt an all glam makeup kit for her collection. She could doll up and look all gorgeous the next time you meet for your aunt and niece girls’ day out. Set out with some basic make up with essentials such as serum and face oils. Buy a good hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen for her to keep her skin protected, fresh and supple. Opt for a good primer and base to create that perfect canvas for her make up. Add a concealer and foundation in tone with her skin. Do not forget a good blush and some highlighter and contour palettes. Add a good mascara, eye liner and eye shadow palette with neutral tones. Throw it all in a customized make up bag with some setting spray and she is all set to raise the hotness quotient.

Toiletries set

Nothing speaks of elegance than proper grooming. So why don’t you bring together a care basket for your loving aunt? Get some of the finest bath bombs you can find and toss it into a pretty little basket. Add a bottle of shower gel with a soft loofah. Add some vials of the exotic essential oils for a smooth pampering session. Add some creams and lotions for that much needed moisture. Include some scented candles with a soothing pleasant scent. Lastly add a bottle of the finest perfume and you care basket is all set to wow your aunt.


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Nothing beats your aunt’s cooking. So why not amp it up by presenting this delicious food in some fancy crockery. You could buy a crockery set for your aunt which she could utilize for when she is entertaining. Go for bright hues which will lighten the mood. You could pick out the finest of bone china and have it customized with engraved napkin rings to match the set. You could also get cutlery and table runners to complement the set. Top it off with a nice set of wine glasses and your aunt will be hit amongst her friends. I am sure that the food will taste better the next time she invites you over for dinner.

Wall Frames

Wall frames are a pleasant reminder of fond memories. Be it pictures or quotes. So on this 60th birthday, why not gift a pleasant memory to your aunt and get her all nostalgic. You could buy a collection of photo frames from tiffany’s. or if you want to go light on the pocket, you could design them all by yourself. Fish out some pictures of you and your aunt perhaps from your childhood or at your graduation. Make sure that each photo is memorable. You could carefully arrange all pictures in the photo frames and neatly arrange it on her mantle for her. This gift is sure to bring a smile on her eyes every time she sees it.


Gym Membership for Work Out

The age of 60 is not an excuse to slow down. Rather, it is an age to take the utmost care of your health. So get your aunt a gym membership. Sig her up with a personal trainer so that she can know which routine works best for her. This way she can stay fit and active. if you wish to go light, you could sign her up for a yoga class wherein she can exercise and relax at the same time. Or if you are in the mood for fun, sign her and you up for some salsa dancing lessons. I am sure the two of you will have a ball of a time with this fun and energetic gift.

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These Birthday Gift Ideas for 60 year Old Aunt while quirky also behold the power to create special new memories. We hope that you have found the right guidance in choosing the perfect gift for your aunt. After all, there is no compromise on gifting the lady who has stood by you always as a pillar of support while growing up. A large part of your childhood was awesome only because of the memories you make with your cousins and relatives. So this 60th birthday, make it a point to celebrate the love and warmth she has showered you with throughout the years and make her feel greatly special.




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