# Top 07+ Birthday gift ideas for a 60 year old man

Birthday gift ideas for a 60 year old man: 60’s is the golden age of all times. You have gained enough of life’s experience and now look back at life with a new perspective. For men, it is a point wherein they can fondly remember of their journey of a life filled with adventures. However, the adventure just doesn’t end here. With retirement, you now have time on your hands allowing you to seek new avenues to explore. You could just take off on a whim and go out exploring places you have never seen and completing your bucket list.

Sky is the limit for the 60 year old man.However, if you are the one who likes to dial back on the adventure then you could just sit back and relax. Create a routine that amps the relax mode and enjoy your home vacay forever. You are also now ready to pass on your wisdom and knowledge. Ready to patiently listen to your troubles without nay judgement and to offer advice, a 60 year old man is a great friend to be. For a special friend there ought to be a special birthday gift. Therefore, in this article we cover some gifting ideas for a 60 year old man.

Birthday gift ideas for a 60 year old man


Board Games and Puzzles

With the entry of smartphones and technology, out are the days when we would get cozy in the living room and bring out our board games. from monopoly to scrabble, we had everything to entertain ourselves to no end. This year you could surprise your 60 year old friend with a gift which gets him nostalgic. Round up some of the best and popular vintage games and gift him a huge collection of board games and jigsaw puzzles. Not only is it a great way to while the time, but also great exercise for the brain. I am sure that this would be a gift which you could also utilize with your friend.

Covid 19 essentials

With the outbreak of the pandemic the world over, our regular way of living has gone topsy turvy. extra precaution gets you a long way in surviving this pandemic. With older people at greater risk, what better way than a pandemic survival kit for your friend as a birthday gift? it is not as depressing as it sounds. you could get some masks in bright and attractive colours, some fancy sanitizer bottles with a pleasant fragrance and some gloves with cute captions and a face shield designed like a darth vader helmet to ward of the evil corona lurking in the air. Nothing says ‘i care for you’ better than this gift.

Birthday gift ideas for a 60 year old man
Birthday gift ideas for a 60 year old man

Notebooks and Diaries

With a lifetime of journey crossed, there would be a lot of memories. What better way to preserve them than by documenting it. Gift your friend a fancy leather diary so that he may document the travails of his life in them. You could go for a sturdy hard bound edition which he can preserve over the years as he fondly reads the memories. Or you could get him a customized notebook with a cover of his favourite movie or quote. You could include a customized pen with your gift, which would be something he could keep with him forever.

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Scrapbook or collage

Talking about memories, pictures say it all. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. this gift will take some effort on your part but is completely worth it. Start preparing for this month in advance. Catch up with his old friends, siblings and kids and get your hands on whatever memorable picture you may find of him. you could end up discovering new things about him. You could contact his school friends and college buddies and see if they have any photos of him. Arrange all of these in scrapbook or make a humongous collage ready for a majestic exhibit on the big day.

Travel Essentials

With time on hands, travelling would be the perfect thing to do. Therefore, what better gift than a pack of travel essentials. Get a backpack and load it with some great travel essentials. You could invest in a great pair of hiking shoes. You could add a customized travel mug or a mini shaving kit with a witty quote. You could have the bag embellished with his name or the digits 60 as a mark of remembrance for the birthday gift. you could go an extra mile and perhaps buy him tickets to his favourite holiday destination. Nothing screams of thrill more than this gift will.

Relaxing essentials

Relaxing essentials for the laid back stay at home person, you could step in and indulge him with some massage therapy on his birthday. Book a day at the spa. Or better, get him some in home massage tools. You could go with a full blown massage chair or get something simple such as a foot massager. You could also get a pair of acupuncture sandals or a kneading pillow. You could get a face massager or jade roller for them to keep those wrinkles at bay. Don’t forget to include a fancy eye mask for them to slip on as they relax their mind into oblivion.

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What better way to remind your friend of the past than by gifting him a radio to listen to the old melodies. get a vintage transistor radio and watch as your friend tunes in to his favourite channel in delight. If he is more technologically inclined, you could gift him a blue tooth speaker to listen to songs as he does his chore around the house. You could also gift him some noise cancelling head phones for him to get a good night’s rest. You could look into his interests and get him something unique like perhaps a telescope to gaze at the stars or a step counter for him to keep his health in check.We hope that these ideas have inspired you to get cracking on a fun birthday for your friends.

At this golden age, it is imperative that you must plan for the most memorable gift ever. Whether it is hand made or store bought, it is the thought that counts and there is no better way of showing your affection than with a thoughtful birthday gift. After all, a gift is not just a gift but a thoughtful wish for happiness brightly wrapped in love. The manner of giving the gift is more worth than the gift itself therefore get going and get started on presenting your gift in the most dramatic way ever.



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