Birthday Gift Ideas for 60 year Old Woman Friend

Birthday Gift Ideas for 60 year Old Woman Friend: Friendships last for a lifetime and true friends stick with each other against all odds. If you have a girl best pal who is expecting her 60th birthday, then this is the space for you. We have some great gifting ideas for your girl pal who has been with you through thick and thin. A girl best friend understands you, but also helps you understand yourself. As the 60th birthday approaches, reflect on the life she has lived. Think of the journey she has travelled. on this 60th year, Make her birthday count and make it a representation of her journey.Turning old is something that as considered undesirable but now aging with grace is the new norm.

Growing old is not as bad as it seems to be especially when you have friends beside you. 60 is a juncture when you discover a new side to yourself. It is a time when you retire and have time on your hands to explore new avenues. Plus, you have a new found wisdom and can take calculated decisions. You are more level headed and much more at ease. Therefore us this wisdom to ring in an awesome birthday on your girl pal’s 60th birthday.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 60 year Old Woman Friend


A holiday

Let’s just get out with your girl pal and paint the town red. This year, just rent a car or book tickets and set off to your favourite holiday destination. It is time to go extravagant and to pamper yourself to no end. So pack your bags and set off to an exotic locale. You could go for a beach and soak in the sun. You could explore a new European country with some local cuisine to cater to your palette. You could scour some deserts and sand dunes by making a trip to the middle east. or perhaps a fun hiking trip in your neighbouring jungle lodge.

Night set

Well 60 is a milestone. You have crossed a major chunk of your life and it is now time to sit back and relax. So why not gift your friend a relaxing night set? invest in a nice comfy pair of night suit and purchase lounge sandals to match. get her a soft bathrobe she can chill in after a spa session. also, throw in a comfy eye mask she can use to rest those peepers. the emphasis of this gift must be on rest and relaxation. Bring in some scented candles and essential oils for good measure. This gift is sure to send your friend into a blissful relaxed state in no time.

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Well, when you’re reaching for the stars, you must make sure you look good. Good shoes are a staple must have in everyone’s closet. So set out to your nearest shoe store and get a good pair of shoes for your best friend. Think of a mood such as sporty, comfy or glam and party and buy accordingly. Go for something sophisticated which oozes class. We all love to have that one indulgence of buying an insanely expensive pair of shoes. So, pamper your friend this year with an amazing pair of shoes that will wow her heart out.


Just like shoes, we have our insane obsession over handbags. So this birthday, get your girlfriend an iconic handbag to celebrate 60 years of awesomeness. You could go for a statement tote which would carry all essentials. Go for a leather handbag in a neutral tone which can adorn all outfits. You could also include a signature wallet or clutch to go with it. You could also go a step ahead and have the bag embossed with her name as a reminder of her birthday. You could also include other accessories such as sunglasses for protection against the harsh UV rays or a belt to jazz up an otherwise simple outfit.


There is nothing more relaxing than an evening of wine and cheese with your best gal pal with some spicy gossip. So sit back and do a little research and order a bottle of the finest wine for your friend. research on the nearby vine yards and get a taste of the local culture by ordering their finest assortment. You could go for a heady sangria or a deep chardonnay. You could top it a notch by maybe ordering some champagne. After all it is a cause for celebration. Yo could pair this gift with some gourmet cheese or some liquor chocolates.

Customized gifts

girls are all about self love. So why not celebrate your friend’s 60th birthday with some customized gifts. Fish out some of their best pictures and have it embossed on a lamp. Watch as it lights up their world. You could also by them a set of customized pillow case covers to match their duvet. You could emboss some funky quotes on them. Or how about a classy pen with their name engraved on it? That would add a personal touch. If you’re looking for a simple gift, then perhaps a key chain with their name on it, would be perfect.

Manicure set

elegance speaks out in volumes when there is proper grooming and self care. on your best pal’s 60th birthday, opt for a complete manicure kit so that they can keep their grooming in check. Go for the whole haul with fancy customised shiny manicure tools and nail paint. Include the basics such as base coat and top coat to give the nails a sheer finish. Go quirky with some nail colours that she normally wouldn’t wear. This is a great time to experiment. I am sure that this gift would be a perfect utility to amp the gorgeous scale for the next time you are out dancing.We hope that Birthday Gift Ideas for 60 year Old Woman Friend have given you the perfect canvas to put your imagination to good use and to paint the perfect birthday gift.

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This is a time when you can make your bond with your best friend stronger. So think wisely when choosing a gift or her 60th birthday as it is not just a birthday but also the celebration of an important milestone in life and a celebration of achievements. So, go out there and Get your friend the perfect gift. this is a time she will cherish and add to her repertoire of the wonderful memories. Here’s to wishing you a lovely time.



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