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# Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for 18 year Old Daughter

Birthday Gift Ideas for 18 year Old Daughter: Teenage is a breakthrough point of all things extreme. Rebellion Is at a high and parents just can’t get their wits together in controlling the menace. However this does not diminish their love for their child in any way. After all, teenage is the golden age which shapes the adults of tomorrow. the key for parents to combat this difficult terrain would be to take it easy and learn to adapt to their kids eccentricities. No one is fond of being shackled in the role society deems fit and in this age and era, with a dash of understanding and oodles of care, you are all set to be the perfect parent of a teenager. The years will pass by and before you know it, you will be soon welcoming them into adulthood.

The 18th year is a very crucial year for an individual. Barely out of the confusing phase of teenage, now deemed an adult? Considered to be old enough to vote and drive but also too young to drink. Free to move out and live independently but also a little shaky on managing by self. Such a phase certainly needs a strong support system to cope. Therefore, this is the time for all superheroes to step in and guide their little adults. Birthday stock brings you an array of gifting ideas for your daughters 18th birthday.She is precious and amazing. She is mummy’s sweetheart and daddys little girl. From taking her first baby steps to her first performance at school, every single memory of a daughter is something to cherish. The time when she turns 18 is a special occasion because she is now all set to take on the world. Wherever she goes, she is sure to have your support. On your daughters 18th birthday, give her a gift which will guide her to being a responsible adult.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 18 year Old DaughterAwesome Birthday Gift Ideas for 18 year Old Daughter


1) BackPack

Top class educational courses are spanning across the nation and the globe. Hence, it is common for youngsters to opt for a course of their choice. Location is not a barrier these days. Parents are also quite more willing to have their children leave the nest. After all, there is no compromise in getting a quality education. Therefore, a backpack would be a practical gift. Invest a little time into research and go for a back pack of sturdy quality. Something that is suitable for travelling, trekking or moving into hostel. Also, make sure that it is chic and in line with the latest trends. A backpack will be perfectly symbolic of letting your daughter know that she is free to explore and travel the world. Even if she isnt moving out, you may encourage her to travel every now and then. Be it with friend or a solo trip, wherever she goes she will always have this treasured gift for sure.

2) Driving Lessons

Not only is it fun but also a useful life skill. On her 18th birthday, enroll your daughter for some driving lessons. It will be memorable and useful in the long run. Opt for classes which will also aid in registering for a license once the course is complete. A gift like this will make your daughter feel special that you have placed your trust and confidence in her. Encourage her to start saving or introduce her to smart investment plans so that she can save and buy her own car. It would be one of the most practical gifts you could gift her.

3) Slogan T-shirts

A common gripe among parents and young adults is the inability to bond owing to the generation gap. However, this birthday let us put these norms to rest. Gift your daughter some cool customized T-shirts with cool slogans. You could include some movie dialogues of the 1970s or song lyrics of her favourite bands. You could also add some social slogans with a bit of humour in them. Slogan t-shirts are not only in trend, but they will create a space for you to connect with your young daughter. So, what are you waiting for? Get those creative juices flowing and pen down some quirky quotes for your little girl.

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4) Name Plate

She can vote. She can drive. So why not add an extra edge and gift her a fancy name plate. You can proudly hang it outside the family home along with your name or if she is flying the nest, she can take it to her new home. It would be the perfect gift which would help her embrace adulthood. Go for a classy wooden panel and have the alphabets in bold vibrant colours to match the edginess of youth. Or you could go for an attractive glass plate with the name encrusted. This would not only give it a sleek look but would also match the decor of any setting. You may also get a little artsy and paint one yourself. Maybe, add some hand prints to give it a bohemian feel. If you want to stand out, you could go for a clay based name plate. Add a meaningful quote at the edge which will remind you every time that home is where the heart is.

5) Gadgets

It is the digital era so why not delight your princess by gifting her a high end gadget. Look for something with practical features suited to her needs. Go for a laptop with reliable battery support if she is at university. If she is into social media, then gift her a phone with a good camera. She can fill her gallery with loads of memories. Social Media is the new age diary or journal. Hence a smart phone or a tablet would be the perfect gift. If you would like to go easy on your pocket, then you could go for accessories such as earphones or phone cover. You could also buy her utilities such as a power bank or Bluetooth speaker. However, do make sure that these devices are compatible with her gadgets. Technology is highly resourceful in easing our jobs. It keeps one connected with the globe and saves time by simplifying many tasks. It is also effective in organizing routines and schedules. A gadget whether a tablet, laptop, digital diary or smartphone would be a perfect gift of the new digital age.

6) Shoes

It is time for some happy feet! Shoes are an essential element of ones ensemble. They complete a look. A good pair of shoes goes handy in making a great first impression. Therefore they make for the perfect birthday gift. A good pair of leather shoes is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Leather is sturdy and comfortable. They are soft and stretch along with the wearers feet thus making them comfortable as when opposed to synthetic and Polyurethane. You may go for a good-looking pair of formal shoes which would be perfect considering that she would be visiting professional settings going forward. If you are the fun parent, then you could also get her a pair of hiking boots or dancing shoes encouraging her to take up a new hobby.

7) Jewelry

Diamonds are a girls best friend. What would be a better gift than diamonds for your princess? Not only are they attractive, but also a good investment. They can also be passed as heirlooms. It will be totally worth it. You could go for a simple set of earrings suitable for daily wear. You can also go a step ahead by gifting her an engraved bracelet. Make sure that you buy something keeping her preferences in mind. You could also gift her a gold coin and encourage her to collect more by saving. This will teach her the value of smart investment and will be the perfect start to her baby steps into adulthood.

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8) Redecorate her room

It is her birthday. So why not jazz up her room? Redecorate her room. Paint the walls with bright colours and accents to match. Or the both of you could spend some quality time by taking it up as a DIY project. Look up on YouTube for some DIY tips and hacks for decoration. If you’re feeling ambitious, then you can also take up a beginners carpentry class to design some new furniture. Plan amongst yourselves and come up with a theme for the room. You could go antique Victorian or retro. You could also go for a beach theme, hang a hammock in the room and make it feel like a vacation all year round.

You could scourge the local markets and pick up some cool lamps or indoor plants. Invest in some soft lights and have them strategically fitted in the room. They will give the room a good vibe. If your daughter has a spot where she usually reads or works, you could place a lectern to make for easy reading. Bean bags or an ottoman would make for the perfect seating. Invest in a good rug and place it in the centre of the room. Finish off by placing an oil diffuser or scented candles and you have just created a perfect relaxing space for your daughter. You may surprise yourself at how good an interior designer you might be.

Hope these ideas have helped you in deciding the perfect gift for your daughter. Having your daughter turn 18 is an event which comes with mixed feelings. While you’re proud of whatever she has achieved so far, there is also a state of apprehension at the thought of her having to face the upcoming challenges. However, you will have to let her spread her wings and soar high. You cannot be the protective parent forever. Therefore on her 18th birthday give her a gift that will guide her and encourage her to follow her dreams.



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