7-Best Five-Min Anti Inflammatory Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Benefits for Moms

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7-Best Five-Min Anti Inflammatory Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Benefits for Moms: One of the best ways to start your morning is with a Mediterranean diet breakfast. These healthy breakfasts pack in tons of nutrients, thanks to plenty of fresh produce, whole grains, legumes, and lean proteins. And they’re delicious, too.

There are many reasons the Mediterranean diet consistently ranks among the top diets to follow. Research has shown that following the diet can lower the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure, and it might even prolong your life.


1. Yogurt With Strawberry and Almond-Buckwheat Groats

Packed with health benefits, Greek yogurt is a super-versatile Mediterranean diet ingredient that is great to serve for breakfast. For a less sugary take on parfait, pile on toasted buckwheat groats instead of granola and freshly sliced strawberries.

a skillet with an egg frittata and slice

2. Spinach and Artichoke Frittata

Starting a new way of eating can feel overwhelming at times. One thing that helps: Meal prepping! Cook up components of meals (i.e. grains) to stash in the fridge so they’re ready in advance, and freeze portions of complete dishes (like this one!) so all you have to do is reheat.

thyme roasted berries on banana oatmeal

3. Thyme-Roasted Berries on Banana Oatmeal

Rich in whole grains and sweetened with banana and ripe berries, this hearty bowl will set you up for a.m. success. We love that the berries can be swapped out for seasonal fruit, making this a must-have year-round.

a couple bowls of food

4. Citrus-Spiced Overnight Oats

Is oatmeal allowed on the Mediterranean diet? You bet! Opt for stovetop preparation or let your fridge do the heavy lifting overnight. Top oats with fresh fruit and toasted nuts right before you dig in.

banana chocolate chip muffins

5. Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins

Start your morning off with a sweet treat that’s surprisingly good for you. Oats add fiber which can help to balance out blood sugar and prevent spikes in the A.M.

spinach and lemon hummus egg wraps

6. Spinach and Lemon Hummus Egg Wraps

Instead of a scramble or omelet, turn eggs into protein-rich wraps that you can stuff with herby bulgur. heirloom tomatoes, and lemony hummus.

best mediterranean diet breakfasts strawberry millet bowl7. Strawberry-Thyme Millet Bowl

Ancient grains like farro, quinoa, and millet are loaded with nutrients and are a part of the Mediterranean diet. Try millet first thing in the a.m.—topped with jammy roasted strawberries and herbs—for a good dose of nutrients to keep you full and focused all morning.




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