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50th Birthday Meme for Brother – Funny Birthday Meme

50th Birthday Meme for Brother – Funny Birthday Meme: Birthday has great importance among all other special occasions, but a 50th birthday is something more special than a normal one. Many say that half of life is successfully completed. Others say that they are still young, even in fifty years of age and there are a lot more things to achieve. However, birthday at this age can be hilarious too. Friends in this age celebrate in a grand way when compared to others in their own excitement. If you have such a person in your life then these memes will help you get closer to their minds and enrich their activeness too. Many funny conversation and moments happen on this particular birthday which can be funnier if expressed in a funny way with funny expressions and emotions.

50th Birthday Meme for Brother – Funny Birthday Meme

50th Happy Birthday Meme Funny Images

1) Drinker friend: –

It is quite obvious that many of the friends start drinking after their retirement in their spare time. If you have such an old person in your family or group then you can forward this meme to him asking 50 beers on his birthday. As the number 50 syncs with the age of the birthday person, it will be quite funny and hilarious too. Also lighting candles on each of the beer cases makes it subtle and exciting too. You can post this picture to the timeline of the person and ask him for a treat.

50th Happy Birthday Meme

2) Cake on fire: –

You may have known about the belief that the age of the birthday person should be equal to the number of candles on the cake. But 50th birthday seems to be quite dangerous as all fifty candles look like heavy fire on the candle. This awful expression defines the moment when a person sees such a cake with lots of candles on it. If you have celebrated anyone�s birthday in the same manner, then this will be the perfect picture to post him as he must have felt the same way while seeing the cake for the first.


3) Expressions of people: –

On your birthday, you may have got lots of wishes and greetings that make your day more special, but 50th birthday celebration is something different than the casual celebration events. Most people wish in an awkward way which seems that they are doubting your age. Things get more hilarious if their expression gets registered in your mind after the wish. If you got such an awkward wish, then this meme is perfect to represent that person.

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4) 50th birthday cake: –

Although this doesn�t happen in every birthday function, it seems to be too funny for saying. Cake with lots of candles makes the birthday person terrified for sure as it looks lightening with huge fire on it. If you are dreaming about such a cake on your 50th birthday, then this cake is the same cake which you will get. If your friend is going to celebrate his 50th birthday then send this picture to him to see his reaction.

So it is your 50th Birthday Meme

5) Funny wishes: –

Most of the near and dears wishes in a funny way mainly on 50th birthday as the person has become old for sure. But it’s a sportive kind of wish that brings a smile on his face. Tag a close friend of yours with this meme and see his expression after seeing it. we hope you have liked these 50th Birthday Meme for Brother and man, if you really like these memes you can share with your loved ones and family



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