5+ Birthday Memes for a friend belated happy birthday

Birthday Memes for a friend belated happy birthday: Wishing on the birthday to a friend follows by belated wishes as well as advanced wishes too. Advanced birthday wishes can be of two kinds, either they doubt on remembering the birthday date the next day or they have immense love for you and want to make your day more special.

On the other hand, belated birthday wishes can have many reasons; they may have been busy in some urgent works to wish you even if they knew about that.It can also happen that they are trying to save their money for buying a gift for your birthday. In both cases, funny moments can be captured by the specific expression of your friend circle.

Birthday Memes for a friend belated happy birthday


1) Hurt birthday boy: –

You may spend lots of money for a treat to your friends on your birthday but the presents that you should get may vary from the amount spent. If the incoming gifts price amount is not tally with the treat then your feeling would be the same as this. This moment can be more hurting when a person who has skipped your birthday event and wishes you the next day. If you have such a moment in your life, then share it on your timeline expressing your after party feeling to your friends.

Birthday Memes for a friend belated happy birthday
Birthday Memes for a friend belated happy birthday

2) Late friend: –

Missing to wish you on your birthday or missing the birthday party is quite possible often but some friends call and feel really sorry for that. They may be either really Hurt for not remembering your birthday or acting for preserving your emotions. If you have such a friend who overreacts after the birthday is completed even if he skipped the birthday to save the expenses for a gift then this expression of the cunning guy should be known to all. This meme will show his acting as well as your feeling during the conversation.

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3) Repenting friend: –

Almost every group of friends will have such girls who don’t attend the birthday party thinking about the money to spend on the gift for a birthday. They literally don�t attend the party thinking about money, but this becomes quite hilarious when the party becomes clicked with good responses everywhere like having good dishes and expensive items on the table. Such girls really repent of attending the party and missing the treat from you on your birthday. If you have such a friend in your group who really regrets missing your party then this will be perfect.

4) Annoyed friend: –

Belated Birthday meme for a Facebook friend[/caption]You may attend every party and present expensive gifts to your friends but things turn out when you get no invitation from your friend even after receiving your gift. That anger and frustration of not to be called on a birthday party are quite imaginable by your friend too. If you want to express your feeling to your friend to make him realize your feeling for skipping your invitation then this is for you.

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5) Short memory friend: –

There will be some friends who you would like to get a wish Mainly when it is your birthday, then his presence should be must in the event. When you meet such a friend the next day of your birthday for a wish then the frustration can be shown with this meme. These Birthday Memes for a friend’s belated happy birthday can express your inner feelings when your friend wishes later on after the exact birth date.



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