The Book Of Eli Prequel TV Series Missed A Brilliant Opportunity

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The Book Of Eli Prequel TV Series Missed A Brilliant Opportunity: John Boyega will play a young Eli in the Book of Eli prequel TV series. However, as exciting as it is to hear about the upcoming sequel, a great chance to cast Eli has been missed. Based on the Hughes Brothers’ 2010 post-apocalyptic action movie of the same name.

The Book of Eli is about a mysterious man named Eli who says he is on a mission from God to bring humanity back to its glory before the end of the world. The Book of Eli prequel series is set up to do well. It has well-choreographed action scenes and one of the best movie twists of the 2010s.


The Book Of Eli Prequel TV Series Missed A Brilliant Opportunity

As both a star in and one of the producers of The Book of Eli prequel series, John Boyega might be able to bring new attention to the underrated Denzel Washington action movie while also answering many questions that were left unanswered in The Book of Eli. It’s also possible that the often-forgotten movie’s story will be expanded if the prequel series to The Book of Eli does well. Anyway, even though there are a lot of options for the new show, The Book of Eli prequel series already missed a great casting chance.

The Book Of Eli Prequel TV Series Missed Out On Casting John David Washington

Even though it wasn’t required, putting John David Washington in a prequel show based on a role his father played would have been nice, given their relationship. That being said, Boyega is a good actor in his own right, as shown in Attack the Block, Imperial Dreams, and the Star Wars saga, among other things.


But Hollywood could have gone really meta by hiring John David. Washington has been in movies like Tenet and The Creator that deal with similar themes, so his role in the prequel might have worked. There is a lot of potential for The Book of Eli prequel series because it can add new elements to the story.

However, Washington has mostly played leading roles in movies. It would be hard for John David to top or even match what Denzel Washington has done, but his work in Ballers, his big break in BlacKkKlansman, and his comedic skills in Amsterdam show that he can carry his own franchise.


Will John David Washington Appear In The Book Of Eli Prequel Series

Unfortunately, not many details are available about The Book of Eli, so it is very unlikely that Washington will be in the series. Even though it would be fun for Washington to play the younger version of his father’s character, Boyega is probably the more well-known of the two actors, given the quality of the roles they’ve played.

Washington has shown a strong preference for more character-driven roles, but Boyega’s fame is more of a reason for Hollywood to support his idea for a prequel series to The Book of Eli. Washington is also currently filming The Piano Lesson, an upcoming drama based on August Wilson’s 1987 play of the same name. The Piano Lesson is about a young man named Boy Willie Charles who lives in Pittsburgh in the 1930s and is impulsive.


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He is trying to understand his family’s history with a piano that was made by his slave ancestors. Washington might be able to split his time between the two projects, but he’s more likely to work on The Piano Lesson because it deals with more serious topics and he did a good job with the playwright’s 2022 version of the story.

Have John David Washington And Denzel Washington Ever Worked On The Same Project Together?

Even though they are related, Denzel and John David Washington have not worked together on screen. This could be because the younger Washington wants to make a name for himself first. People in Hollywood have been using the word “nepotism” a lot lately, even if the word doesn’t really describe what’s going on.


But relatives work together all the time in the entertainment business, and most people won’t mind as long as the projects are done with honest effort. In the 1987 classic movie Wall Street, starring Martin Lawrence and Charlie Sheen, there is a father and son who get along well on screen. For a more modern example, look at how many movies Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemmons have been in together.

They have both given great performances. Kurt and Wyatt Russell, a father and son team, have also done well working together. In fact, in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, the project they are working on now, they play the same character at different times in his life. With that as a model, it’s even more of a shame that the father-son casting didn’t happen in The Book of Eli prequel series.




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