Soundwave vs. Starscream Determines Decepticon Leader in Major Transformers Lore Change

Soundwave vs. Starscream Determines Decepticon Leader in Major Transformers Lore Change: In the new Transformers timeline, Starscream is the boss of the Decepticons right now, but there may be a new contender for the throne soon. The solicitations for April’s Transformers #7 say that Soundwave will be competing with Starscream to be boss of the Decepticons. This will surely be an epic battle that will have major effects in the future.

Soundwave vs. Starscream Determines Decepticon Leader in Major Transformers Lore Change

The issue, which came out on April 10, is notable for beginning a new story arc and presenting a new artist named Jorge Corona. The solicitation promises more big changes for the new Transformers series, as Starscream takes on Soundwave as the new boss since Megatron isn’t there.

Starscream and Soundwave will be fighting in this issue, and it will also deal with the effects of the last issue, in which a major character is meant to die. Anything is possible in the Energon Universe because Megatron is about to come back. No one is safe.

Will Soundwave Defeat Starscream To Become Leader of the Decepticons?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Soundwave is going up against Starscream, since the current leader of the Decepticons has been using more violent means to get Energon since waking up on Earth. Up until now, Soundwave has put up with Starscream in the series, but whatever happens in Transformers #6 must make him want to run for head of the Decepticons.

The cover by Daniel Warren Johnson shows Starscream destroying Soundwave, but the version by Casper Wijngaard shows Soundwave winning. Two of them will need to move quickly because there are only a few Decepticons left in the current series. In addition to the fight between the Decepticons, this issue has other big news that will start the second story arc.

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In the ads for issue #6, it says that a major character will not make it, and the cover looks like it might be Optimus Prime who gets killed. This show will need all the help it can get because the Autobots will need it whether Prime falls or not. The solicits for Transformers #7 say that “the Autobots learn they may have more allies than they thought…” It looks like Elita-1 and Arcee, two new Autobots, will join the fight. But there might also be some Real American Heroes coming soon.

The Energon Universe Promises Big Changes for Transformers In 2024

Since the first issues of Duke and Cobra Commander came out, the G.I. Joe part of the Energon Universe is getting bigger. Even though G.I. Joe and Cobra don’t exist yet in this timeline, fans have learned that Megatron is being held captive by Cobra Commander and that M.A.R.S.

Industries is working on weapons with Energon. When Jetfire showed up at the end of Void Rivals #1, it was a big surprise to enter the Energon Universe. It looks like more surprises are in store until 2024. Fans of Transformers won’t want to miss a single issue, no matter who leads the Decepticons—Starscream or Soundwave.



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