Sasuke’s Final Boruto Fight

Sasuke’s Final Boruto Fight: During Sasuke’s time in the Boruto series, the beloved Uchiha failed when most fans thought he would succeed. But his final fight was an insult to fans who have been following him for years. Most people have turned against Boruto because of the time skip.

Sasuke’s Final Boruto Fight

He trained with Sasuke and learned skills that would make the Fourth Hokage pleased. A new chapter of the manga shows that the series still plans to make the fan favorite Uchiha Sasuke look bad compared to the ninja he was at the end of Naruto Shippuden.

Sasuke was thought to be one of the smartest and best shinobi in the world by the end of the Naruto storyline. Before he got the Rinnegan and godlike powers, the Uchiha was strong enough to fight an army and very powerful enemies like Danzo and Sage Kabuto. That being said, chapter #5 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex makes Sasuke fans look bad.

Having Sasuke lose to Code, who is the least scary bad guy in the Boruto series, is a terrible finish for the character that everyone loves. Still, the fact that the fight takes place off-screen makes things even worse.

It’s not fair that Sasuke’s character is not screened by code.

Code has been called the worst enemy in the whole Naruto series because he doesn’t change much and is generally a whiner. The story is known for having complex and well-written bad guys, so Code’s lack of an interesting background or scary skills is frustrating because the writers of the series have done much better in the past. Fans have been told that Code is strong, but they haven’t seen it yet.

By showing Code and Sasuke’s fight, the manga could have given both characters a chance to show readers what they’re made of. This would have made it easier to care about these two characters who seem important. In the three-year time jump in the show, the chapter showed that Sasuke trained Boruto until they got into a fight with Code. In Boruto’s flashback, we saw Sasuke’s last moments before he was caught.

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He and his teacher were fighting Code and some of his Claw Grime creatures. Still, the comic doesn’t show much of the conversation. Code and his animals haven’t shown any skills or strength that Sasuke hadn’t seen or dealt with properly before, especially during the events of Shippuden. Not only is it very disappointing that the weak Boruto villain beat him, but readers don’t even get to see how the fight went, which takes away from both characters important moments they need.

Fans of Boruto Have Little Reason To Fear Code Or Respect Sasuke.

People haven’t had many chances to like either Code or Sasuke in the last few story arcs. In the show, each character’s reputation is talked about a lot, but their strength is never shown. This makes it hard to either fear or cheer for them. Fans of the series for a long time know what Sasuke can do without his Rinnegan eye.

The book would have been much better if the fight between the two characters had been spread out over a few pages. If you showed more of Code and his creature’s skills, they would be scarier. Also, since this is probably Sasuke’s last fight in the Boruto series before he comes back to life and becomes even less useful, seeing him go all out could have been fair to his character. Like Naruto, Sasuke is not really dead; he has just been caught.

Getting rid of Naruto and Sasuke will help the story focus more on how Boruto grows and on characters from the next series, like Sarada and Kawaki. The Shōnen series probably has a happy ending where Sasuke and Naruto get back together, but Sasuke’s important part in the series meant that the character should have had a better ending than what chapter #5 gave them. If the Boruto anime uses the story, fans should be able to see Sasuke’s last stand, which should be a long fight that shows off the character and his skills in a way that fans know the Uchiha is capable of.



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