100+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas Funny 2021 for this year

October 26, 2021

Meme Pumpkin Carving Ideas Funny 2021 for this year: Gear up to welcome your favourite fiction character in town with an overly dramatic costume. Get ready to fill your candy stash to the brim. It is time to deck the house with Halloween decorations. It is the time of the year when the neighbourhood turns into a mystical land when the monsters under your bed prance on the streets.

Halloween truly is a jolly good time of the year. Thinking about cheerful and jolly themes, here we have some funny Pumpkin carving ideas for you to celebrate your Halloween with a quirk.


Checkout the 100+ Best Witty and Funny Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2021


1. Clown Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving Ideas funny 2021


While clowns may seem the most cliché idea for funny pumpkin carving, you could stand apart this Halloween by making it cultural. Research on the distinctive clowns in various countries and regions and make a montage of the same. You could use white paint to paint the pumpkins for the clown face. The history of clowns goes as far as 2500 BCE so you could research on the evolution of clowns and have a chronological display of the clowns over the centuries.

From the Egyptian Clown, to the roman fools to the entertainers of West Europe, you could have it all. You could also paint some black and white stripes and go for the somber pantomime of France or what’s a Halloween without the creepy Pennywise from It? So go crazy this Halloween with a clown pumpkin party. 


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2. Cartoon Pumpkins

pumpkin carving ideas cartoon homer simpson


We all have fond memories of bursting out laughing at funny cartoons till our sides ached. Who can forget the love – hate bond of Tom and Jerry or the adventures of Pokemon? So this Halloween, let us get set on bringing our favourite cartoon characters to life. You could add a healthy twist to your food table with a popeye themed pumpkin with spinach salad as a filling.


You could also turn your home into an underwater abode by designing sponge bob characters out of your pumpkins. Or how about an evil genius by creating Dexter’s laboratory display. You could use a pair of spectacles for Dexter pumpkin and maybe some a spare pink dress from a doll for Dee Dee pumpkin to create the iconic brother sister duo. So think out of the box and get set to create a magical cartoon world.


3. Pumpkins from the West

Pumpkins from the West


One of the most iconic era of Hollywood was when the cowboy movies released. The chronicles of the cowboys of the Wild West left everyone amazed and enthralled. The handsome hunks with the tassled jackets riding bravely in the countryside were a delight to watch. So this Halloween, why don’t we recreate those chiseled hunks into pumpkins?


Now that would be funny. You could use craft papers to design tassles and perhaps some material from your old denims. Make sure the colours are as vivid as possible. You could add some hay to the setting to make it look authentic. Top it off with a cowboy hat and a gun and there you have the heroes of the Wild West right in your living room.


4. Superhero Pumpkin Carving

superhero pumpkins carving ideas


Noble, mighty, relentless and unwavering, our superheroes are someone to look up to. Made of steel with their muscled bodies, they keep an eye out to protect us from all things evil. How funny would it be if we had miniature versions of these superheroes as pumpkins? Get your superhero collectibles and it is time to put them to good use. You could have a Marvel vs DC display.


If you are a fan of anime, you could have anime themed pumpkins. You could prop up their weapons against the pumpkins and perhaps sew a mask. This is going to be one pumpkin display that will stand out from the rest.


5. An ode to Hollywood Pumpkin Carving

Marlyn Monroe pumpkin carving ideas


The fame, the glam and the glitter is all that defines Hollywood and it is time to showcase the stars in the form of pumpkins. We are going to go all jazz with this. You may have to invest in some good lights for this one. Get some spare red material to use as a carpet. You could pay tribute to all the fashionistas on the carpet, from Marlyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, you could create pumpkins based on them. Let us not forget the iconic dress moment of Marlyn Monroe.


You could top up your pumpkin with elaborate wigs. For added fun, you could also have a set of pumpkins topped with prop cameras as paparazzi following the stars. Hollywood is a gold mine of ideas when it comes to pumpkin décor.


6. Harry Potter Themed Pumpkins Carving

Harry Potter Themed Pumpkin Carving Ideas


Halloween is the season of magic, speaking of which the famous Harry Potter Movies are the embodiment of magic. It is now time to create the world of the iconic trio. You could use cardboards to design Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Wide pumpkins could be used as cauldrons with boiling potions. You could use smaller pumpkins to create the characters.


You could also go a step ahead and create an entire Quidditch match by hanging pumpkins from the ceiling. You could use twigs from your gardens to design miniature brooms and prop them below the pumpkins. This is going to be one fun theme for you to work on.

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7. Favourite TV Shows Pumpkin Carving

pumpkin carving ideas with tv shows


There could be nothing funnier than decorating your pumpkins based on your favorite childhood shows. You could decorate your pumpkins based on your favourite characters. You could have a colourful set of tellytubby pumpkins or maybe Barney the dinosaur. You could also have pumpkins from your favourite sitcoms. You could also create one of your favourite scenes.


You could create friends themed pumpkins with the pumpkins seated on the iconic sofa at Central perk or maybe a Chandler pumpkin with a pun for comedic effect. With TV shows as a theme, you have ample material to work on.


8. Disney Themed Pumpkins Carving

Disney Themed Pumpkin carving ideas


Disney characters are some of the most loved fictional characters. How about we retell these fairy tales through pumpkins? While the pumpkin played a pivotal role in getting Cinderella to the ball, w ecould give it the main role this time, you could have a pumpkin Cinderella running down the stairs leaving her shoe behind. You could have a snow white theme with a pumpkin passed out beside an apple.


You could also go a step ahead and place a pumpkin in your aquarium for a little mermaid themed pumpkin. The magical world of Disney could be brought alive with the spark of your creativity. 


9. Covid Pumpkins Carving Ideas

Covid Themed Pumpkin Carving Ideas


While the pandemic has shaken the world, people are coping with it and learning to remain optimistic about it. How about this Halloween, we come up with corona themed pumpkins? You could have a doctor pumpkin fighting a pumpkin decorated as the virus. You could also make it educative with the pumpkins holding placards urging you to wear masks.


You could design a sanitizer holder from a pumpkin for visitors. Or perhaps a montage of pumpkins lining up for vaccination. All in all, you could use the theme to bring about a positive message in these troubled times.


10. Tribal Themed Pumpkins Carving

Tribal Themed Pumpkin Carving Ideas


Nothing is as cute as tribal pumpkins. This Halloween, you could go for a jungle themed pumpkin fest. It takes minimal efforts too. Just gather some twigs and leaves from your backyard and get started. You could carve out ferocious faces and paint some war symbols on to the pumpkin to make for a tribal chief.


You could string up leaves to make for elaborate head gear. You could make hands out the twigs. You could also go a step ahead and make two rival tribal parties fighting each other.


Final Words

We hope that these funny halloween pumpkin carving ideas will add to the fun element in your Halloween. The idea is to enjoy what you are doing. While pumpkin carving and decoration can be a tedious task, we put forth these ideas to help you forget the worry and strain. Happy Halloween.

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