How to Keep Pumpkins from Rotting After Carving?

October 26, 2021

How to Keep Pumpkins from Rotting After Carving? - Halloween is all about parties, different costumes, decorations, games, snacks, and a lot more. There are various ways to celebrate Halloween but the most important thing that can't be missed is using carved pumpkins for display. By using natural ways to preserve pumpkins you can carve them and display them at Halloween parties. 

You can go for various Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween such as Jack o lantern Faces, and many more. Moreover, one of the biggest challenges is preserving pumpkins for display otherwise it will rot and your excitement will surely fade. Hence, if you are looking for some ways to keep pumpkins from rotting after carving then you will find all the details in this post.

# Best time to carve a pumpkin during Halloween 2021

Generally, it's not good to carve pumpkin if you live in a place where the temperature in autumn is more than 70° degrees Fahrenheit. You can carve it before 2 days to Halloween. Moreover, in cooler places, you can carve pumpkins before 4 days. Keep carved pumpkin in the shade as well as protect from the wind. Also, during the daylight hours, you can keep it in the refrigerator so that it can stay fresh. If you are following different pumpkin carving ideas then you must follow some ways as well given below to preserve it from rotting.

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# 6 Different ways to keep pumpkins from rotting after carving

1. Choose a good-health Pumpkin-

keep pumpkins from rotting after carving

 First of all, it is very important to choose the best-looking pumpkin. The pumpkin should be fresh and have no soft spots. So, if you begin with a firm or a healthy pumpkin then carving on it will have better chances of lasting longer.

2. Cleaning-

prevent pumpkins from rotting after carving

 You must clean the pumpkin from outside for removing any soil or dust. Then use a paper towel for drying off all the extra moisture on the surface of the pumpkin. So, after opening it you have to clean it from the inside as well. Use a spoon to remove the cavity of the guts. Carefully ditch the seeds and guts of the pumpkin to make sure that it is clean and dry from inside.

3. Use bleach and petroleum jelly after carving-

Use bleach and petroleum jelly after carving

 After Pumpkin Carving you can use bleach and petroleum jelly. You can submerge the carved pumpkin into a container filled with two-third of bleach and water. For approximately 24 hours leave the pumpkin there to soak. After that, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the carved edges as well as inside to prevent mold of the pumpkin and slow the decay process. No matter whether you follow Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas or Pumpkin Carving Ideas Scary, be sure to apply the petroleum jelly after cleaning the pumpkin with bleach.

4. Keep the pumpkin in the fridge-

 Keep the pumpkin in the fridge to prevent rotting

You can follow different and unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas Funny 2021 but for preserving it you must keep it in the fridge. With this method, the carved pumpkin will be rehydrated. Furthermore, you can also put it in the garbage bag before keeping it in the refrigerator. In case, if there is no refrigerator then keep it in the basement area of your house.

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5. Soak the pumpkin in water-

Soak the pumpkin in water to prevent rotting

Soaking the pumpkin in water overnight is another method for rehydrating the carved pumpkin and preserve it naturally. If you notice that pumpkin is wilt then soak it and if required repeat the process after two days. In addition to this, assure that water is cold because hot water will speed up the process of rotting.

6. Use glow sticks for lighting the pumpkin-


If you are following some Pumpkin Carving Funny 2021 ideas then it’s not good to use real candles to light the pumpkin. Hence, use glow sticks and prevent them from rotting or fading.


# Final Words

Halloween is near and we hope that you are ready to rock the Halloween party. You can also send Halloween images, Halloween wishes, Halloween quotes, and Halloween messages to your loved ones. Furthermore, use the Patterns Faces or Stencils Templates Patterns Face to add an extra element to the Halloween party. Besides, hopefully, this post will help you in understanding various ways to keep pumpkins from rotting after carving.

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