55+ Good Night Wishes 2023 Quotes Images

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Good Night Wishes 2023 Quotes Images: A day mostly goes occupied and we hardly get a time to contact our closed ones. The work pressure makes us go highly indulged that we hardly able to tell someone that we are really missing them. Nights often are a sign of tranquility where a person is in the peaceful mode. It is that time of a day when we can be with ourselves calmly and composedly.

A time where two persons who are in love with each other talks, make love, sit, relax and talk about their day. An ending of the day must be pleasing and satisfying, so here we have come up with these hearts felt and lovable Good Night Wishes and Quotations for your loved ones with whom you want to make your day complete.


Best friends, life partner or your girl/boyfriends, whomsoever they are with whom you want to share the night time with. To make them feel special and to spend time with them you must send them these good night wishes which have a really meaningful thoughts and emotions attached. These kind and beautiful gestures are really needed to nourish a relationship. Like we water a plant regularly without any delay to make it healthy and turn it into a tree, similarly we should also put efforts to make our relationships strong and unbreakable.

The bond always gets strong when it is cared and nourished.Sending these awestruck good night wishes will make their night extremely overwhelming and will help them give a good sleep. In a life full of stress and workload, you can be an ice breaker to your dearest one. Wish them a sound sleep and a sweet dream quotes through our miraculous collection of wishes on our site.


Good Night Wishes 2023 Quotes Images

Good Night Wishes 2023 Quotes Images
Good Night Wishes 2023 Quotes Images 
  • My nights are not good but great because I have you to share my stuff with. Good Night and sweet dreams.
  • These countless stars won’t get tired, the moon we gaze at will never turn its face, a friend like you in my life is what I can cherish for. Good Night!
  • I don’t want to be like the rest, I just want to be your best. Good Night!
  • This peaceful night is saying a lot of things. Let me come to you and we fall asleep. Good Night!
  • Look around and you will always find me by your side. I am like the pillow under your head, like a quilt which is wrapped on you and like that lullaby which you need to fall asleep. Good Night!
  • Thousands of topics but we choose to be quiet. Let us stare at each other and know a bit more about us. Good Night and Sweet dreams.
  • Moon has scars on it yet it is loved by millions of people. I love you no matter how many flaws you have. Good Night!
  • Hey my love, no more stress now. Take a deep breath and close your eyes just like a baby. Fall into a good sound sleep and dream about your favorite person tonight. Good Night!

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  • Words have the power to either recreated or destroy. Choose yours wisely. Good Night!
  • An individual can do wonders but if united with someone, they can build an empire. Good Night!
  • To grow yourself in the right path, make sure to go on a truthful path. Good Night!
  • There are infinite stars but only one Moon. I have just you no matter how many people I am surrounded with. Good Night!
  • At the end of the day you think only about the one who matters you the most. I think about you in the night and that’s all I need. Good Night!
  • A mind full of chaos can never think a worthy idea but a peaceful mind can. Good Night!
  • A courageous person can lead the world because he is what his soul is. Good Night!
  • The one who can imagine can make it in real. Have that audacity to implement those imaginations to your real life. Good Night!
  • Dare to dream and the universe will help you in achieving your goals. Good Night!
  • Your support is the world for me. Be with me in all the ups and downs. Good Night!
  • Like the constellation carries whole lot of group of stars, I want to carry you in my arm forever. Good night my love!
  • I wish you a night which is as good as you are. May you see a dream in which we are having a good time together. Good Night!
  • I wonder how can people look at the moon for so long. I just want to look at you all day and whole night. Good Night!
  • There are numerous problems in our lives but with the right ones, we focus on the solutions. I am grateful to have you by my side. Good Night!
  • When I miss you, I hug my pillow tight. When I want to feel you, I close my eyes. Good Night love!
  • You are the reason of that blush on my face. For me you hold my heart’s place. I am thankful for the God’s grace. Good Night!
  • Close your eyes and pray tonight. For every second and minute, you are in my life like a blessing for all the life’s night. Good Night!
  • Thank You to be a partner in crime for me. Life is too short to make moments into memories with you. Good Night!
  • May your nightmares get suspended forever and the sweetest of the dreams get hired. Good night my dear!
  • You might dim the light tonight, but tomorrow you are going to face the light as bright as your smile. Good night!
  • Sleep like a baby forgetting all those memories which haunt you ever. Wake up fresh and start a day like a new birth in the world. Good Night!
  • You are my dear friend who is a close trend. Sleep tight tonight as your dreams are waiting for you in the midnight. Good Night!
  • To connect with a cheerful life, you must learn to disconnect from a fearing part of your life. Good Night!
  • My life has taken a turning point the day I met you. Thank you for being a constant mate of my life. Good Night and sweet dreams!
  • A blessing is when you get a partner who can love you and irritate you at the same time. I am blessed with you who can give me these two. Good Night!
  • A life partner is the one who walks with you in your tough times as well as in the times when you flourish. Good Night!
  • I hope you see dreams which you can fulfill. I wish you get that will power to make your dreams come true. Good Night!
  • You are not alone; I am there to give you that warmth you have been craving for. Good Night!
  • Those intense thoughts you think about are going to make you a night owl. Sleep in a peaceful environment to strengthen your mind. Good Night!
  • You have become a pill which I love to swallow because it gives me an essence of your presence. Good Night!
  • Conversations with you make me feel complete like the Moon on the full moon night. Otherwise it feels as if there is a missing part of mine. Good Night!
  • Having a good day is worthy only if I have you to share with. Good Night!
  • The clouds have wrapped up the sky, I want to wrap you around my arms to make you feel relief and free from all the stress. Good Night!
  • My eyes want to see you, my heart wants to feel you. I want to wish you a Good Night by kissing you softly. Good Night sweetheart and sweet dreams!
  • Make yourself free from all the troubles, don’t ever take your problems to your bed at night. Good Night!
  • I wait for your message all day long; I want to hug you as the dawn falls. Good Night!
  • The way you make me laugh is the most loved emotion I feel. I am blessed to have you as my best friend. Good Night!
  • I keep waiting for this moment at night when we share all the memories, we want to with each other. Good Night and sweet dreams!
  • I hope we could meet in the dreams tonight and every night. Good Night!
  • These nights have something intense in it that every time I start thinking about you, I feel as if I have only you on my mind. Good Night dear!
  • I just want to hold your hand and sit in a beautiful place gazing moon all night. My dreams are small yet cozy. Good Night!

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  • There is some peace and satisfaction in the night. The Moon and the stars are shining in the sky and I am longing you in that deep mess. Good Night!
  • I want to rest my head on your chest and without getting worried about anything, I want to be a free bird. Good Night and sweet dreams.
  • Share your whole day with God and you will sleep peacefully. Thank him for all the things you have. Good Night!
  • Talking and sharing with you everything I want to is my favorite moment. I wait for the night so that I can tell all those things to you. My dear human diary, I love you! Good Night and sweet dreams.
  • Night is an appropriate time when you can be yourself. A quiet moment and the perfect one. Good Night!
  • I hope you get a good sleep with sweetest of the dreams. You are such a kind person. Good Night and take care!
  • As the clock ticks 12, I start getting goose bumps to talk to you. I don’t know but I am habitual to you and you are my favorite addiction. Good Night!
  • I think night has been made only to talk with your loved ones and get relieved from all the stress you are going through. Good Night!
  • A cup of hot coffee and your arms are my perfect combo at the night. Good Night love!
  • Sleeping is better because that’s how I can see beautiful dreams which are far away better than reality.
  • I can manage myself to be stable during the day but at night I need you like a baby needs a lap to be pampered. Good Night my love! hope to meet you in dreams.
  • I appreciate your patience, the way you hear my stuff. I am grateful to have you by my side. Good Night and take care!
  • Like the moon is satisfied in the sky, similarly I also want to rely my head on your shoulders to get a place of comfort. Good Night and sweet dreams!
  • Music is the perfect therapy I want in the night. It can make me heal in no time. Good Night!

To wish someone a Good Night that too in a way that makes them feel relaxed and relieved is something really priceless. Either your friend or your love or may be your closest friend, everyone needs someone in their life with whom they can share all the joys and sorrows they are going through. Sharing your thoughts at night exchanges a vibe which is rare. Pacify them with these grateful wishes to make them feel comfortable. Show them how much value they hold in your life by initiating a conversation at night because days are long and steady and nights are short but carries a warmness into it.

These Good Night Wishes 2023 Quotes Images will surely make your loved one feel the care and your immense love for them.




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