Dragon Ball Super Officially Adds Broly

Dragon Ball Super Officially Adds Broly: Adding Broly from the movies to the manga was a big step forward, but until now, Dragon Ball Super hasn’t been able to make the most of the Legendary Super Saiyan’s character. Because Broly made a cameo in the Super Hero arc, the most recent episode of the manga makes it clear that he is now part of the main cast, along with Goku and Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Super Officially Adds Broly

Dragon Ball Super by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou has chapter #101. While Vegeta is sparring with Broly, he sees that Broly hasn’t been using all of his power because he’s afraid of losing control. It’s clear to Broly that he needs to learn how to control his anger instead of stifling it, because not being able to use one’s full strength will be a weakness.

So long as Broly can keep his temper in check, Dragon Ball Super will be able to use him in future fights, making him more than just a supporting character. That seems to be what Broly’s repeated entries in the most recent chapters and in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie mean.

Broly’s in Dragon Ball Super will never be the same.

It was always thought that Broly’s anger would always be out of control, so this is a huge change. The Legendary Super Saiyan’s failure to control himself is a central plot point in both Broly’s first DBZ movie and Super’s retcon. His anger makes him a nearly unbeatable enemy, and it has become an important part of who he is as a character.

So, even after Broly joined the “good guys” in Super, it never seemed likely that he would get to do anything other than be a last resort in battle. He would have to stay on the sidelines and watch like most of the other Z-Fighters who are no longer important. It was always clear that Broly’s skills were very limited and could only do certain things.

Legendary Super Saiyan

As we saw in chapter #36, Universe 6’s version of the Legendary Super Saiyan seems to play on this shared idea by showing them as a demon that will keep getting stronger until it destroys itself. But by giving Universe 7’s Legendary Super Saiyan a chance to possibly get rid of these harsh limits and ending, Dragon Ball Super is making a world where Broly can fight as much as he wants in any battle, which would be a huge step forward for the series.

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Broly made a debut in the Super Hero

Fans went crazy when Broly made a debut in the Super Hero arc, but it’s clear that he’s here to stay after his return in Dragon Ball Super’s most important chapter #101. The fact that Frieza is mentioned in the same scene makes it sound like Broly will help the Saiyans in tough future fights. But he still needs to learn how to control and use his anger well in fight, just like Kale did in Universe 6.

Vegeta isn’t going to help him either, since he tells him straight out that he needs to figure it out on his own. Even though it’s now very unlikely that Broly won’t learn to control his anger, Dragon Ball Super can follow his journey as he tries to reach this goal. This will keep him from ending up like most of the Z-Fighters, who will always have to watch from the sides.



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