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Lighting and thunder, storms and dark clouds. No dark times could ever deter our bond so strong. Sunshine and rainbows. Daisies and clear springs. Pleasant weather has always been akin to our friendship so deep. Here’s to more years of togetherness. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Mom you are my inspiration to be a great Human Being. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. Stay blessed always!

Happy Birthday Mamma. God bless you with all the happiness of this world. You are my life Mom.

Many many Happy returns of the day my strongest Mom. You are an angel sent by God. No matter what bothers you, you always stand strong for me. Stay healthy!

Hey Mom, Happy Birthday to you. From the day I came into your life, you forgot your life and devoted everything to me. I love you mom. God bless you!

Happiest Birthday to the one who gave me birth. You make my life so simple and amazing. I am proud to be your kid Mom

A special day for the one who make our lives special. Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you dear Mom. May God shower all the love and happiness you deserve. Lots of love!

Thinking about others before yourself is the most marvelous thing which only a mother can do. You are truly a great soul mom. Happy Birthday to you!

Let us make your one day special by treating you a princess. Dear mom, we might not do tasks perfectly but our love for you is beyond perfection. Happiest Birthday Mamma.

May your life be as happy as you pretend us. Dear mom, many many Happy returns of the day. God bless you with good health wealth and happiness always!

Happy Born Day Mom. You are my forever love. Wish you all the happiness!

To my first friend, my first love a very Happy Birthday to you. God bless you with everything you deserve Mom. Lots of love to you!

Happy Birthday Mamma. Wish you all the happiness of this world. For me you are my happiness and I pray for your well being always!

9 months in your womb, 90 unique tasty dishes you make for me, 900% satisfaction I get when I see your face.

 Wishing you more than 9000 years of happiness and long life. Happy Birthday Mumma ❤️

Delicious Rajma Chawal, Scrumptious Chhole Bathure, Sweetest Halwa made by you has always made me fall in love with you Maa.

Wishing you a delightful birthday Mom ❤️

You are Perky as a Perk

You are Creamy as a Dairy Milk

You are Tender as a Silk & Crunchy when cranky!

Happiest and Chocolaty Birthday Maa ❤️

Sweet like Grapes 

 Refreshing like Coconut

 Nourishing like Kiwi

 Energetic like Chikoo

You are my ultimate fruit basket Maa! Happiest Birthday ❤️

I feel you in everything I do

I always cherish the time spent in your lap. I miss the delicacies you make for me. I miss you the most in this day when you were a blessing to Naani!

Happy Birthday Maa ❤️

When I get ill, you are my pill. For me you are always gonna strengthen my will. Mom I wish you a very Happy Birthday. God bless you with healthy future and bucket full of happiness Mommy.

You fill me with motivation with your smile

 You drive me on the right path by just looking into my eye

 You smell my secrets Maa

Happiest Birthday Maa ❤️

 I worship you like God 

I trust you as a Friend

I play with you as a Sister

I gossip with you as a Buddy

Wishing you 100 years of happy life on your Birthday Mom ❤️

You are my Sunshine to light me up

You are my moonlight to cool me down

You are my Stars to make me dream big

You are my absolute universe Maa

Happy Birthday Mommyy ❤️

I see you irritated, crying, happy, alone, with everyone, laughing, angry, upset.

You don't let any negative emotions come to me and always welcome me with a Smile

Happy Birthday Maa ❤️

You pamper me so well Maa. Though you feel low many a times but we fail to give you that pampering. I promise you to love you unconditionally. Happy Birthday Mom.

Mom is a magic pencil. Yes you read it right mom. Before asking anything, you get it fulfilled. God bless everyone a mom like you. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Mamma.

I know Mom you love me that extra one from Dad. You pamper me little extra always. You always spoil me with whatever I say and ask for. You are the best mom anyone could ask for. Happy Birthday Mamma.

 My phone also knows your worth Maa. Everytime I go out, there is always one call for sure and that one is of yours Mom. Wishing you all the happiness of this world ❤️ Happy Birthday Mamma.

 Home is not a home without you Mamma. Flowers might be a reason for decoration but you are the real reason for the fragrance they uphold. Happy Birthday Mom❤️

 The pains you suffered, the nights you woke up, all those months you faced alot of mood swings just to give birth to a kid like me. I promise to make all those pains worth. Happy Birthday Maa❤️

The vibe I get from you is beyond anything. Mom I wish to be the next to you always. God bless you with thousands of years. Happy Birthday to you Mamma. Love you ❤️

 The world looks small when I see you. The universe go out of my vision when I glimpse at you. Mom you make my life go crazy by putting awesome efforts. Happy Birthday to you Mamma 🎂

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