A Michigan Man Wins $1m After Buying A $10 Lottery Ticket The Day After His Wedding

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A Michigan Man Wins $1m After Buying A $10 Lottery Ticket The Day After His Wedding:- A lotto scratch card was used by the bride and groom the day after their wedding, and they won a million dollars using it: “We had a very exciting couple of days,” said the speaker.



A Michigan Man Wins $1m After Buying A $10 Lottery Ticket The Day After His Wedding


  • A Michigan man decided to gift his wife a $10 scratch ticket the day after they got married.
  • The couple was shocked to find out that they had won the maximum prize of $1 million.

Immediately following the wedding ceremony, a groom made the decision to present his new bride with a scratch card for the Michigan Lottery as a gift.


A million dollars was won by them, much to their astonishment.

According to the Michigan Lottery, the pair quickly went from “hearing wedding bells to seeing dollar signs.” This is how the lottery described the couple’s situation.


According to the Michigan Lottery, the winner, who is 57 years old and has chosen to remain anonymous, purchased the scratch-off ticket for “Diamond & Pearls” at a convenience store in Livingston County for the price of ten dollars.

An indication of a jackpot win of one million dollars was given by the scratch ticket, which was a circle symbol.


When asked to describe the moment he and his wife found out they had won, the winner stated that they were in a state of “disbelief.”

The Michigan Lottery was informed by him that “we kept reading the instructions over and over again to make sure that we really won.”


He concluded by saying “It was an exciting couple of days for us.”

It was reported by the Michigan Lottery that the couple decided to accept the money in the form of a one-time lump sum payout of around $693,000 rather than receiving it in the form of annuity installments.


Emily Irwin, who works for Wells Fargo Bank and provides advice to lottery winners on how to spend their wins, stated in a prior interview with Insider that selecting the lump sum is frequently advantageous since it provides you with immediate access to your earnings and long-term control over how your money is invested.

Nevertheless, she stated that lottery winners can choose to receive payments from an annuity over a predetermined number of years because this type of arrangement might provide “peace of mind” and a long-term financial safety net.


After winning the lottery, the couple informed the Michigan Lottery that they intend to put their windfall into investments.



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