8 Benefits OF Taking Vitamin K2

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8 Benefits OF Taking Vitamin K2: As was said before in this series, the advantages of vitamin K2 start from the interior of your teeth and extend all the way to your gums, heart, and bones. Because what is beneficial for our teeth is beneficial for our entire body (which is why our teeth are a fantastic barometer for the health of our entire body), it should not come as a surprise that vitamin K2 has benefits that are distributed throughout the body.

8 Benefits OF Taking Vitamin K2

1. Vitamin K2 may fight aging and wrinkles.

A number of the components of the skin, including collagen and elastin, are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Both collagen and elastin, as well as the youthful appearance that comes along with them, are lost by the skin as it gains age. There is evidence that cells in the skin secrete matrix-GLA protein in order to avoid the calcification of elastin in the skin.


An inherited condition that causes accelerated aging to occur. The absence of vitamin K2 activated matrix-GLA protein was determined to be the cause of calcification of elastin, according to the findings. Vitamin K2 has the potential to assist in the preservation of youthful skin by activating Matrix-GLA and, as a result, shielding elastin from calcification.

2. Vitamin K2 prevents varicose veins

Matrix-Gla protein is activated by vitamin K2, which results in cardiovascular benefits by removing calcium from blood arteries. It has been demonstrated that calcification of veins is a factor that contributes to varicose veins; hence, vitamin K2 may also be able to prevent varicose veins. The presence of varicose veins does not necessarily pose a threat to our health; yet, they can be both uncomfortable and ugly.


 3. Type II diabetes and vitamin K2

Osteocalcin, which is the second protein that is dependent on vitamin K, may assist the body in making use of insulin. There is a possibility that activated proteins can improve insulin sensitivity, which is the primary issue with type II diabetes. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that the research in this field is contradictory; a meta-analysis conducted on this subject revealed that there was no effect.

4. Vitamin K2 boosts workout performance

The release of osteocalcin by bones during exercise appears to be a means of communicating with muscles to assist them in meeting the increased demands placed on them by energy. During exercise, the skeletal muscle is able to make use of energy thanks to the protein that contains vitamin K2, which increases the effectiveness of the workout and the capacity for performance.


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5. Vitamin K2 and PCOS—female fertility

The overproduction of some steroids, such as testosterone and DHEA sulfate (DHEAS), is one of the defining characteristics of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The results of a randomized controlled experiment shown that the co-supplementation of vitamin D, potassium, and calcium for a period of eight weeks in women with PCOS who were vitamin D deficient resulted in a reduction in both testosterone and DHEAS levels.

6. Low testosterone and male fertility vitamin K2.

The generation of steroids in the male testis is associated with the use of vitamin K2 MK-4. Research conducted on rats demonstrated that a meal containing 75 mg/kg of MK-4 resulted in an increase in testosterone levels when compared to the control group.


7. Vitamin K2 prevents kidney stones

Vitamin K insufficiency is a dangerous condition that can affect people who have chronic renal disease and those who are undergoing dialysis. One of the factors that might lead to kidney stones is having an excessive amount of vitamin D, as shown in lifeguards. Nevertheless, the true issue is that vitamin D causes a demand for vitamin K2 in the body.

Those who suffer from kidney stones are the ones that secrete the inactive form of the matrix-GLA protein. The most common reason for kidney stones is a lack of vitamin K2 in the body. In addition, those who have polymorphisms for the matrix-GLA protein are at a greater risk of developing kidney stones.


8. Cancer-preventing vitamin K2

It would appear that calcification of the prostate is a substantial contributor to the development of prostate cancer. Vitamin K2, it has the potential to cut the risk of prostate cancer by sixty-three percent. Supplementation with vitamin K2 has been demonstrated to be effective in lowering the risk of recurrence and delaying the advancement of liver cancer.




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