Tag Der Toten Easter egg steps

In this article, you will find Tag Der Toten Easter egg steps.

Tag Der Toten Easter egg

Tag Der Toten Easter egg

Tag Der Toten Easter egg

  • Section 1: Acquire Shield, blue rock, crankshaft, gearbox, Samantha box, and turn on the power

  • Section 2: Complete two different Challenge Totems, Receive dials from a hermit, turn dials, acquire seal of duality, perform campfire ritual

  • Section 3: Receive Soap Stones, use traps and stones to get the fuse, use a fuse to the shard. Power Fuse/Shard. Perform Campfire ritual

  • Section 4: Give the device to Hermit, complete Lockdown, Collect souls at each Pap. Last campfire Ritual

  • Section 5: Go to Golden Pap, charge with souls, the boss fight starts, navigate through map inside the bubble and survive til circle closes completely. Take the device to a hermit, then go to the sun deck, and complete EE at Forecastle

  • Section 6: Side Quests and Free Wunderweapons

Section 1

Step 1: Starting

Turn on first power location, kill 3 fire zombies with snowballs to obtain dynamite parts, then obtain riot shield and blue rock for the hermit.

Riot Shield Parts Locations:

Docks (Spawn)

  • Right side by Generator

  • Left of power switch by boat

  • Back left against the wall by snowballs

Frozen Crevasse (Left exit of spawn)

  • Rock climb right side

  • By mystery box

  • By pap machine (lagoon)


  • Level 1 against wall

  • Level 2 against wall

  • Level 3 against railing

*While at lighthouse station, pay your respects to George Romero by interacting with the glasses located on the table for a free 500 credit gift

Blue Rock – located in Lighthouse Approach (ice cave after exiting lighthouse). Must shoot or melee then pick up, then return to a hermit on lighthouse level 4. Pack a Punch will now be open Lighthouse will shine on location.

Step 2: Navigate through lighthouse Cove to the Cargo hold and locate Zipline Crank

Zipline Crank Locations-


  • By red crate(one between Forecastle and main deck) against the wall.

  • The left side of mystery box against Generator.

  • By auger, wall buys obstacle(opposite side of the purchasable door) next to the ladder.

  • Crank goes on the box located on the main deck. Lighthouse side. Must be spun after attached.

​ Stern

  • Right side of boat by yellow barrel. Leaned against boat edge

  • Middle walkway by sandbags

  • Left side of boat against inside wall by crates and snowpile

  • Crank goes on box located on sun deck. Must be spun after attached.

After zipline cranks are located, turn on power in the bridge located at top of the boat. Grab gearbox by fling on Navigation level (lighthouse side). Craft dynamite on bottom floor and have in inventory.

Once items have been obtained, navigate back to hermit to receive zipline handle

Step 3: Navigate to facility to turn on last power and unlock Samantha Mystery Box.

Key Card Locations


  • Immediate left when entering Decontamination. Inside dryer.

  • Second eyewash station from entrance in eye wash sink

  • Handwash sink in far right corner from entrance

Specimen Storage

  • Take right of entering room. Locate on bottom shelf of container shells

  • Take left when entering room. Located in mail cubbies in corner.

  • Back left jail cell when entering room. Located in toilet

4) Next go downstairs in human infusion and turn on power. Located right of giant door. Golden PAP will also now be available

5) After power is turned on, go to security lobby and insert key cards in center of room against pipes. Wait few seconds and grab cards after they are punched.

6) Return to Human infusion room and insert cards on each side of door. After both cards are inserted, hold square on vault door. To initiate lock down. Lock down ends once door has completely opened.

7) Samantha music box is now obtainable, although I would wait until later in game to grab as it will take place of your grenade slot.

Section 2

Next you must Unlock next step of Easter egg by completing 2 of the 5 challenge totems.

Totem 1- Frozen Crevasse (Spawn)

  • Challenge 1- Kill enemies while standing in water.

  • Challenge 2- Freeze enemies

  • Challenge 3-complete hermits song (have subtitles on)

  • Reward: Carry 10 snowballs instead of 6

Totem 2- Forecastle (Front of boat)

Totem 3- Beach (Near stern boat entrance)

  • Challenge 1- Get snowball kills

  • Challenge 2- Get trap kills

  • Challenge 3- complete SOS message by throwing snowballs at unpainted area of SOS (locations are front of boat, back of boat, and outside of lighthouse)

  • Reward: Breakout of being frozen with 1 hit

Totem 4- Lighthouse (By shield entrance)

  • Challenge 1- Get headshots and pick up brains

  • Challenge 2- Get shield bash kills

  • Challenge 3- carry urine bottles from lighthouse level 4 to the beach. Hold square while in water.

  • Reward: Self-Revive

Totem 5- Specimen Storage (Facility)

  • Challenge 1- Fling enemies using fling nets

  • Challenge 2- get zipline kills

  • Challenge 3- complete whack a mole game. (Loading platform to the left of steps when exiting from totem, outside of map)

  • Reward: Half price traps

  1. Once 2 of the 5 challenges minimum are completed, obtain dials from hermit in top of light house. Must be in an online game, no custom mutations, and difficulty on normal or higher to do Easter Egg! Or else hermit will not give you dials!

  2. Zipline down to Cargo hold, go through artifact storage and place the 4 dials. Turn Dials until a ding can be heard.( you can go around and look for the exact color and numbers around map, although not advised as not needed).

  3. Once dials are all turned to correct number, the apothicon will start audio quotes. Have subtitles turned on as he will give you a location to search at the end if quote.

Aquire the Vessel

The apothicon will give you a total of 3 locations in riddles to search one at a time. Must go to location and pick up part and he will provide next location riddle.

*If you forgot the location, you can interact with orb in artifact Storage. This will give you the location again. ****WARNING: IT WILL PUT YOU DOWN OR IN DYING WISH IF YOU HAVE TO INTERACT WITH IT!!

Current Known Riddle Locations

  • where earth crumbles– Facility, geological processing room.

  • where falls freeze– bottom of the flooded stairs, lower section of the Cargo hold.

  • where feet slip– slide down ice slide and hold interact.

  • where filth cleanses– Facility decontamination room.

  • where fire sinks– Sunken Valley, next to the fire.

  • where lightning aims– Facility, next to the DG2 Wunderwaffe poster.

  • where lines berth– spawn, by the zipline leading up to lighthouse.

  • where lungs close– swim through underwater cave from docks to boat.

  • where madness sleeps– Facility, in the prison cells.

  • where north is found– compass in captains section of the ship.

  • where power ends– Facility, next to power switch

  • where preservation freezes– Main Deck on boat, look for life ring.

  • where the hidden burns– in Cargo Hold, in the secret pathway to the left of the fire.

  • where bounded slept– on the crates at the back of the boat, near the soup.

  • where crows roost– Forecastle, opposite the cooking pot on barrels.

  • where helixes peak– Lighthouse Level 4, on top of jars next to the doorway

  • where mountains throw– Facility, walkway near the flinger.

  • where one mysteries– lighthouse level 1, at the bottom of the stairs near the mystery box.

  • where thirst dawns– on side of the boat near soda, forward at the sun

  • where bread breaks– In the gangway kitchen on the center island counter next to a soup ingredient spawn

Find Seal of Duality

After the three offerings are found, the apothicon will give you a new location. It will be to a painting. Melee painting then place dynamite on safe.


  • Inside an icy hall – Ice Grotto (slide down the ice slide)

  • Where aether was gathered – Geological Processing room. Far back of the right hand wall.

  • Where humans suffer – in Specimen Storage. Far back left hand wall.

  • Where the cages hang – Boathouse near spawn.

​ Once safe is open, obtain the seal and return it to red orb in Artifact Storage.

Locate the Orbs

  1. Once you interact with the red orb and place the seal down, an audio quote will play. After the quote, the red orb will move around the room. Shoot it until three Orbs comes out.(One rocket blast or tundra/thundergun blast will release all of them)

  2. Locate the three Orbs around the map. Once located, throw a snowball to turn it blue. Then shoot it to return it to artifact Storage. Repeat for each orb. **Orbs are generally in the facility, spawn, lighthouse, or along the outside of the boat. Multiple orbs could be in a single area

  3. Once all three Orbs are shot, return to Artifact Storage. Throw a snowball at each of the three Orbs again and shoot them. An audio clip will play.

  4. Place seal on campfire in the Sunken Path and throw the Samantha’s Music Box onto campfire. An audio clip will play.

Section 3

Obtain the Elemental Shard

  1. Head to the hermit in lighthouse. He will give you two stones that must be placed by traps. (Key note: a hot stone and a cold stone must be placed, after you heat them up, place a hot stone down on center machine and then freeze it)

Traps to use

  • By boathouse, across from PAP. Place in squares on the ground (this one heats the stone)

  • In Decontamination room next to ice trap.(freezes stone)

2. Go to Human Infusion and place the stones into the machine. Pick up fuse and take it to bottom of lighthouse to metal door.

3. After fuse is placed, power needs to be given to the fuse. Shoot two sparkling red containers on opposite ends of facility with wunderwaffe(edge of map). Next Kill electric zombies at 3 power transformers. Locations:

  • By boathouse PAP

  • By MX9 wall by

  • Lighthouse station platform by broken railing door

  1. Head back to metal door at bottom of lighthouse. Interact with door and obtain the Elemental Shard. Return shard to Artifact Storage red orb. (This part can sometimes be delayed/lagged up to 10 minutes causing you to take damage when you interact with the blood instead of it allowing you to place the device. Some steps to overcome the delay such as downing with aftertaste or using other elixers have been discussed in comments below. Will update if something concrete comes up or remove once patch is released)

  2. Repeat the three orb step from earlier with snowballs. Once complete, take to campfire and throw music box. After audio cue, take device to the hermit.

  3. Once device is given to the hermit, a lockdown will commence. Survive the required amount of time.

Free wunderwaffe dg-scharfschutzs

  1. Locate key in icicle


  • Lighthouse Cove above door entering lighthouse

  • Lighthouse Station hanging off upper broken railing

  • Beach hanging above the cave entrance when going back to lighthouse

2- Insert icicle into pot in Forecastle. Allow to melt and then pick up key.

3- Take key to specimen Storage and open safe located by 115 canisters. Collect souls to be able to pick up Vril Device.

4) Once all souls are collected, take Vril device to hermit. He will give you a key to open chest by stairs. You may now pick up wonderweapon.

Section 4

Charge Device at PAP Machines

1.After the lockdown, take the device to the Pack a punch to charge with souls (must interact with PAP to place device to charge)

You can PAP your weapon still in this portion. In order to do so, you must leave the device floating in front of the pap after it fills with souls. Then go to next machine without device in inventory. You now can PAP. After paping weapon, go back and grab device and continue with rest of PAP machines (this may be temporary, notify me in comments if it doesn’t work)

Order of PAP soul charge

  • Beach

  • Lagoon

  • Sunken Path

  • Boathouse

2.Once all PAP locations are complete, return to artifact storage. Shoot orb and snowball the three yellow orbs to turn blue.

3. Take the device to the campfire and throw the music box on it again. This is the last audio quotes.

4. Load up on ammo, replace shield, and end round to get fresh elixirs. When ready, go to sun deck to be flung at Golden PaP. Place device in PaP. This will initiate “boss fight”.

Section 5

Boss Fight and End Cut Scene

  1. 5. Once Boss fight starts, stay inside of red dome and move along with it as it goes across map. It will stop 3 times. Once max ammo is given, the dome will move again.

  2. 6. Boss fight ends in Human Infusion. Once dome completely closed, a white flash goes across screen. Return to hermit and give him the device, next you will go to the sundeck (by Golden Pap fling), Once Pablo ascends, go to the Forecastle of boat to start the ending cutscene.

My Recommendation (but use what’s best for you)

Weapons: papd wall weapon for ammo refills, wunderwaffe, and rocket launcher

Elixirs: Talkin about regeneration for fire portion, then ragnarok final circle lvl 3, undead man walking, full power to lay down again. Other useful would be max ammo, free fire, near death experience(for more then solo)

Perks: dying wish, mule kick, PhD, winter’s wail modifier

Section 6:
Side Quests

Free Tundragun

  1. Ensure Flinger on Boat has been activated

  2. Hit 5 targets around map with in the time limit


  1. Loading Platform above door entering Specimen Storage

  2. Ice Grotto ( on the right if go down slide)

  3. On Sun Deck by door to power

  4. Use flinger to Lighthouse Level 3. On poll center stairway opposite side of entrance

  5. Zipline down to Cargo Hold. Target on wall when you land. Tundra Gun now accessible.

Free Thundergun

  1. Complete all 5 Challenge Totems

  2. Aquire key from Hermit

  3. Unlock chest to left of Hermit by door. Thunder gun now accessible

Free Perk

  1. Activate Pack a Punch and Golden Pack a Punch

  2. Navigate to each PAP location while Lighthouse shines on them. (Can only do one at a time.

  3. Around each PAP is an item on the ground. Pick it up from all 5 locations

  4. Once all have been collected, gonto the beach and deposit stones into box. The next round will be triggered as an all electric zombie round.

  5. Survive the round and receive the free perk

Yellow Snowballs

  1. Locate the 4 sock puppet friends from around the map and throw snowballs at the.


Sun Deck

  • roof corner

  • top of zipline

  • smokestack looking out from zipline crank


  • Level 2 outside window on wooden post

  • Level 3 on power posts outside window

  • Level 4 on wall by free wunderwaffe box

Sunken Path

  • Rock out in water

  • tip of broken boat

  • top of big rock by dynamite entrance

Geological Processing

  • canister shelf left of entrance

  • top right of conveyer by entrance

  • far back window

2, Once four socks have been hit, navigate around the map and find 3 blue campfires and fill them with zombie souls in these locations. (locations are reported to be random each game)


  • Frozen Crevasse by the mystery box

  • beach

  • Boathouse PAP

Once three campfires have been filled with souls, navigate to human infusion and shoot the container with the glowing spleen in it. Hanging by an outer walkway. 4. Pick up spleen and carry it to the Hermit. After you zipline down, be sure to wait in the water to cool the spleen down. This will slow down the audible countdown ticks.

Heat Pack

(Allows longer time in water before freezing & increased water movement speed)

  1. Obtain dynamite and clear upper walkway by facility.

  2. Grab gearbox beside flinger and take it to the hermit. Retrieve from hermit after he fixes it.

  3. Navigate back to flinger on upper walkway.

  4. Get flung from three spots on the flinger( just stand on each of the yellow bars.

  5. Once you land from the fling, it will break the wood that you land on. Pick up the parts from each of the three spots you break.

  6. Once all three parts are obtained, navigate to a buildable table and craft heat Pack. Once crafted and picked up, you will notice a symbol by sheild indicating that heat pack is acquired.

Easter Egg Songs

1st song: “A Light from the Shore”- To start the easter egg song, you must interact with three objects located around the map. An alien sounding hum (best way I can describe it) can be heard when near them

  1. bottom of the ice slide to the right

  2. loading platform in the pile of snow by zipline platform

  3. hidden path past maddox wall buy on the fence post at the end to the right

2nd Song: “Reflections”- Interact with the elemental shard door at the bottom of lighthouse, in the room below sheil buildable, multiple times.

3rd song: “The Aether Crew Song/ Campfire Song”- interact with the campfire in the sunken path a few times after you samantha music box it and the campfire song can be heard.


You can obtain the dynamite by killing fire zombies with either snowballs or damaging them in the icy water. After killing three fire zombies and collecting the three different parts, you can now craft dynamite at a buildable table.

Jump Scares

There are two jump scare locations.

  1. Aim down scope at piece of paper behind soup pot in the forecastle tip of boat

  2. Aim down scope at the top of lighthouse

  3. I will not tell you what they are, that is for you to find out


  • Salvation Lies Above- In Tag der Toten, Ascend from Darkness

  • Everybody Freeze!- In Tag der Toten, freeze 10 zombies at once in a single match

  • Fetch- In Tag der Toten, kill 5 Hellhounds with snowballs in a single match

  • Lifeline- In Tag der Toten, use all ziplines without killing an enemy or going in to last standin a single match

  • Going Green- In Tag der Toten, open all paths without turning on the power

  • Mile High Jug- In Tag der Toten, break the jar on top of the lighthouse with the Strife

  • Abnormal Energy Bill- In Tag der Toten, light up all the totems in a single match

  • Pack Your Bags- In Tag der Toten, pack a weapon in all Pack-a-Punch locations in a single match

  • Bell of the Snowball- In Tag der Toten, ring all four bells with thrown snowballs in under 12 seconds

  • Secret- In Tag der Toten, find the secret (Must use the fling on the upper catwalk. A 100% effective method has not currently been found, but youtuber Invalid has discovered that doing a counter clockwise motion around the entire edge of fling 6 times with a teammate and then stopping with one person by gearbox and one behind him has a high percentage chance of sending one person to the secret area. Once landed you will swim through icy water. Be sure to have talking about regeneration or our special weapon charged in order to survive the swim.)

Reels, Radios, and phonograph records

There are 5 audio reels, 6 film reels, 5 radios, and 5 phonograph records in TDT. Transcripts can be found here at Call of Duty WIKI

Yellow wisps in zombie spawns

There are 4 yellow wisps around TDT that will play 4 different audio clips. they can be heard and transcripts read here Tag Der Toten Wisps

If you want to ask anything more about Tag Der Toten Easter egg then give your comments below.

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