# Five Simple Ideas How to wish birthday to friends

Five Simple Ideas How to wish birthday to friendsThe extraordinary day of anyone’s life, a birthday comes with lots of dreams and expectations in mind. Usually, the people stick to their watches and wait for the midnight to get 12 on the clock. Afterward, everyone expects for the very first birthday wish that might come from their best friend/ close friend/ chuddy-buddy/ parent/ sibling/ kid/ relative/ casual friend or the better half. Either the person wishes you first or last, but the thing that makes an impression in your heart are the ideas for how to wish birthday to friends. If you are also pondering with the same situation, then you can take the help of below-mentioned ideas which can assist you better in this.

Simple Ideas How to wish Birthday to friends

  • Make a group wishes’ video:

It is quite understood that group wishes video means that we will have to combine a video comprising wishes from lots of people.

It is beneficial when your birthday boy or girl is sitting miles away from you. This video can win the heart of your loved one so give it a try to send birthday wishes to a friend or any loved one.

  • Prepare hidden notes

The compilation of lots of wishes and messages can be a perfect pick to make the birthday of your loved one mesmerizing.

You need to take only a few pages, on which you can write about some experiences, beautiful memories or some inspirational goals to your dear one with the help of these hidden notes. This is the best idea among the list of Ideas for how to wish birthday to friends.

  • Pretend that you forget

The first thing you need to be a good actor at that time as you are going to pretend that you have forgotten the birthday of the person. In the continuation of this plan, you can behave as you are going somewhere out with your friends for any work. This can create a confirmation in your loved one’s mind that they should not expect anything from you. Then surprise them in the way you want to.

  • Create a scrapbook

It is quite an artistic idea to create a scrapbook which can bring a jovial smile on the face of the birthday boy or girl. You need a few candid photographs and lots of memories, and this is enough to compile a scrapbook. The more you will add love, the more it will add charm to your loved one’s future life. So, take the stationary and begin the procedure to give it a better look to magnetize the heart of your dear one and to make their day charming.

  • Hand made card:

Creative personalised card can also be great idea to give a friend. You can just simply pick up the card and write some quotes on it, quotes should be simple which can be understand easily, even you can also make smiley on this handmade card.how to wish birthday to friends ideas

Even the list as mentioned above of ideas for how to wish birthday to friends can help you to endow with the best words to express the bonds or relationship that you are holding with a person. But, still, I would suggest you that don’t be formal and spit it out what your heart says. You can win the centre of your loved one this way.

Updated: February 1, 2020 — 8:57 am

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