# Top 7+ Happy Birthday Greeting Card Ideas & Designs For Friends

April 12, 2020

Happy Birthday Greeting Card Ideas & Designs For Friends: Download and get some cool best Happy Birthday Greeting Card Ideas & Designs For your friends parents lovers bf gf mom dad and kids for their birthday from here. Birthdays are times when we like to give the person something different and unique. Greeting cards have been one of the most favoured and popular gift choice since a very long time. People are always looking for something creative when it comes to gifting something to their loved ones.

Greeting cards have been a part of birthday celebrations since time immemorial. Many years back when there were no greeting cards, people used to make simple cards with their hands and give to their near and dear ones. we can surely say that greetings cards have been favorite for many people because it need some time to make and also have some beautiful words in it. So guys we are going to write some cool ideas so check them one by one. Let us describe a few different and unique visiting cards which you can gift your loved ones on their birthdays

Top 7 Happy Birthday Greeting Cards Ideas & Suggestions

1) Musical greeting card: Simple greeting cards are easy to read and have been a traditional style since many many years. A musical greeting card is something different and unique. When you give this to the birthday boy or girl, they will know how much you feel for them. After all you went through a lot of trouble to find a musical greeting.

2) Handmade greeting card: The internet gives you a wide number of ideas to make beautiful creation of handmade greeting cards for your dear ones. You don't need much to make a handmade greeting card. Some of the common items required are handmade paper, ribbons, some decorative ideas, adhesive tape, and colours. The hand made greeting cards look very beautiful and portray your true feelings for a person.


3) Pop - up birthday cards: The pop - up birthday cards when opened pop up with a message or a picture. The pop up picture or message will enlighten the mood of the person, which might read, you're special to me or close to my heart, wishing you a great day ahead. Another new design of cards which will make the day special for the birthday person.


4) The ultra large birthday cards: The huge birthday cards are something which stand out from the crowd of the small and medium sized greeting cards. If the birthday is of a close family member, parents, siblings or spouse, you can buy them a large greeting card which clearly defines how much they mean to you.

5) The fancy greeting card: The fancy greeting card is usually in the shape of a thing. This can be in the shape of a pram if it's for a newborn baby's birthday, or a dress if it's for a girls birthday. This fancy greeting card looks unique and distinct to show your feelings for the birthday boy or girl.

6) Glittering greeting card: Not many people select the glittering birthday card as you need to take care of the card till you give it to the birthday person. The best part about a glittering card is that it is also available in the market and you can also make this on your own. The glittering cards definitely look beautiful!

7) The Greeting card album: The greeting card album is a completely different idea not experimented by many. At times your feelings are not portrayed clearly by one card and you want to say so much for to your parents or spouse on their birthdays, and one card just doesn't seem enough. A greeting card album can be quite helpful in this case. You can attach different greeting cards together and form an album and tell the birthday boy or girl what all they mean to you.

Greeting cards are something without which birthdays are never complete. They form an indispensable part of birthdays of people all around the globe. So why don't you surprise someone close with a birthday card that is unique, different and something really cool. The above mentioned ideas will help you pick out some out of the box greeting cards which will be loved by all.

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