# Top 6+ Happy Birthday Party Themes Ideas for Adults Boys Girls Kids

March 3, 2020

Happy Birthday Party Themes Ideas: Get Simple Easy Decorative Last Minute Happy Birthday Party Themes Ideas for Adults Boys Girls Kids Children Mom Dad Bhaiya Bhabhi Lovers Boyfriend Girlfriend from this post. Birthday parties are times to have fun with your near and dear ones. Today birthday party celebrations have gone beyond just simple cake cutting and inviting few friends over. Birthday party themes have become a popular choice among many people who like to throw a unique and cool birthday party. Let us share some cool birthday party themes with you and help you throw a blast on your special day. Get to know about the best six birthday party themes for your big day.

Birthday Comes just once in a year so we have to think properly for party theme so guys if you could not able to find the best theme then we are here to help out. You can read this article and get almost six ideas. So check out one by one.

Top 6 Birthday Party Themes Ideas Adults Boys Girls Kids

1) Cartoon Birthday Party Theme: The cartoon birthday party theme is great when you want to plan for your kid. You can select your kids favourite cartoon character and prepare the entire room with the same theme. First of get the cake prepared in the same shape as the cartoon character which your child loves. Next, you can plan return gifts for all the kids of cartoon character and his friends, like winnie the pooh and his friends. The entire room can be prepared in color combinations of the same cartoon character Suitable for kids

2) Dancing Birthday Theme: The person for whom you are planning the party is all into dance, then you can plan a dancing birthday theme. Everywhere dance related images, posters, etc. can be present. A cake in the form of some musical instrument can be a great idea for this theme. You can also give it a name like a disco birthday party theme. If you want your guests to wear a dress code, you can mention in the invitation cards. You can also select the invitation cards which are in the form of musical instruments. This theme is suitable for teens and adults.

3) Milestone Birthday: The milestone birthday theme can be for people who are above the age of 60 years and planning their birthday. If you also have a grandparent for whom you want to throw a surprise party, you can plan the milestone theme. Herein you can get all the paper plates, glasses prepared either with the pick of the birthday person or their age with a tag line, like 70 & fabulous which will add the unique touch to the birthday party element. Believe it, your guests will just love the customized preparation. You can also have a 70 numbered cake prepared for the birthday person. Small return gifts with cards with personalized cards with the signature of the birthday person will add another unique touch. This birthday is suitable for people above the age of 60 years.Birthday Party theme ideas Birthday Party theme ideas

4) Water Birthday Party Theme: Yes, you will be having your birthday party on land only but the theme would be water. The room prepared with blue coloured wallpapers and a water effect given everywhere. The cake can be prepared as a scene one by the beach side. This particular theme can go well for people of different ages, right from kids to adults. Snacks at the party can also be related, such as pool noodles, water candies, splash splash ice - cream. A beach themed dessert table will also look great. This birthday party is suitable for people of different age groups, kids to adults.

5) Princess Birthday Theme: The most suitable birthday party theme for small and teenage girls. Mostly girls from the age of 3 years to 13 years are in love with any one character of disney princess and fantasize themselves as the princess. Depending upon your darling daughters favourite princess, you can prep up the room and make the decor beautiful. Cinderella, Rapunzel or a fairy castle cake will be perfect for her, along with the beautiful decor. You can also put the name tag of, Happy Birthday Princess and name of your daughter to make her feel special on her birthday. The same line can be mentioned on all return gifts. From princess and name of your daughter. She will never forget such a dazzling birthday party. This birthday party is suitable for girls from the age of three years to thirteen years.

6) Garden Birthday Party Theme: A garden birthday party theme will have everything that plant lovers like. A lawn or a small garden shaped beautifully created cake. Snacks can be prepared in small plastic pot shaped structures to give the theme its true meaning. You can also get customized plates, and glasses to give a unique effect. To give it the real theme action, you can plan the birthday party in a beautiful garden or lawn or a farm house, if your gathering is more. Perfect for people above the age of 30 years.

The birthday party themes are loved by many people and these definitely give a personal and customized touch to the birthday party when you plan it in a different manner. So guys if you really love these birthday party themes for Girls Boys Adults and different age Groups then please share this post with your loved ones.

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