Last Minute 22+ Thanksgiving Activities 2021 for Preschoolers Kids Toddlers

November 18, 2021

Thanksgiving Activities 2021 for Preschoolers Kids Toddlers: It is the season of joy and cheer. A time when family and friends convene and the house is filled with fun and laughter. you are in for a gastronomical delight with the traditional thanksgiving dinner of turkey, corn bread, mashed yams, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. As you prepare yourself to bring out the best of your culinary talents with the grand feast, you are probably reminiscent of the feast of the pilgrims. As you partake in this annual harvest festival, why not make it all the more memorable for kids this year? We bring you some fun Thanksgiving activities ideas for this Thanksgiving which will not only keep your kids entertained but also give them a knowledge of the rich culture and heritage associated with this holiday.

Thanksgiving Activities 2021 for Preschoolers Kids Toddlers

Thanksgiving activities 2021

Thanksgiving activities 2021

Elaborate Guest List

Thanksgiving is considered as the busiest holiday of the year as people flock together to spend this beloved holiday with their families. the festival commemorates a treaty between the pilgrims and the native American tribes who feasted with game fowl and venison. it was a period of merry making and everyone was welcome. the colonists socialized with the tribesmen trying to speak each others languages. You could recreate this historical event by letting your kids invite a major part of the family.Thanksgiving Day 2021 Activities Ideas - Guest List Ideas

Thanksgiving Day 2021 Activities Ideas - Guest List Ideas

Backyard fun party

Preparing a thanksgiving dinner is an elaborate affair and it would be difficult to keep the kids occupied during this time. Plus the sugar rush gets them all the more running and excited. You could have a daytime backyard fun party for your kids to occupy themselves while you roast that turkey and mash those potatoes to perfection. You could set up a trampoline or a fun castle in your backyard. All that jumping and exercising is sure to get your kids to build up an appetite and tire themselves right in time for bed.Thanksgiving Activities - Backyard fun party ideas

Thanksgiving Activities - Backyard fun party ideas

you could also rent a fort or a castle for your kids to venture on new imaginary adventures. Bring out all your traditional board games and have them set up in the backyard so that your kids can have a look at how awesome life was before the smartphone.

Thanksgiving skit

 The history of thanksgiving while being told and retold is imprinted in our minds. So, what better way to retell it than by enacting it? Get your kids to prepare a skit narrating the story of thanksgiving. They could involve their friends and cousins to play the different characters.Thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving activities

You could have them come up with elaborate costumes made by themselves or they could get creative and use some household items such as newspapers or plastic cups to make the costumes. You could help them set an area with adequate lighting for the skit. I am sure that this family production would be Oscar worthy.

Treasure hunt

 You could also celebrate thanksgiving with a fun treasure hunt for kids. You could make two teams of the tribesmen and the pilgrims. You could chalk up a trail of some simple clues around the house and get the kids started. you could create a thanksgiving theme with your clues pointing to simple thanksgiving traditions.Thanksgiving Activities - treasure hunts ideas for kids

Thanksgiving Activities - treasure hunts ideas for kids

The final round of the trail would lead to your elaborate dinner at the thanksgiving table where you could give a prize to the winning team. while we are sure that your thanksgiving feast would be a reward in itself, the prize would be an added bonus.

Turkey Art

The thanksgiving turkey is the main attraction of the holiday. So why not have your kids occupied with a little painting contest. You could set up a corner with some art supplies and have your kids paint their idea of Halloween. They could either go for hand printing a colourful turkey or draw their mommy dearest preparing a thanksgiving feast. you could also introduce them to some fun painting techniques such as finger painting, sponge painting and charcoal sketches.Thanksgiving coloring pages

Thanksgiving coloring pages

We are sure that this Thanksgiving Activities 2021 for Preschoolers Kids Toddlers article has given you some great ideas to keep your kids occupied while you prepare an elaborate turkey feast. We wish you and your family a blessed thanksgiving.

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