Jack o Lantern Faces Patterns Designs Templates Stencils 2021 Ideas

October 26, 2021

Jack o Lantern Faces Patterns Designs Templates Stencils 2021 Ideas: Halloween season is reminiscent of the grinning jack o lanterns which greet you from every corner. Decoration trends may change over the years but the Jack o Lantern is a constant favorite for Halloween décor. The grinning pumpkins have made their way on the top list of every must have for Halloween decorations. Through this article, we present 10 ideas for easy Jack o Lantern face carving 2021.

Jack o Lantern Faces Patterns Designs Templates Stencils 2021 Ideas

Jack o Lantern Faces Patterns Designs Templates Stencils 2021 Ideas


1. Jack o Lantern with Dragon Mask

Jack o Lantern with Dragon Mask

Halloween stands for all things dramatic and what could be more dramatic than a dragon Jack o lantern. This idea requires a lot of time, patience and skill but it will be worth it. You could use Asian dragon masks for reference. Take a print of an elaborate dragon mask and sketch out the pattern on to your pumpkin using the print as a reference. You can now use precision tools to carve out the features. You can use a Swiss knife for the tricky parts. Once it is done, you could add layers of red cloth or cardboard behind the pumpkin to make up for the body.With proper lighting, it will make for a fabulous display. Carving a dragon out of a jack o lantern is a tedious job but it is sure to be a magnificent display.


2. Jack o Lantern with Superhero Masks

Jack o Lantern with Superhero Masks

Super hero masks are a superb ideas for funny pumpkin carvings. The plus point is that they are simple to carve. So you could incorporate this in your jack o lantern faces. You could go for a sharp look like iron man. Metallic paint would be perfect to complete the look. You could also go for something more dramatic like the hulk. Spiderman is also a good simple theme for a pumpkin face. This idea is ideal for if you are having a Superhero themed party for Halloween.

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Jack o lantern pattern designs

3. Jack o Lantern with Animal Faces

Jack o Lantern with Animal Faces

Animals are a great theme to work with. You could go halloween customes themes like pets or wild life. You could go for a cute cat pumpkin. He wedges cut out for the eyes could be used for the ears. You could also design little puppy pumpkins to make everyone awestruck. You could go for a wildlife theme with a roaring lion pumpkin. Tiger pumpkins are really fun to make as it would be fun sketching patterns. With patterns, you could also go for giraffes and zebras. You could also design a fat hippo, you could set in a wide bowl.You could also make it educational by designing exotic animals or endangered species. Animal theme gives you a lot of space to explore.


4. Jack o Lantern with Cartoon Pumpkins

Jack o Lantern with Cartoon Pumpkins

Cartoons are a great and easy theme to work with. If you love cartoons, then you are going to have a ball of a time working on this. You can design your favourite characters out of pumpkins for your jack o lanterns. Hello Kitty is cute and fun character to design from a pumpkin. If you are looking for something simpler, you could make a Doremon pumpkin trying to stop the mischief of Nobita. You could go for something funny such as Oggy and the cockroaches or maybe bring to life the underwater world of spongebob.


5. Jack o Lantern with Flowers

Jack o Lantern with Flowers

When we think about jack o lantern faces, flowers give us fabulous templates to work on. You could use flowers to make fabulous and unique jack o lantern faces using pumpkins carving. You could either carve them our or use actual ones from your garden. You could carve huge sunflower eyes in your jack o lantern for a sunny day feel. You could carve out two eyes and place two red roses in place of the eyes for a unique jack o lantern which will also act as an aroma dispenser. You could add a string of flowers to your jack o lantern as a pretty crown or maybe design an angel pumpkin with a flowery halo. You could also go a step ahead and have a jack o lantern with a pained expression and place a cactus inside of it.

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6. Jack o Lantern with Creepy crawlies

Jack o Lantern with Creepy crawlies

We are all freaked out by bugs and insects and this Halloween, there could be no better idea than to have a creepy crawly pumpkin. You could carve out a face and place prank bugs coming out of the eyes. You could also carve out a screaming face on your jack o lantern and stick fake bugs and insects around the face. You could have a giant tarantula on one very scared pumpkin. Creepy crawlies are an ideal them if you are looking to design some unique jack o lanterns.


7. Jack o Lantern with Celebrities

Jack o Lantern with Celebrities

We all are fans of pop stars, movie stars and music idols. So why not party with them this Halloween? You could design celebrity jack o lanterns. Choose your favorite celebrity and pick out their distinctive features such as perhaps an outfit from their movie or a hairstyle associated with them and you could work accordingly. You could also make it funnier by easy carving pumpkins with botched plastic surgeries. I am sure the entire neighborhood would want to keep up with your jack o lanterns.


8. Jack o Lantern with Family Members

Jack o Lantern with Family Members

Home is where the heart is. This Halloween, you could make a little pumpkin family of your own. Bring out some spare clothes of all your family members and prop them up against the pumpkin. Now you could carve out caricatures of each one of your family members and set them up for a display. This would make for a fun selfie booth. In event of when a family member away from home is unable to join in for thanksgiving, you could substitute them with a jack o lantern. This is a fun way to keep the family together.


9. Jack o Lantern with Movie/TV show Characters

Jack o Lantern with Movie/TV show Characters

Some movies leave a deep impression on our heart and we cannot get enough of some iconic TV shows. SO this Halloween, you could create jack o lanterns based on your favourite TV characters. You could create the iconic criminal due of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad with some smoking jack o lanterns for the added effect of a lab. You could create the iconic cast of friends. You could also go for some famous movie protagonists such as from fast and furious or the matrix. The x men series also gives you a wide range of characters to choose from. All in all, movies and TV series have a broad range of options to choose from.


10. Jack o Lantern with Professionals

Jack o Lantern with Professionals

We all come across some significant people in our lives on a day to day basis that we ignore with the white noise. These people are hard working professionals who make our life easier. So it is time to pay a gratitude note to them. You could thank your friendly neighbourhood barista for bringing your morning coffee with a barista jack o lantern. You could make a display of professionals such as doctors, nurses or even your dentist. You could also make a display of your office colleagues. You could make a montage of everyday characters such as bus drivers, policemen, chefs and firefighters. This theme would be fun and relatable to work with.


We hope these easy pumpkins carving hacks helped you plan for a great Halloween. Hope you apply them to get the ideal jack o lantern that would be the pride of your Halloween decorations. Wishing you a very happy Halloween.


                                            Easy Jack o lantern Templates Stencils ideas

Halloween is the time of the year when you can channel your inner creativity at its best. The elaborate costumes, the scary theme decorations and the fun of trick or treats give this festival a super vibe. It is a festival which people of all ages can enjoy. The dramatic decorations of Halloween are eye catching and enthralling. From DIY hacks to getting a professional job, people ensure that their homes are decked with the best of décor.

While Jack o lanterns make for a great display, carving them becomes quite tedious. Here are a few hacks that you can explore as templates for some easy jack o lantern carving.

                                                 Jack o Lantern Patterns Ideas 2021

11. Jack o Lantern with Kitchen Tools


Cookie cutters are an easy and simple way for making some great Halloween stencils. They come in all shapes and sizes. Rather than going through the tedious process of carving a face, you could just use different cookie cutters to cut through some fun shapes out of your pumpkins. You could also use some kitchen tools such as peelers or cutters to cut out shapes, trace designs or to make impressions.


12. Jack o Lantern with Legos

Jack o Lantern with Legos

Legos work both ways as they can cut through and also be used to make impressions. So you could use the legos to cut through the pumpkins and also stick them around the surface of the pumpkin for an easy décor hack. If you are not into carving, you could just stick some legos on to the pumpkin for a jack o lantern face. You could play around with shapes and colours and come up with a really creative idea for this one. Legos are a great tool which can be used as a template for designing a jack o lantern


13. Jack o Lantern Masks

Jack o Lantern Masks

Masks are a really easy method to trace out faces for jack o lantern carving. You could take a mask, place it against the face and simply carve from the outlets. You could just leave on the mask if you do not have time for carving. Face masks are also a great hack to make a fun jack on lantern. You could simply take a dried face mask and stick it on to the pumpkin and paint an elaborate design on the face mask. This makes for an easy hack.


14. Jack o Lantern Jar lids

Jack o Lantern Jar lids

Jar lids are also an alternate solution to use as templates. They come in all shapes and sizes. You could simply place a jar lid on your pumpkin and cut along the edges using a blade. This method is quick and easy. If you are not keen on carving, you could simply get creative, paint on the jar lids and stick them on to your jack o lantern.


15. Swiss knife

Jack o Lantern Jar swiss knife

If you are looking to carve out some intricate designs on your jack o lantern, then a Swiss knife is the best option. From spatlulas to files, you have a great range of options to choose from. You could carve out simple faces or go for abstract designs with this hack.


16. Cork screws

Jack o Lantern cork screws

Cork screws are another option to work with. They are easy to work with because of their pointed edges and also because they have a firm grip to hold on to. You could use cork screws to outline, draw and carve.


17. Jack o Lantern Stencils

Jack o Lantern Stencils Designs

We use stencils for art projects and now these can be used for pumpkin carving. You could use alphabet stencils for some inspiring quote filled jack o lanterns. You could use shaped stencils to sketch and carve out jack o lantern faces. You could also go a step ahead to use them to carve shapes across the surface of the pumpkins.


18. Combs/Toothbrushes

jack o lantern Combs/Toothbrushes

Combs make for a real creative pumpkin stencil. You could dip a comb in paint and use it to trace designs around your jack o lantern. You could also use tooth brushes to sprinkle some paint. This is a fun hack to work with. Combs and brushes can also be used to poke holes or leave impressions on your jack o lanterns.


19. Carbon paper

Carbon paper is another fun and easy hack which can be used for more elaborate carving ideas. You could simply place carbon paper on top of your pumpkin and trace a sketch on it. The impression would be left on to the pumpkin. Now you could carve along this impression for a fun jack o lantern. Carbon paper can be used to trace out elaborate or complicated designs in no time. You could take a print of some celebrity photo and use it to trace it onto the pumpkin and carve along the outlines. This makes for a fancy jack o lantern.


20. Paper

jack o lantern face with Paper

Paper or cardboard are an ideal and most cost effective way for creating Halloween templates. It is easy to draw shapes on paper or cardboard. You could just cut them out in whatever shape or size you want and then stick them onto the surface of the pumpkin. You could now use a blade or knife to simply cut off the pumpkin along the edges of your cardboard. Voila! You now have an easy jack o lantern for display.

We hope this article has given you some good ideas for some fun jack o lantern templates. Do apply them using your everyday regular tools and come up with some fun creative ideas. Happy Halloween. 


                                                             FAQ's (People also ask)

1. What does the O stand for in jack o lantern?

A. Halloween is incomplete without a carved pumpkin and it is a custom to hang a jack o lantern. A pumpkin can be carved in several ways, scary or funny as per your choice. Moreover, Jack on lantern simply means a lantern that is created out of a root vegetable since the 19th century.

In “Jack o lantern” O stands for the “of”; as a short form. Jack of the lantern is the face of Jack who is referred to as a night watchman. Also, in American English, it is described as a lantern that is created from a hollow pumpkin. In the 19th century, British people called all men as a common name Jack whose names were not known to them. Therefore, a strange man carrying a lantern was called “Jack of the lantern” or “Jack with the lantern”. Hence, Jack o lantern is a popular thing and positively fits for Halloween decoration. It can be created by carving a pumpkin and decorating it beautifully for the Halloween party.

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