5+ Happy Birthday Surprise Ideas for Babies

January 13, 2020

Happy Birthday Surprise Ideas for Babies: The little cry of an infant is probably the most delightful sound one has ever heard. The delicate little baby is the darling of every family member. Their wide eyes curiously taking in the new world around them are adorable little pools of joy. Their gurgle as try to communicate perhaps, little tales of their adventures in the new world is very cute to watch. They smile and love everyone. They sometimes laugh because they are well aware that it makes others laugh.

Such a compassionate way of sharing joy could only be expected from these pure angels who are a gift from God. Before we know it, they are all grown up. So what do we gift a baby who is setting his/her tiny foot in the first year of their lives? Birthday stock provides you some wonderful gifting ideas for First Birthdays.

Happy Birthday Surprise Ideas for Babies


1) Clothes

We know what you're thinking. Why purchase clothes when the tiny one will outgrow them in the next two minutes? But hear me out here. You could buy cute theme costumes for babies and have a portfolio made for the little one. You could get twin sets for the baby and its sibling. Make sure that the fabric is soft, breathable and light. Infants are sensitive to rough materials.

Happy Birthday Surprise Ideas for Babies

Happy Birthday Surprise Ideas for Babies

You could also knit a woolen sweater or little socks or mittens for the baby's first name day. Look to online tutorials for inspiration. Bring out that sewing machine and get creative. Be an official baby stylist! Whether it is for a cute little princess or a charming little rock star, you get to doll them up in pretty clothes. You could save the set of clothes gifted to the baby on its first birthday as a childhood souvenir for when they are older.  

2) Toys

You might wonder that this is probably the most cliched suggestion on the list but trust me, at birthday stock, we give you the most unique ideas. Dolls and teddy bears are all too common. Have you ever thought of gifting your child a set of toys no one has ever seen? Yes. You heard that right. Your champ will be the envy of all the babies in the block. The art of toy making was developed as far back as 2000 BC. With cheap flashy models from China flowing into the markets, Indigenous toys are losing their business and slowly fading away. Toys such as Channapatna toys are so popular that they have earned the GI status in the globe. Indigenous toys are mostly manufactured by hand or simple tools with materials sourced from the natural reserves of the region. The toys are made with soft and lightweight wood which makes it easy for infants to handle. The toys are painted using organic paints or vegetable dyes which are safe for infants. Also, they are minimally priced and thus can be bought in large quantities or can be replaced easily if the child is bored with them. You would also be aiding the growth of the informal economy and the small scale industries by generating revenue for them. Just imagine, your little one would be a little pioneer in the growth of a marginalized sector of the economy.  

3) Paintings

This suggestion might seem very out of place on the list. You may opine that a painting would be a suitable gift for a connoisseur of arts. What would babies possibly do with a painting? You must note that babies are in the peak of their development stage at the age of one. They are more aware about their surroundings and they try and learn new words and new things. Purchase a painting in bright but soothing colors and hang it in your babys room. The bright and colourful painting will be a good addition for the baby room. The baby will have something pleasing to look at while it plays with its toys. Also, with the painting as a permanent fixture in place, the baby will develop a sense of comfort and familiarity with its room. This creates a sense of security for the baby. You could also get creative and paint the babys room with cartoons, alphabets or animals. Or let your baby make his own art by finger painting on the walls. There could be no fancier gift than giving your baby a big canvas to unleash its creativity.  

4) Skill Development

Every parent aspires for their child to inculcate skills and to be smart. The stage of infancy is a crucial stage in development. As a parent, over protectiveness would cause more harm than good. Let go a little. Run a little risk. Enroll your child at a certified swimming school. Swimming is an important life skill and teaching a child to swim during infancy would be the best. They can shun fear of water at a young age. The activity will also help them develop strong muscles. Clay modelling is another skill which infants can develop from a young age. Having colourful blocks of clay to play with will mould their creativity. You can also buy a set of music CDs of soothing music, rhymes or stories to play for the baby. You could play sleep music to help the baby relax. This will also enhance their senses.  

5) Furniture

I know it sounds fancy but it's worth it. You could design fun furniture for your baby's first year birthday. you can put your innovativeness to the test and have customized furniture made for your baby such as a bed with a slide by the foot or an indoor jungle gym. You could also create a little sandbox in your garden or balcony for your baby to play in. you can also have a bouncy castle in your baby's bedroom because one can never get enough of a bouncy castle! You could have a set of feeding table, cradle and a walker made for the baby in matching colours. Have the baby's name or photo embossed on the furniture to create a personal touch. With custom furniture, you can also make sure that the furniture is safe for your baby with blunt edges and minimalist design.   At the end of the day, whatever gift you choose for your one year old, they will absolutely love it for sure because babies are never materialistic and judgmental. They know to recognize love when they see it. We may be choosing a gift for our baby but the baby has already chosen to love us no matter what. If you love these birthday gifts ideas for babies then please give your feedback through comments.

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