# Creative 5+ Ideas - How to make Birthday more Funny

June 15, 2020

# Creative 5+ Ideas how to make birthday more funnyWant to add fun and humor to the birthday bash of your loved one? The celebrations' rule number one says that adding one number to your age does not make someone old whereas putting your footsteps into boring life is something which identify the old age. Along with each passing day and with fleeting dates on calendar, we usually start counting numbers on the fingers. Finally birthday arrives and then our loved ones start planning some surprises for us. In the continuation of same tradition, if you are also pondering for ideas to make the party full of life, then scroll down and get to know plenty of ways to make the birthday of your beloved person special.

# Creative 5+ Ideas how to make birthday more funny

Creative 5 Ideas how to make birthday more funny

Creative 5 Ideas how to make birthday more funny

Hire a Clown to party :If you are seeking to add the birthday bash more humorous and funny than ever, then a clown can be a perfect choice to opt as he has the ability to make even the boring parties enjoyable. You can arrange various activities which must be performed by him. This is the best enjoyment not only for kids, but for all age people.Send Birthday Sms: Hey guys, you can also send funny sms on your friend birthday, there is a number of sms, you can select one out of them and send them on their WhatsApp or facebook profile we are going to share few sms here just copy one sms and share it now.

  •  If I had a dollar for each year of your life, I would be rich. Happy Birthday.
  • 🙂 WARNING: Do not attempt to light a candle for each year of your life. That would be a fire hazard.
  • 🙂 Your ears don’t work as well as they used to, but your big mouth still works great.
  • 🙂 We’re getting old together, but you seem to be doing it much faster than me.
  • 🙂 If hot is young, and cold is old…you’re lukewarm. Happy Birthday.
  • 🙂 If you never get all the desires of your heart, at least you got one…ME! Happy Birthday.

Bring fun by lots of interesting activities: If you want to arrange a birthday party for younger age groups, then playing fun loving games would be the best option(games like musical chairs, paper dance etc ) as it can bring joy to everyone. Apart from that, there would be not only a single person who have not enjoyed these games in the school days. So, everyone can relate to that and this is the reason to get lots of fun and enjoyment.

Make some memorable videos: If you are a very close friend to the birthday boy or girl, then you must start keeping some funny memories like videos and pictures of them , so that on their special day you can compile them , and revive those memories together. This is one of the best gifts that you can deliver to someone special on their big day.

Call a magician to add fun to your bash: Being a spectator to a magic show is always a dream to everyone, so if you want to make the big day of someone memorable and funny, then you can try this. Magic show is all about fun when nobody can keep their mouths shut to laughing. Hence, you can opt this idea without making any second thought in the mind.

Birthday Party funny ideas

Birthday Party funny ideas

Arrange party in the Water park: Either you are a kid, adult or an old age person, there would not be any single individual who do not love the water splashes. The water activities are all about fun where a person get slipped and another get wet. In this way, one can compile lots of funny memories and can create as much as humour he or she wants. So, nothing can be a better place than a water park to throw a funny birthday bash.

Along with the above-mentioned things, you cannot ignore the fact that magic candles, empty gift boxes, toys with springs packed in a box, lollipop to adults will always remain on the top of every funny birthday gift. Give birthday bumps to the prince or princess of the party and make the party adorable and extremely funny. Capture beautiful memories in your heart and bring love and enjoyment for special person.

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