7 Best Family Halloween 2021 Costumes with Baby and Dog

October 26, 2021

When we hear about Halloween then the first thing that comes to our mind is horror and mysterious things. Halloween is celebrated on October 31 all over the world. On this day, people put on their Halloween costumes, watch horror movies, and parties. But many times it is very confusing to choose a Halloween costume especially in the case of kid and dog costumes. So, are you excited for the 2021 Halloween and looking for the family costumes including dogs? If yes, then in this article we are giving you the 7 best baby Halloween costumes ideas with matching dog and owner Halloween costumes, and a lot more ideas.

# List of the best family Halloween costumes with baby and dog

Halloween is also about getting dressing up creatively and there is something for everyone in the family. The Halloween costume ideas given in the list below include dog and baby girl Halloween costumes, matching pet and owner Halloween costumes, and many more.  

1. Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin head costumes for family, kids, dogs

 At Halloween parties, you may see people preserving pumpkins for display. Wearing a real carved-out pumpkin on your head will also work as a mask. You can follow the easy pumpkin carving ideas and go through the Pumpkin Carving Funny ideas for 2021. In addition to the pumpkin head, wear a white costume and to make it frightening.

2. Squid Game

squid game costumes for family, kids, dogs

Squid Game is a popular Korean TV series that was released in September 2021. You can choose squid game Halloween costumes for kids as these are likely to be trendy this year because of their high popularity. As per your choice, choose to dress up kids like the Front Man, contestant, or a guard. Apart from this, the prevalent squid game costume is bound to be the red costume as well as the mask that the soldiers wear in the series. 

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3. Mermaid Family Costume

mermaid costumes for family, kids, dogs

If you are looking for family costumes for Halloween then you should try a pretty mermaid costume. This is one of the cutest and best toddlers and dog costume ideas that you can go for. Choose the sparkling colors of your choice, design it into various sizes. Hence, try this costume and see how cute your kids and dog will look. 

4. Superhero

superheros costumes for family, kids, dogs

There are lots of superheroes that are popular amongst all over the world and no Halloween party is complete without Superhero costumes. You can’t ever go wrong with this costume and can select Spiderman, Batman, and another superher. To make it more interesting and eye-catching make a face painting using face paint related to that superhero. In addition to this, this costume idea can also be turned into funny baby and dog costumes and it always is a hit. 

5. Scarecrow

scarecrow costumes for family, kids, dogs

Scarecrow might not sound so scary or funny but when you will wear a scarecrow costume for a party then you will realize how perfect it is looking. It is a unique and super easy costume to put together yourself by using different colors. Also, this can be a last-minute costume and an affordable option too. 

6. Jurassic Park Family Costume

Jurassic park costumes for family, kids, dogs

No doubt, Jurassic Park is loved by everyone and is one of the best Halloween costume idea for the whole family. A homemade Jurassic Park costume will surely help you to stand out of the crowd on Halloween and get compliments. Therefore, go for this costume and choose Stencils Templates Patterns Face ideas to match with the outfit. 

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7. Game of Thrones

games of thrones costumes for family, kids, dogs

Halloween party can never be complete without the Game of Thrones theme. This easy and popular costume idea is sure to make everybody in the family feel like their most heroic characters. Complete the look with nice makeup and hair and be ready to get compliments this Halloween. 

# Final Words

In addition to sending Halloween images and Halloween wishes, many people also attend Halloween parties. These parties are incomplete without Halloween costumes and pumpkin carving. There are lots of Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween that you can follow. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to make a face painting and pattern faces such as Jack o lantern Faces to match with the costume. So, get ready to enjoy this Halloween with the family costumes ideas mentioned above in the post.

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