5+ Majestic Surprise Birthday Gift Ideas for your Besties

January 12, 2020

Surprise Birthday Gift Ideas for your Besties: Birthdays definitely are special times when you make a person believe how important they are in your life, not just by means of gifts but also by showing your love, care and emotion. When it is the birthday of your best friend, partner or parents, you might have to go an extra mile for the best birthday surprise ideas. Anything from planning a surprise party to purchasing gift for them requires a lot of efforts and hard work. So why not make it a special one this year and make your dear ones feel loved and cared. Check out all ideas and pick one out of them for your loved ones.  

Surprise Birthday Gift Ideas for your Besties


1) Planning & Preparation:

A lot goes into planning and preparation of the big day. Right from the midnight cake cutting ceremony to decorating the house with beautiful decor, scented candles, colourful papers, balloons and hangings. You can decorate the house when your partner is not at home. That will be the best time to decorate the house without any disturbance.

Majestic Surprise Birthday Gift Ideas for your Besties

Majestic Surprise Birthday Gift Ideas for your Besties[/caption] You can also bake a cake all by yourself to make your partner feel extra special on that day. Above all, place his or her gift on the table and make sure its the first thing they see when back home.  

2) Cake:

There is a lot of planning that goes into bringing the best cake for your spouse birthday. If you are hosting a big birthday party, then you need to get 2.5 to 3kgs of cake prepared. However, if it's a small family gathering than 1 kg cake will suffice the purpose. Next we come to selection of flavours. Now you need to know which cake does your girlfriend or boyfriend prefers to have. There are many flavours available in the market including chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, velvet cakes are also a rave these days. Get a nice message written on the cake. Another great way is if you want to bake the cake all by yourself. It may not be that fancy, but the feeling associated with this cake will definitely be above any cake purchased from the market. If you want to do this and do not know how to bake a cake, you can always see it from any recipe book or cookery show which gives detail about baking and also how to prepare icing or frosting for the cake.  

3) Night out:

If you are something that is extra special this year, why not book a room for the two of you and reserve a table for candle light dinner at a nice hotel. This can be a different and a unique experience to celebrate your lovers birthday and believe it he or she will just love it. Adding more to this experience, you can always ask the hotel staff to decorate your hotel room and even the table for two which you have reserved. A small 250 gms cake can be cut at the table also when you are dining. You can also book a small musical session when you are having dinner or lunch and enjoy it. If you have planned a gift for your partner, you can give it here as well. This would be the best place to give it to him or her. Later you can spend a night at the hotel. Many nice three, four or five star hotels are present from which you can select according to your budget and make all the necessary arrangements after discussing with the staff.  

4) Birthday getaways:

Adding to the fun and excitement of birthday, if you want to spend this birthday out of station or out of India, this can definitely be a wonderful idea. However, if you are planning this for your partner, then you definitely need to be saving from sometime now which won't add to the burden of expenditure right at the moment. There are many websites and apps that will help you to make all the necessary travel requirements including travel, accommodations etc. Here you can also check the top attractions and sightseeing locations that will make your trip memorable and enjoyable.  

5) Gifts that speak love:

Whatever gift you are purchasing for your partner, it is not the price associated with it matters, but the love and feeling with which you purchase it for your husband or wife is what matters the most. You can also make some DIY items, like any handicraft item, card by hand or a photo frame which has the photos of both of you. Believe me, he or she will love it the most.   Giving the best birthday surprise ideas to your loved ones may become a difficult task, but when you know what they have been eyeing or looking at, it will perhaps be the best way to make their day memorable. You can indulge in activities which he or she likes to do on their birthday to make it extra special for them.

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