4+ Easy Happy Birthday Surprise Ideas for Four to Eight Years Old

June 20, 2020

Happy Birthday Surprise Ideas for Four to Eight Years Old: Birthday Stocks ideas for four to eight years old is probably the most helpful article you will find because it really is a difficult task to choose a gift for kids of this age group. Firstly, they are no longer cuddly toddlers. Second, they have learnt to speak and thirdly, they are picky and it is so hard to please them. It's either their way or the highway. There is no arguing with them. So here we present to you some fun ideas for your cute little imp.

Happy Birthday Surprise Ideas for Four to Eight Years Old


1) Buy a Book

No. We don't hate your kids and we certainly don't want your kids to hate you. This is an ideal gift for your kids. Buy children's books with lots of illustrations and simple language to inculcate the habit of reading in your child. Make it a point to sit your kids and help them read and understand the words. This way they remain away from their gadgets and you spend quality time with them. Do not limit their exposure to a particular genre. Keep a balanced diet of the subjects they read.  Birthday surprise ideas with birthday book for 4 years old

Birthday surprise ideas with birthday book for 4 years old

If it's adventure one time, bring in fantasy the other time. Slowly bring in some fun educational material in between such as science facts or vocabulary books. Also, encourage your children to write their own stories. Introduce your children to poetry from a young age. Learning a language is the most complex function for a human mind to register. Learn a new language with your child with the help of audio learning aids.  

2) Enroll your kid into Sports

With children glued to television sets and their gadgets, outdoor games are an activity of the past. Enroll your child in a fun sport activity on their birthday. This is a gift that can be utilized in the long run. Activities such as kickboxing or karate will help in sharpening their survival instincts and are necessary life skills to be learnt. You could also opt for something rare such as horse riding. This will be an activity your child would absolutely love to tell his friends about. Allow your child to indulge in adventure sports whenever possible. Gift him a membership at the local rock climbing centre or skating rink. These activities will keep your child proactive and healthy. Sports contribute to the development of the child's physique and are hence a necessary part of their growing years.  

3) Bicycle - Mountain Bike

Yes. We know that it tears your heart apart to hear this but it is time to lose those training wheels. The sooner your child learns, the better it is for them. This birthday, gift your child a bicycle. You could also be a little generous and splurge on a mountain bike. It will be a great gift for your child. they may have a difficult time in maintaining balance without the training wheels but you need to remember that there is no gain without pain. Be with your child and provide your support and encouragement in teaching them to gain balance. You are creating fond childhood memories in the process. Have a little basket fitted on the handle. Send them on errands or guide them to school on their bicycles. They will gain a sense of independence and authority. Remind your children that it is not always fun and games with the bicycle. Teach them the traffic rules and how to cross the road or take turns while riding. This will instill a sense of responsibility in your kids.  

4)�Easy bake oven or cooking set

You are probably thinking that you need to call child services when you read this suggestion but hold on to your horses. We are not suggesting that you gift your kids a stove to burn the house down or a set of sharp knives because that would be reckless and irresponsible. As kid-friendly and responsible citizens, we suggest that you gift your children a range of cookery sets meant for kids. There are many product s in the market such as blunt knives and insulated cookware meant for kids.Birthday surprise ideas as insulated cookware

Birthday surprise ideas as insulated cookware

Teach them to cook and bake under your supervision. They might even better mommy dearest with their cooking skills. This gift will help your kids develop a unique hobby. Also, by the time when they are old enough to fly away from the nest, they will have learnt an important life skill. We present to you these suggestions and hope that they have been helpful in choosing a gift for your child. it isn't always necessary to spoil children with expensive gifts. It is never about the quantity but about the utility. Buy something resourceful which would contribute to their learning scale.

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