Loki Season 3 Can Set Up The Perfect Avengers 5 Kang Replacement

Loki Season 3 Can Set Up The Perfect Avengers 5 Kang Replacement: A possible third season of Loki could find a good person to play Kang the Conqueror before Avengers 5. Since Jonathan Majors has been in a lot of trouble lately, Marvel Studios has cut ties with the Kang character. But it’s not clear if Kang will be replaced or if the next Avengers movie will have a new main bad guy. Loki season 3 could help solve this problem.

Loki Season 3 Can Set Up The Perfect Avengers 5 Kang Replacement

As seen at the end of Loki season 2, it seems that Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s character, Judge Ravonna Renslayer, was likely facing death in the Void at the End of Time at the hands of Alioth, a monster from another time. She has not been told what will happen to her, though. So, it’s possible that Ravonna could live on if Marvel Studios changes her to make her a great Kang replacement in a possible Loki season 3.

Loki 3 May Make Ravonna Renslayer Kang.

Ravonna could be a good new Kang in the MCU for a number of good reasons. First, Ravonna probably has more experience with He Who Remains than anyone else in the multiverse. However, she had forgotten about those memories for a long time after the Kang variant betrayed her trust. She may also know how to use all the technology she’d need to be a real threat in the multiverse because she used to be a chief at the TVA.

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As seen in Loki season 2, Ravonna was given a more hopeless storyline. For example, she killed several TVA Minute Men who refused to join her coup. Because of this, it’s now much easier to call her a bad guy in the MCU. If Renslayer makes it through her fight with Alioth, Ravonna has every right to be angry and want to get revenge on many people. She was betrayed and lost all the power and authority she had at the TVA.

Renslayer’s Rise Could Give Loki Season 3 Meaning.

While there is no doubt that Loki will have a third season, the real question is why it should happen at all, given how well the second season ended and Loki’s new situation. But Ravonna’s rise to become a Kang-level bad guy could be a very interesting plot point, and Loki doesn’t even have to be involved.

This idea would make a big difference in the future of the MCU before Avengers 5. Instead, a new season could be about Sylvie and the other TVA members working to protect Loki’s heritage and the new Sacred Timeline he made, which Ravonna might try to destroy.



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