100+ Inspirational Whatsapp Status Quotes Wishes

Inspirational Whatsapp Status Quotes Wishes: Inspiration comes from within but if you are too low to get inspired by self, then you might look here and there for at least a pinch of inspirational quotes or a line of motivation. This is the digital world where we have social platforms to get our need fulfil. Motivation is the need of the hour for all of us right now because everyone on this planet is going through the worst time. As you are aware of pandemic that caused a huge crisis, people are getting vulnerable on their mental as well as physical health. The professional as well as the personal lives have been drastically affected.

People are so tech savvy that in a blink of an eye they open Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter and so many social media just to have a look at it and yes, they do adapt whatever they get to see. How about if an individual sees motivational quotes or inspiring lines as they open WhatsApp? In a society where people are continuously pulling leg of their fellow mates, be someone who can motivate people around and you can also get motivated by reading these inspirational quotations. We have a bulk of Inspirational Lines for WhatsApp Status on our site. Pick whichever you feel like and put it as your WhatsApp status to encourage the readers around you. Empowering at least one person will be more than enough for you. A drop of the pond matters.

Inspirational Whatsapp Status Quotes WishesInspirational Whatsapp Status Quotes Wishes

  • There is a lesson in every failure. Try to find out rather than cribbing.
  • Keep your efforts constant. If you do it regularly, you start achieving it by a small step.
  • The way we see ourselves, we show them the same. Be nice to yourself.
  • Stop looking for any external support and start believing yourself.
  • The right time is when we start moving ahead.
  • To gain something in life, start losing your unnecessary needs.
  • Learn a new skill every day because that way you will keep rejuvenating. We live because we learn, if we stop learning, we stop living.
  • Ego destroys a beautiful relationship. Kill your ego and initiate a conversation.
  • Life is a hard nut to crack. Learn to be a stone in the storm of life.
  • It is never too late to be the one you want to.
  • The only barrier among you and your goals is you.
  • Concentrate on one destination and work hard for it.
  • To earn good tomorrow, learn excellent today.
  • A wise man walks on a path of honesty.
  • The one who works, stay healthy and happy!
  • Smile is the most contagious emotion. If you have it, others will automatically catch.
  • Stop advertising your problems because there is no market to it.
  • Men do have emotions; it is just that they pretend to be strong.
  • Create your personality like that of the sun, nobody can stare you and make you feel discouraged.
  • Concentrate on getting valued because all the successful people are not valued.
  • It is a kind heart who apologizes even when he is not wrong. Be kind and not egoistic.
  • Do it with conviction if you really want to achieve.
  • Friends are a family you choose for yourself. Choose someone you can hold forever.
  • It takes time but it will be going to happen for sure.
  • Efforts never go in vain. Sometimes you hit a six out of it and the other time you get to learn a lot.
  • Distance doesn’t matter if the bond is too strong.
  • Focus on your work because people might have a bite with you but they will never earn a bread and butter for you.
  • Patience will make you a better human being as it can give fruitful results.
  • Make time for self-improvement because that is how you will be able to discover yourself.
  • Competition with your own self will bring drastic change in life.
  • Make a habit of reading every day. Even reading a page will help you in absorbing some amount of knowledge.
  • Transform yourself into a person who can help others. A selfless behavior is a result of satisfying soul.
  • There is no point of that success which is forcing you to misbehave with someone.
  • Making excuses will be nothing but an insult of your personality.
  • Intuition matters the most whether you are giving someone a glass of water or helping in some large-scale manner.
  • Keep your attitude calm and your actions aggressive.
  • Surround yourself by positive people because that is how you can improve your mental health.
  • A health is long term investment because eventually it is your body who will be with you for life. Stay fit and healthy!
  • Keep an eye around you to know whom to trust and from whom to make distance.
  • Travel to tranquil that chaos inside your mind.

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  • The power of money can make you stand on a great height from the bottom, it can buy you an expensive thing, but money can’t make you a good human being. It is you yourself who is being appreciated for your well-being.
  • Simplicity has a power you can only get to know when you try to become fancy.
  • Every time you think to quit, remind yourself why you started.
  • Concentrate on the path which will make you unstoppable rather than a milestone where you will get stuck.
  • Intention plays a major role in a person’s life. If you have an intension to work, you will definitely do wonders.
  • Your smile makes a difference. It can make many other faces smile.
  • Pamper yourself to fill that empty space. Nobody can make you feel contented as much as you can make yourself.
  • Live like a child because he smiles without a reason and he doesn’t care of the next moment.
  • Never waste even a bite of food. You are wasting it and there is someone in the world who is striving for it.
  • Be a good listener because listening carefully can teach you hundred things which speaking nonstop won’t.
  • No matter how much heights you reach at, never leave your roots.
  • To live a better day, forget your yesterday. Leave the past in the past.
  • Try to make others feel that you also need them. Ask for help and spread kindness.
  • Accept them the way they are. Never try to change others according to your needs.
  • Extend your hand for help and be nice to everyone as you never know who is going through what.
  • Learn to control on your emotions. Excess of everything is bad be it love or anger.
  • Cry out to release your pain because compressing it inside will trigger your mental health.
  • Treat others the way you want to get treated. This way you will never be bad at someone.
  • Make your friends on whom you can count on.
  • Water your relationships daily to make sure they grow healthy.
  • Respect has a power to transform a hot-headed person into a tranquil one.
  • Everyone has their own challenges. You can never compare whose is less and whose is more trouble making.
  • To be wealthy, make your behavior on track.
  • Your passion can create best out of you. Turn your passion into profession.
  • Life is like a chess. One wrong move can change your winning chance.
  • Respect your parents always. They are your real creators.
  • Bend down to lift yourself up because bowed trees often have fruits.
  • Self-realization is the key to success because once you realize what your mistake is, things become easy to achieve.
  • If you want to fly high, learn to calm yourself down.
  • Rather than copying someone, start creating your original. It will be worth appreciating.
  • You are more than your imaginations. Execute whatever you have planned out.
  • Dreams are the symbol that you have to work really hard in real.
  • Only you can heal yourself well. Others can only give you lectures.
  • Instead of making your day gloomy, make it glowing by cherishing whatever you have.
  • Do whatever you wish to do in life. People have a habit of commenting.
  • Help someone silently and protect your soul boldly.
  • Humanity makes a human being different from others.
  • Focus on your work and not on the result. If you are working honestly, eventually the result will be in your favor.
  • Don’t work to be famous but work to be proud on yourself.
  • Treat yourself with flowers and lunch/dinner date because it boosts up your confidence when you pamper yourself.
  • Life has a lot to teach. Learn each lesson with a passion to imply.
  • Make your passion your profession.
  • Earn an honest amount because if you are betraying someone, the money will not be yours forever.
  • A disciplined person can achieve anything in life because he knows the value of time.
  • Never forget your teachers because they were the ones who made you stand where you are today.
  • Be grateful to your parents as they have had sacrificed a lot of things to give you the life you wished for.
  • Keep your attitude cool and composed. Getting dominating on someone won’t get you anything nice in life.
  • If you want to sleep peacefully, learn to work like crazy.
  • Don’t fear of losing. You can guide others and can do better with your own experiences.
  • Turn your weaknesses into your strengths.
  • You don’t have to beg for love or happiness. It is something you get naturally.
  • Stretch your lips because this is the best exercise you can do to stay happy and healthy.
  • Make a habit of learning at least one new word. That is how you can build up a confidence.
  • A true and loyal heart shines through the glow of a face.
  • Don’t get influenced by others. Think wisely and do what your intuition says.
  • A negative thought is like a termite. It can ruin your whole mind.
  • Listen to everyone but do what is right to your soul.
  • Respect time as time doesn’t give a second chance.
  • Value your parents as they have been constant support throughout your life.
  • Never take anyone’s feelings for granted. Even the strongest feelings expire when you don’t value.
  • Never forget your struggles as it is the inspiration towards your success.
  • Don’t let the critics hit your mind hard.
  • Think positive because your mind affects your physical health.
  • Make yourself such motivated that people can get inspired from you.
  • The one who selflessly supports you and love you are one of a kind people. Never let them go from your life.

You can send these wishes to your friends or someone who is really in need of reading this. To boost yourself, these inspiring lines are a perfect way to help you doing so. When we read something, we try to relate to our self or our lives. In the period of discouragement, be someone who can encourage others to work proactively and efficiently. The right kind of words always attract wise minds. Motivational quotations do transform lives because people nowadays following this trend of motivating or adapting change.

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Once you start posting these fabulous inspirational quotes on your WhatsApp, people are going to get some good vibes and it might happen that you can become the reason for someone’s positive personality. To be a honey in someone’s bitter life is nothing less than a blessing. Here on this site, you can get some really uplifting quotations to completely change your life and take into a new direction.



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