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Happy Birthday meme for a friend: Birthday of a friend is the best event to celebrate without any limits. If you have a best friend then late night wishes and cake cutting is common in every age of friendship but think of a new idea to make the day memorable to your friend. The best way to capture the day in your friend’s mind is wishing in a unique and moreover in a funny way. If you are a teenager or a college student then demanding a party or getting a treat is obvious but the scenes of expressions and emotions in between such scenarios are what cause hilarious moments in the group.

Happy Birthday meme for a friend

1) An overreacting friend: – The birthday person gets a lot of wishes, gifts, surprises and also treats, but not all friends are the same. You may have known even a single person who never buys a gift or spends any money on gifts but takes the treat and gifts from everyone else. They mostly overreact to make you believe that they have really forgotten to bring a gift for you, but react as they are overwhelming and happy about your birthday from their heart. If you have such a friend who acts instead of bringing gifts then this meme is perfect for you. Post this picture and tag him to make an epic moment in your friends.

Happy Birthday meme for a friend
Happy Birthday meme for a friend

2) Friends with expectations: – Among all your well-wishers on your birthday, there will be a cunning friend who comes first in wishing and plans himself for a party. Such friends don’t even understand whether you have money to spend on a party or not. This pic shows how a friend tries to empty your bag acting as he is spending his money for the whole treat. If you have such a friend in your circle then a tag will be perfect for him to realize.

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3) Drinker Friend: – In college groups or in teenagers or even in elder friends, you will have known a guy who is all about wine at your party. Although they bring a quite average gift for the event, they will surely finish your money to the double of the cost of the gift. Such friends also demand another bottle soon after one of the bottles is emptied in an instant. If you have such a friend then this meme will say it all.


4) Awkward wishing: – Some of your friends wish in a very awkward way as if they are not interested in your birthday or else they are careless about this event. Many of them also become the buzz of the day for their completely random and weird wish and expressions while wishing. If you are such a person who likes to visit in a weird and funny way to your friend then try this meme.


5) That annoyed friend: – Some wine lovers also get annoyed while asking the treat on a birthday but it seems to be quite a cool demand which is normal these days. If you are wanting an expensive drink on your friend’s birthday then this meme will not only express your feeling but also warn your friend to remember about the scotch before everyone works on the event. It is quite sweet and also manly which will be memorable by this face for a long time.

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Make such Birthday meme for a friend that represent exactly either the birthday person or else any one of the groups who has overreacted in the birthday party.



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