Easy Cassava Flour Banana Bread Recipe

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Easy Cassava Flour Banana Bread Recipe:-Because it is made with cassava flour, this recipe for banana bread is not only delicious but also follows the paleo diet and does not include any nuts. This gluten-free banana bread blows your mind with how simple it is to make and how great it tastes.

Easy Cassava Flour Banana Bread Recipe



1 . Paleo Nut Free Banana Bread

  • Consequently, when I say, “It’s the BEST!” I am not joking around with you. Simply because it is the case.
  • It is moist, tasty, has a smaller amount of added sugar, and is overflowing with the goodness of banana spots….
  • I had the same experience of falling in love as you did.



  1. You should use Bob’s Red Mill Cassava Flour because this recipe was especially tested using cassava flour, and because of this, I recommend using Bob’s Red Mill cassava flour for the best possible results.
  2. The rise of the muffins is caused by the leavening agent, which is baking soda and salt. The flavor is balanced with salt.
  3. Cinnamon powder is there to lend a touch of heat to the dish. Either take it or leave it.
  4. This banana bread only contains a third of a cup of added sugar, and it is sweetened with maple syrup. Just the right amount to impart that sweetness to the bread without making it taste too bland. If you have a sweet tooth or if you are going to be sharing this banana bread with someone who does, you might want to try adding three to four teaspoons of coconut sugar or another type of granulated sugar.
  5. For this dish, you will need three eggs that are of a considerable size. This grain-free banana bread takes a lot of ingredients, but they are essential to its cohesiveness.
  6. Assists in maintaining the moistness of the banana bread. If you are going to use melted coconut oil, you need to make sure that it has been allowed to cool in addition to the other ingredients, such as milk and eggs, being at room temperature.
  7. Two full teaspoons of vanilla extract for a more robust flavor.
  8. In order to give a little bit more moisture to the batter, you should only use a few tablespoons of milk. You can avoid using nuts in this recipe by using hemp. Other options include cashews, almonds, and coconut. Use oats or soy if you are not concerned about maintaining a paleo diet.



2 . Best bananas for banana bread

  • In order to make banana bread with the most flavorful bananas, the ones that are extremely spotty are the best bananas to utilize. Ideally, the banana should be darker in color, preferably black.
  • It is also possible that this will result in a banana bread that is naturally sweeter.


3 . Bob’s Red Mill Cassava Flour 

  • Having only ever used Bob’s Red Mill Cassava Flour in the past, I am unable to comment on other brands; however, I am extremely fond of this particular flour.
  • Because it is naturally free of gluten and nuts, it is the ideal flour to use for baking that does not include the use of grains. Keeping this flour in your pantry is a wonderful idea if you follow the paleo diet.



So what is Cassava Flour?

  • Cassava flour is a type of flour that is unaffected by gluten, grains, and nuts because it is manufactured from the entire root of the cassava plant.
  • Cassava flour from Bob’s Red Mill has a mild flavor and a fine texture, making it ideal for gluten-free cooking and baking. Additionally, it is a non-GMO product.


How to make grain free banana bread using cassava flour:

  • Like most quick bread recipes, this gluten-free banana bread recipe is EASY. A 9×5 loaf pan, bowls, measuring cups, a knife or spoon, and some food will do.
  • Note that the cassava flour is very fine, so be careful when you open the bag and mix the ingredients.




  • I like to use two different bowls when I’m mixing ingredients so that the flour and baking soda are well mixed before
  • I add them to the wet ingredients. To start this step, mix the cinnamon, baking soda, salt, cassava flour, and tapioca flour together.



  • The mashed bananas, oil, maple syrup, and vanilla extract should be mixed together in a separate basin using a whisk. After that has been incorporated, mix in the eggs using a whisk.




  • After adding the dry ingredients to the bowl containing the wet components, stir in the three tablespoons of milk until the batter is completely combined. At this point, the batter will have a relatively thick consistency.
  • A helpful hint is to avoid overmixing the batter.



  • A helpful hint is to line a loaf pan with parchment paper so that it is simple to remove and clean.




  • Bread made with bananas should be baked for around 35 to 45 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
  • Take note that everyone’s oven is different, so begin the cooking time at 35 minutes. If you notice that the top of the bread is browning excessively,
  • you may simply cover it with aluminum foil and check it with a toothpick inserted every five minutes until the toothpick comes out clean.





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