Top 3+ Easter Prayer 2020

In this article, you will get Easter Prayer 2020. The Easter story is rich in powerful contrasts. The birth of Jesus, a seemingly illegitimate child, born in squalor, lived a life under threat from the very beginning. The prophet, teacher and Son of God was challenged, hunted and crucified. Such a dark and unfavoured beginning and short and harsh life and ministry. So when Easter day arrives, the tombstone rolls away for a risen Lord. On Easter day the stone rolls away for us all! The victims and downtrodden of this world are no longer trapped. The darkness of the tomb of fear, sin, torture, death, pain, and despair is filled with light. The contrast is truly astounding! The nature of life itself is changed and the rhythms of the universe transformed forever. A new heartbeat of grace flows in and around every aspect of a fallen world. Redemption is all-encompassing and the justice of heaven reigns. Amazing love! Amazing grace! Truth alive and death defeated forever! Now check out Easter Prayer 2020.

Easter Prayer 2020

Easter Sunday Morning Prayer
(an Easter prayer to the Holy Trinity)

O Lord,
Risen, alive and full of grace.
You paid such a price that we may live in freedom today.
We worship your holy name and give thanks for your redeeming grace.

Heavenly Father,
May we drink in your tender love so that we can pour this love out to others.
Come reign in our hearts, minds, and spirits.

Holy Spirit,
We welcome you to blow through our every word, action, and thought.
Come transform us on the inside so that each day we become more like our risen Lord.

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Easter Prayer 2020

Easter Prayer 2020

Short Easter Blessing

(a short prayer suitable for blessing the congregation with at the end of the Easter service)

May the celebration of resurrected life bring new hope to your being.
May the victory over earthly death turn your eyes to the promises of heaven.
May the empty tomb help you to leave your sorrows at the foot of the cross.
So that God’s hope, promises and forgiveness reign in your life forever.



Easter Prayer 2020

Easter Prayer 2020

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Love Overcame

(the prayer poem in the film above)

Love overcame
Emerging from a cold tomb
All the truth, majesty, and creativity of a living God
Transforming a broken heart
Making a quiet return, in a still and sorrowful garden
The gravestone rolled away, to release redemptive love
Jesus resurrected and restored
Comforts a weeping woman
Speaks with travelers on a journey
Meets with his faithful friends
And they bow down before Christ alive
And acknowledged that the savior has arrived
That the word of God has come alive
And that the extraordinary transformation of heaven and earth
Is complete

Lord of life

Lord of life, You defeated death to show that we can rise from all that binds us to the world—pride, envy, anger, fear—the debt of sin that holds us here. Christ the Lord is risen today! Alleluia!

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