Easter Poems for Kids 2020

Here we have Easter Poems for Kids 2020. Hey kids, it’s Easter once again! Knocking at your door to bring in all the freshness and blessings from the lord. It’s time for fun, laughter, and hope, and remember what we are today is because of The ONE who gave up his all to render peace and faith in us. So let’s keep the faith alive and live our lives as vibrant and bright as these Easter poems are…Happy Easter!

There are many ways to celebrate the Easter season. One way is through poetry. Read these poems and reflect on the beautiful gift of new life that Jesus gives you. Now check out some awesome Easter Poems for Kids 2020.

Easter Poems for Kids 2020

Thank You, Jesus

Thank you, Jesus, for loving me,
You died on the cross and set me free.
They buried you, and went away,
But you rose again on the third day.
Very soon you will come again,
And I will live with you in heaven.
Thank you for dying on Calvary.
Thank you, Jesus, for loving me.

by Sheiresa McRae

Easter Poems for Kids

Easter Poems for Kids 2020

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Sing for Joy

Let us all sing,
“Alleluia and thank you!”
Because Jesus our Lord is standing
– risen and alive

Come, friends, praise God
and sing, “Alleluia and joy!
Thank you, Lord, of life,
for defeating death!

Here we stand, ready to follow you
into your new life!

Alleluia and thank you,
Jesus Christ,
our Lord and our God!”

Easter Poems for Kids

Easter Poems for Kids 2020

Jelly Bean Poem

Red is for the blood He gave.
Green is for the grass He made.
Yellow is for the sunflowers so bright.
Black is for the dark of night.
White is for the grace He gave.
Orange is for the sun He made.
Purple is for the hours of sorrow.
Pink is for our new tomorrow.
A bag full of jelly beans,
colorful and sweet.
It’s a prayer, a promise,
and a child’s treatment.

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Easter Poems for Teens 2020

Bunny, Bunny

Bunny, white bunny
With ears so tall
(Place pointer fingers beside head)

And your two pink eyes
And your mouth so small.
(Make 0 with the mouth)

Wiggle goes one ear.
(Wiggle one finger)
Wiggle goes the other.
(Wiggle another finger)

Hop, hop, hop, hop
Home to your mother!
(Hop away in four hops)

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