Easter Poems for Children 2020

In this article, you will get Easter Poems for Children 2020. As a poet who loves Easter and everything (sacred or secular) that it represents, I couldn’t resist the chance to drop a few of these Easter poems in your basket to see if you feel the same way I do about this wonderful season of renewal.

Christmas, I thought, would always be
the best of holidays for me…
a celebration of Christ’s birth,
when peace and glory came to earth.
This miracle, so long held dear,
blessed and remembered every year,
engenders in each tender heart
sweet reverence for His humble start.

Yet while that always will hold true;
I know now, as I never knew
that Easter marks the dawn of grace
and holds at least an equal place.
For like God’s son, my own has died,
and while he was not crucified,
his burdens weighed on every breath
until the moment of his death.

Now he is gone, his spirit free,
but I would dwell in misery
were it not for that sacred day
when having given life away,
Christ took it back and rose again
to bring salvation to all men.
Because of Him, our way is sure.
Todd does live on; we will endure.

And thus my heart is Easter bound.
For all was lost but now is found.

Easter Poems for Children 2020

Easter Poems for Children

Easter Poems for Children


The Easter Egg Challenge

The challenge is to juggle,
three or four Easter eggs.

Juggle them way up high.
Juggle them,
in between your legs.

Juggle them.
Juggle them.
Do it with flair.

Take them even higher,
way up in the air.

Juggle your Easter eggs
behind your back.

Now slow down
and spin a few.

Make sure your standing
on a carpet,
’cause crack,
you will surely do.

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Easter Poems for Children

Easter Poems for Children 2020

The Largest Easter Egg Tree

In the Guinness book of world records,

we saw the worlds largest

Easter egg tree.

Oh my gosh.
Oh my goodness…
It is a wondrous sight to see.

Painted eggs hung

on branches up high,

all colors, all designs
seen way up to the sky.

I Love Easter eggs,
to paint,
then to eat.

One day I’m going to make
an Easter egg tree,
in my back yard

on our street.

But for now,

I’ll just see

how many Easter eggs

I can eat.

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