Top 10+ Easter poems 2020

Here we have Easter poems 2020. Resurrection Sunday is also mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible which confirms this occasion as one of the most religious in Christianity. Church Service, prayers, parades, feasting, egg decorations, and gift-giving are part of this complete “Holy Week” celebration. In this week there is a list of moveable feasts and all depend on the date of Passover which was celebrated by Jesus himself. Easter poems 2020 are best to share on WhatsApp Status and Facebook.

Easter poems 2020

Easter poems 2020

Easter poems 2020

Jesus Is Back

My dearest best friend Jesus had died and gone,
I wept and wept all night, to sorrow, my heart was drawn.
But deep down in my heart I already knew,
That he would be back again and make me feel alive and new.
Happy Easter to you.


Jesus Teaches Us About Hope

Now he’s finally come back into my life again,
On Easter Sunday, I realized my sorrow was in vain.
For in Jesus, hope should never die,
For my dearest best friend Jesus, never lies.
Happy Easter to all of you.


Grab Your Dancing Shoes

After one whole year, the season of Easter has finally come,
Let us praise God and send him our never-ending love.
All you kids out there, the Easter bunnies are already here,
So get your dancing shoes on, let us together celebrate and cheer.
Happy Easter to you.

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Sing Out Praises

It is a great day to be happy,
It is a great day to be glad,
It is a great day to sing out praises,
To our dearest, Almighty Dad!

For the blessings that we have received,
And many more that are to come,
We will forever be thankful to God,
And promise to keep our hearts pure as a dove.
Happy Easter to you and your family.

Easter poems 2020

Easter poems 2020

City Of Sins

Once upon a time, there was a city of sins,
where mean and brash people had their inns.
Murders, robbery and theft was what they did,
In their evil world was where they finally hid.
One fine day, God decided to pay them a visit,
He finally took the form of a child and did it.
The moment they saw God’s face, they were ashamed,
On each other, they decided to put the blame.
For each of them was afraid to go to hell,
They were so scared as the church began ringing bells.
Guilt and shame, the murderers were afraid to show,
So they finally decided to kill God to get rid of this blow.
They caught hold of him and poked nails in his hands,
They put a crown on his head and threw him on the land.
All that was not enough, so they hung him on a cross,
After he died, they realized that it was their own loss.
They had killed the God who had loved them so,
Much more than the sinners could ever know.
God didn’t mind if his suffering and death was arranged,
For the pain would be worth it, if his children changed.
After his death, the people realized their mistake,
They wept and cried as their minds finally were awake.
They begged God for forgiveness with every honest tear they shed.
God listened to their prayers, Easter came by and God rose from the dead.
May this Easter bring about a change in your life.


On Easter Day

Easter at home reminds me of all the fun,
Of games and my mom’s very special hot cross bun.
Decorating eggs and hiding them
Seeking and finding like a lost gem.
Yet we don’t forget the importance of this day
When the lord came back after being taken away.


Reckoning Easter

It’s no longer cold or the time to snow,
At those places, Easter flowers have begun to show.
Lovely blooms adorning the hills,
Not too far away from the dancing daffodils.
Spring is here and also lets us know,
The ever so important Easter Day will very soon show

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For a Better Tomorrow

The good Lord rises from the ashes,
To show the world a new meaning.
Oh, Lord! Let your grace fill us
On this Easter and every day for the rest of our lives.
We eat and make merry today,
And pray for happiness to stay with us every day


Remembering the Good Lord

Easter is very special to us,
Since it denotes meanings numerous.
Easter is not just about fun and party,
But also about remembering the good Lord.
He showed the truth and the way to the light
And in His own way took the man out of his plight.


The Good Lord on Easter

Easter falls on a Sunday,
And leaves us feeling happy as we pray.
Oh Good Lord! You took the burden of man,
Into your arms as much as you can.
The day is a day to rejoice,
For our Lord spoke for mankind through his voice.

Easter poems 2020

Easter poems 2020

The Gift of Hope

Easter is the gift of hope,
Glimpses of faith for us to cope.
With life and its myriad struggles
Gets beautiful as long as you gracefully juggle.
All sins and wrongs your heart forgave
And so good Lord, you are the hope we save.


The Significance of Easter

Little do the children understand the day,
But make sure they enjoy it in every way.
The Lord bestows his mercy upon us,
And gives man chances to confess.
So people, remember on Easter day,
That God fought for you in every way!


On Easter Day

Angels sing from above,
As the Lord showers down on us his pure love.
The warm sun and happy sights,
Extends joyously through the nights.
Easter eggs and a whole lot of games,
They are one for the pictures and their many frames.

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