Top 10+ Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Poems 2020: Here we have Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends. A poem is not only a rhythmic composition of metrical lines but a collection of varied emotions stringed together. Enjoy these poems for meditation, prayers, and to bring hope during this season. Thus it is through poems one can expect to pour one’s heart out and extricate every feeling. Here are some beautiful collections of best Easter poems that are bound to touch the special chords of several hearts. So share this feeling of Easter happiness with your loved ones and spread joy and bliss everywhere. Make sure you forward these poems to your loved ones as well, in order to make them feel special on this auspicious occasion of Easter!

Poetry is the most powerful language. It is the human language at its best. Easter is an amazing time to reflect on what the Lord has done for us. Enjoy these poems for meditation, prayers, and to bring hope during this season. It has the power to move, the power to transcend all boundaries, the power to express the depth of feelings of one’s heart – be it of joy, of sorrow or of any other passion that mankind has ever experienced since its inception. Poems are a great way to celebrate any occasion, and Easter is no exception. This Easter, TheHolidaySpot brings to you a collection of fantastic Easter poems, poems that range from the simple and funny to the sombre and spiritual. Go over our splendid Easter poems and gear up for the oncoming festivities. Enjoy a happy Easter with our pretty little collection of Easter poems. May the Holy Jesus bless you and your loved ones! Now check out Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends.

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

The White Day In Happy Purple

This day, was so special when big chocoholics so little,
sang the jelly bean prayer from the basket of victory.
You may have heard, or never, of this for-surreal history;
So please do listen as I share this, ever real, bonny story.

There was a knock at the door, I wondered who could it be?
Was it the Easter Bunny with some scripture candy for me?
I looked through the window and seen every precious hue.
All about the green grass was eggs scarlet, yellow, and blue.

The sun has beautifully risen from the wonderful east.
I felt so happy with the magic of life within the release.
There was a flash, visual music, just past the red oak tree.
I have seen his tall ears, marshmallow tail, then his quick feet.

He has to be from heaven, I do give him merit
He left us proof, he left us a half bitten carrot
And when I went to bed that warm spring night
Mother told me why the egg was the color white

I thanked my dear mother with kisses and laughter
I told her I loved my basket with the purple wrapper
She said it was my father’s idea, I’m his dear child
He said it’s the meaning of life, to again give me a smile.

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

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Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

The Bunny Tale

I thought it was a kitty cat
But saw it was a rabbit
He was hopping down the trail
And then he stopped to sit.

He looked back at me
And wiggled his nose
Seems he wanted me to follow
So, I quickly arose.

I started down that trail
Amongst the forest’s trees
As that rabbit scurried off
As quickly as you’d please.

He stopped at the next bend
He once more looked at me
And as I moved nearer
He turned once more to flee.

I moved deeper into the forest
It was dark and kinda silent
I looked around the trail’s curve
To see where that rabbit went.

He sat in an open clearing
Of clover covered ground
Amidst a group of creatures
That had gathered around.

They all watched me warily
But, they didn’t turn to run
The rabbit said, “Come join us.
Come join in our fun.”

I asked, “How do you speak?
Am I losing my mind?
If I close my eyes and look again,
I wonder what I’ll find?”

He said, “You’re in our world now,
And if you’ll truly believe,
You will be amazed at things
Your heart and mind perceive.”

“You will see life as it should be,
If you’ll take the time to look.
You’ll find all those stories true,
As told in the fairytale book.”

“You’ll see we live in peace,
And nearly perfect harmony.
You’ll learn what it really means
To be happy, safe and free.”

I sat down with legs crossed
And said, “Please tell me more.
This sounds like the very place
That I have been searching for.”

“I’m tired of all the hassle
Of this world in which I live
Where they all think, I want to take,
When I only want to give.”

“It’s a plastic/cardboard place
Where nothing’s really real.
Where so many things are only said,
Without the will to feel.”

“So, if I like it here with you
Will I be able to stay?
Or will you force me to return
To where they play those games they play?”

He said, “Humans are so foolish!
They are filled with hate and greed
They rip the life from the Earth
After they’ve planted it’s a seed.”

You say you want to stay with us
But, that can not be allowed,
For if we welcome one of you
Before long, there’ll be a crowd.”

“We will let you stay for awhile
Try to teach you what we know
That this World can live in Peace
And then, you’ll have to go.”

But then I awakened
And realized, I’d dreamed
But I can’t get over how real
That Easter Bunny seemed!

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

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Easter comes but once a year

Easter comes but once a year
But when it does, we all know it’s here
Children filling themselves with chocolate
Dad’s down the pub for a pint of beer!

We go to the church for the wine and bread
Dad’s half asleep, and jerking his head
Baby sister is here too, munching away
On the free Easter egg that the Priest gave us today

But remember we must, that the Lord died for us
And ascended into heaven to give us fresh lives
For each and every one of us.

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

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Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Holiday

Easter holiday is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ!
Jesus Christ, The Son of God, bled and died for us in a sacrifice.

This Spring day’s celebrated, generally in the month of April.
All of the bright and pretty colors, of the Easter outfits with frills.

Women and children will wear their Easter bonnets.
In the Spring, you’ll hear the various musical sonnets.

April will bring many rain showers.
That’ll bring us various beautiful flowers.

One special flower for this day is the Easter Lily.
Its color is white, and yet snowy & milky.

The birds will sing their songs of praise.
As we begin to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays.

As we say “Goodbye” to the winter’s gloom,
The flowers and trees have already begun to bloom.

All of life’s beauty, The Lord created, for us all to share.
Spring breezes begin to flow, sending fragrances through the air.

The winter’s thawing will let the rivers, lakes, and streams rise and flow.
The beauty of the Earth will make us all feel aglow!

Farmers and gardeners will start to hoe.
And then they’ll begin to sow.

On Sundays, we’ll hear the various church bells ring.
Let’s be grateful for the LORD, let’s rejoice and sing.

If it wasn’t for the Lord, we wouldn’t have anything!

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Bunny

I remember Easter Sunday
It was colorful and fun
The new life that I’d begun
In my new cage.
I was just a little thing
When they brought me from the store
And they put me on the floor
In my cage.
They would take me out to play
Love and pet me all the time
Then at day’s end, I would climb
In my cage.
But as days and weeks went by
I saw less of them it seemed
Of their loving touch, I dreamed
In my cage.
In the night outside their house
I felt sad and so neglected
Often scared and unprotected
In my cage.
In the dry or rainy weather
Sometimes hotter sometimes colder
I just sat there growing older
In my cage.
The cat and dog raced by me
Playing with each other only
While I sat there feeling lonely
In my cage.
Upon the fresh green grass
Children skipped and laughed all-day
I could only watch them play
From my cage.
They used to take me out
And let me scamper in the sun
I no longer get to run
In my cage.
Once a cute and cuddly bunny
Like a little ball of cotton
Now I’m grown up and forgotten
In my cage.
I don’t know what went wrong
At the home, I did inhabit
I just grew to be a rabbit
In my cage.
But they’ve brought me to the pound
I was once loved and enjoyed
Now I wait to be destroyed
In my cage.

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Poems 2020 for Religious Friends

Easter Bunny Hugs And Kisses

That cute little bunny has hopped all day,
delivering baskets for the holiday.
His paws are so tired and his nose how it itches,
He left you something special to fulfill all your wishes-
Lots of cute little Easter bunny hugs and kisses.


Easter Bunny Poop

The Easter Bunny came last night
And left this little scoop.
Because you weren’t too good this year,
You’re getting Bunny Poop!

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