Top 3+ Easter Meal Prayer 2020

Check out Easter Meal Prayer 2020. These blessings are traditional dinner prayers for saying grace at mealtimes. The prayers are short and simple, great for holidays like Thanksgiving.

Below you will get Easter Meal Prayer of 2020

Easter Meal Prayer

Loving God, bless all those gathered here today
as we come together in friendship and fellowship.
Thank you for the blessings of our individual
and collective God-given gifts.
Place in our hearts the desire to make a difference
to our families, to our community, to our country,
and to the many cultures and peoples worldwide.
Give us a balance in times of distraction and uncertainty.
Help us move towards our goals with determination
and always with an abundant sense of humor.
Thank you for food in a world where many know only hunger;
For our faith in a world where many know fear;
For friends in a world where many know only loneliness.
Please bless this food we are about to share, those who prepared it, those who serve it,
and those who have worked to make today the special occasion that it is.
For all of this, we give you thanks.

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Easter Meal Prayer

Easter Meal Prayer

Blessed are you, Lord our God,
maker of heaven and earth
and Father of all your people:
we give you glory for your goodness
and for your loving care for us.

Bless this food [this bread]
and grant that all who eat it
may be strong in body
and grow in your love.

Blessed are you, Lord our God,
for ever and ever.


Blessed are you, Lord God, king of the universe:
you raised your beloved son from the dead,
and made him Lord of all.
We turn to you in prayer
and ask you to bless us
and this food you have given us.
Help us to be generous toward others,
and to work with them so that they too may eat well.

Loving Father,
may we all celebrate together
around your table in heaven.
We praise you and give you glory
through Christ our Lord.

Easter Meal Prayer

Easter Meal Prayer

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Loving Father,
we thank you for bringing us together for this meal:
may we continue to live in your friendship
and in harmony with one another.
Bless this food,
a sign of your loving care for us,
and bless us in our daily lives.
Bless your church throughout the world,
and all those who seek to do your will today.

Father of mercy,
all praise be to you
through Jesus Christ our savior,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.


Lord God and giver of all good gifts,
we are grateful as we pause before this meal,
for all the blessings of life that you give to us.
Daily, we are fed with good things,
nourished by friendship and care,
feasted with forgiveness and understanding.
And so, mindful of your continuous care,
we pause to be grateful
for the blessings of this table. May your presence
be the extra taste to this meal
which we eat in the name of your son, Jesus.


Earth maker and Lord of all creation,
we are mindful that this food before us
has already been blessed by the sun, earth and rain.
We pause to be grateful
for the hidden gifts of life in this food.

Bless our eyes and taste
so that we may eat this food
in a holy and mindful manner.

We lift up this bread;
may it be food and symbol
for all of us who shall eat it.

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