Easter Love Poems for him 2020

Here you will find Easter Love Poems for him 2020. Poets have a way of perfectly expressing the true meaning of holidays (whether it’s religious and the collective feelings they rouse. Unlike Christmas, there aren’t many Easter movies that gather families around the TV for two solid hours of bonding, considering The Passion of the Christ isn’t exactly a feel-good family flick. So, the best way to garner the same type of holiday spirit on Easter Sunday is to read a poem to your loved ones that will invoke the meaning of the day and leave everyone in a good mood. Below you will get Easter Love Poems for him 2020.

Easter Love Poems for him 2020


Watching the sunrise, the shoreline’s ablaze A love letter sent from Thee I sing a psalm, an Easter palm And start my day with glee. Watching a sunset, the shoreline’s agleam A note Thou sent with a smile I heave a sigh, a love’s reply And thank God for this isle.

Easter Love Poems for him 2020

Easter Love Poems for him 2020

Who Am I – Resurrected

I am the someone in no one I am the beginning and the end I am the alpha and omega I am your true best friend I am not here nor there I am that I am I am the son of my father I am the lion I am the lamb I am the you in the me I am the all in all things I am the one that shows you love I am the king of all kings I am forever forgiving I am the one that gives you sight I am at the right hand of my father I am the way I am the light.

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I Celebrate Easter


Good Friday, is the day Jesus was crucified on the cross.  
Jesus was willing to give His life for ours in order to give 
us eternal life.

Easter Sunday, is the day Jesus rose from his tomb. 
This is a joyous day and reminds us of His love for all
of us.

This is why I celebrate Easter, because I love Jesus for
all he did for you and for me.
He has prepared us a home in heaven and filled it with 
his everlasting love for us.
Easter Love Poems for him 2020

Easter Love Poems for him 2020

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Easter Love Poems for him 2020

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Salutations my Brethren, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour!

Though weary from your travels you may be
through Gods' love there is hope for you and me

to save the world He gave His only Son
and through the Cross death lost and life has won!

So to all of you who for salvation pray
take Christ into your hearts this very day

for God so loves us all that He did give
the precious blood of Christ so we could live!

If truly in your hearts you do believe
this gift of lasting life you will recieve!

Go in peace, dear Brethren, and may the Grace of God
follow you all of your days!  In Christs' precious name, Amen.

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