Dragon Ball Super’s Glorious Return Proves Haters Wrong

Dragon Ball Super’s Glorious Return Proves Haters Wrong: Dragon Ball Super Chapter #101 gave die-hard fans of the show exactly what they’ve been asking for months. At the same time, it shut down critics who were upset about the recent Super Hero Arc. This is the kind of exciting news that the show is known for, with Goku coming back and meeting Gohan in his new Beast form. The next arc in the manga looks like it will be even better.

From what Shueisha showed of the storyboards, it looked like Dragon Ball Super chapter #101 would drag out the Super Hero story by focusing on small characters like Carmine. As soon as the clips came out, critics took to the Internet to vent their anger, but it’s safe to say that they were wrong.

Carmine and Soldier #15 in chapter 101 of Dragon Ball Super

The first half of Dragon Ball Super chapter #101 was about Goten and Trunks as superheroes being tricked by Carmine into a bad plan. The second half, on the other hand, was about Vegeta and Broly having an amazing fight before going back to Earth and Gohan changing into his Beast form, showing that he has full control over this powerful change.

Dragon Ball Super‘s Return To Form Gives Fans What They Wanted

Goku returns to Earth in chapter #101 of Dragon Ball Super

Of course, Goku’s return to Earth after feeling Gohan’s ki on the last page was the best part of the chapter. Still, it was clear that this part was meant to get the story back on track after the “break” caused by the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. Broly’s growth is shown, and Whis tells the Saiyans what happened on Earth during the Super Hero arc. Frieza and his Black form are also mentioned, as they are likely to be the most interesting parts of this story.

Since the chapter was called “Carmine and Soldier #15”, it almost seems like the authors were trying to trick their readers by making it look like it was about Carmine and the Saiyamen. In reality, these were just a way to get Gohan mad again so he could use his ki to turn into Beast form and call Goku to Earth. It’s still not clear why this didn’t happen in chapter #100. Dragon Ball Super missed a big moment in its past, but it’s better late than never.

Gohan transforms in Beast form in chapter #101 of Dragon Ball Super

Of course, the question still stands as to where the story will go next. To the Super Hero arc’s credit, it has brought Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks back to life and made them important again, so Goku and Vegeta don’t have to steal all the attention anymore. Fan, on the other hand, can’t wait to see what the years of training on Beerus’ world were worth. On top of that, Broly seems to have joined the group for good…

Dragon Ball Super really takes a big turn in Chapter #101. In every way, the show’s group is stronger than it’s ever been. With Frieza as a danger, it looks like we’ll be facing off against the series’ most famous bad guy, but the story could save Frieza for later and introduce a new bad guy for this arc. If you like Dragon Ball Super, now is the best time ever.



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