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Happy Birthday Quotes

Many many returns of this happy day dear. Keep your smile always bright friend.

Looking forward to have a 1000 years of friendship with you. Happy Birthday my dear best friend. Be with me always.

Hey dude, you complete my existence. I am incomplete without you. Happy Birthday to you. Wish you great things always!

Come, let's celebrate the day!! It's your birthday buddy. Happy Birthday to my dear best friend

Happy Birthday dearest friend. Thank God you are priceless otherwise people would have purchased you in million dollars. Lol!

Trees are shedding their leaves and you are losing your hair. Trees will get their leaves back but you won't get your hair back. You are getting older my friend. Happy Birthday!

Finally, the most awaited day has come!! Yes, it's my best friend's birthday!! Let us have a blast!! And finally, Happy Birthday buddy!! 

Before meeting you, I thought, I am the weird person on earth, but after meeting you the thought has changed to "we are the weird gang on earth"! Happy Birthday, pal. You mean the whole world to me. 

Today, I will be the happiest person on Earth, because today is the birthday of my best friend. Live long, buddy

No human on earth will be born as crazy as you. Birthday greetings to the craziest, most charming and most adorable person on the planet. It's my best friend.

Happy Birthday secret keeper. I always wonder, what would be my life,  without you! It would be more disastrous, I guess. Thank you for sticking with me for so long. May you live long dear.

The number of friends doesn't make a man great, but a single, loyal friend can make. Happy birthday, dear. You made my life great!

This is the day God has sent a special gift from heaven. Yaa!! It's my best friend's birthday. Love you girl and Happy Birthday

To the world's best friend, happy birthday pal. Let you have a long life filled with happiness.

Birthday greetings dear. This is your day. Celebrate to the fullest and have a bright life ahead.

No matter who comes and goes in my life, you are always special to me. Happy Birthday my special friend.

When life is hard, friends are the only help. You are the person who proved this to me. Happy Birthday dear. May you have all the happiness in your life.

The shoulder that carries me whenever I am down!! My chatterbox, Happy Birthday buddy. Have a great life.

Another year of your life and our friendship. Thank you for being my awesome friend.

True friends are hard to find. But I am so lucky, I got you. Happy Birthday dear girl. Live life to the fullest.

Birthday greetings to my best friend. You are such a wonderful soul and the whole world is going to love you. Live long enough to have a fabulous life.

Having a friend like you is the most happiest thing one can have in the entire life. Happy Birthday my dear besti. Let us s together have a wonderful life.

To the most amazing person I have in life, Happy Birthday dear. Your support and encouragement is my energy. Thak you for being my friend for long. Have a great life ahead.

Dear Friend, I wish you all the happiness of life. Happy Birthday to you! God bless you.

Your Birthday is a special day because a friend like you was born. Many many Happy returns of the day.

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