# Top 6+ Birthday Poems Funny with Images for friends

Birthday Poems Funny with Images for friends: There is definitely a lot you can do on your friend’s birthday, but nothing can be like a funny birthday poems role in Friend’s Party. A nice rhythmic touch to how the birthday boy or girl is, you can make a sweet little rhyme. No one said that the rhyme cannot be naughty or funny. It can make everyone at the party laugh with what you have written for your friend. You can also pick out a nice card in which you can write something for her or how special your friend is for you. Check out some of the websites online which gives you access to small, simple and beautiful birthday poems and verses and those which you can share with friends and family. Make sure to pick the most meaningful ones so that your family knows that you love them.

These poems when posted online on their social media account will also let people know how much you care about the people you love. Along with the message you can post a nice picture so that they love it. Make sure to tag them in these lines. Posting old memories here will also be very nice. So check out some funny poems and share with your loved ones.

Birthday Poems Funny

Birthday Poems Funny with Images for friends
Birthday Poems Funny with Images for friends

A birthday poem is all it takes: Yes, a poem for your friend’s birthday party. People might have all sorts of gifts for your friend on her or his special day, but you have something no ones has even dreamt of gifting her. A nice, sweet poem which makes her believe what a special friend she has been all these years is the best birthday gift you can give her. If you are thinking what to write for her, no need to ponder a lot over this, write only what comes out of your heart.

I know you are there

Happy birthday to the cartoon I know,
You have so many stupid gestures to show,
Ok, don’t get bugged, I was kidding my dear,
Coz it’s your birthday, so spread the cheer,
Have the most amazing day of your life,
May god give me strength to survive,
With you..Lol!


Writing an exclusive, out of the box poem for your friend: If you are unable to make a nice poem for your friend that rhymes and states out your heart, then you can always check the internet. It is full of information about the best poems for birthdays for your loved ones. You can pick out separate lines from two – three different poems, combine them and make it a nice one. It may not be an expensive gift, but like I usually say, when we give something to our loved ones, its not the gift or the price behind it, but the emotion and value attached to it.


The Party Caps Are Ready

The party caps are ready and so is the cake,
The beer is brewing and the cookies are kept to bake.
Presents are already here and more are left to come,
The birthday-person is still not here, so let’s take everything and run!


A musical for your friend on her birthday: If you are good at singing, you can write a nice song for your friend on her big day and sing it in front of everybody or in the party. Humming a nice song with words that come out straight from your heart is more than anything else in the world. This will also give your friend a feeling how much he or she means to you and appreciate you as a friend in the years you both have spent time together. You can also play a guitar or a piano, violin and sing the song for your best friend.

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Gift Awaited

Year by year you are growing old,
But people around you celebrate this bold.
You want to drive it into their head,
That the occasion demands no party instead hit the bed.
It’s just a birthday dude…
But you got receive a gift from us so good.


Gift of poem: If you have been planning to read out or sing a song for your friend on her birthday party, then you can also write it on a nice handmade or any other beautiful paper and get it framed. This way he or she will always have your poem and can hang it in your room. Otherwise you can also write the poem on a birthday card. Usually the cards have one blank side on which you can write. This card can be saved forever.

Have Loads of Fun

Happy birthday to you,
As the clock is ticking hard,
It’s time for you to make a new start,
Please pay heed to your age,
Coz it’s your life’s new stage,
Grow up now,
Happy birthday to you!


Make them smile big: We can definitely adorn our friends with nice gifts, like clothes, jewellery, decor items and much more. But the gift of love is something unique and different, something they will cherish forever. Smile and that is exactly what you can see on your friend’s face when they hear out the nice and beautifully written poem, meant just for you. See that big smile on your friend’s face after you have read the sweet, little poem. It will just revive and strengthen the bond of your friendship.

Warm Birthday Wishes For You

I am not that cheap,
Understand my feelings they are so deep,
So what if I just bought you a card, and no gift,
I was in a hurry, I was in swift,
Forget everything rest my dear,
Happy birthday go and spread the cheer!


When Happy Birthday is not Enough: The old traditional Happy Birthday is definitely a way to make the day special for anyone. But this year, these two little words are just not enough for your close friend. So instead why not go ahead and make a beautiful poem for your friend which tells her or him the way you feel and how special their friendship is to you. So this year, the two special words are just not enough, make your friend understand what you feel about them by singing a beautiful poem for them.

Where’s my Treat?

What is your birthday plan for today?
How are you making it a pleasant day?
Don’t skip a chance, coz I want my treat,
I was the first one to greet.


Friends are an important part of our lives and anything we can do to make their big day special is the least we can offer. Making the fun days exciting with birthday parties, cakes and gifts are also important but writing a beautiful poem that means giving out a piece of heart to your friend is equally important.

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So make the most of the day, start planning ahead and write a beautiful poem for your lovely friend! Don’t worry there is tons of help present on the internet which will make it all the more easier for you to pick nice, cool and some birthday Poems Funny with Images for friends.



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