10 Strongest Shonen Anime Villains of All Time

10 Strongest Shonen Anime Villains of All Time: When it comes to shonen anime, the bad guys are always up against the main characters and their plot armor, and many of them don’t get much credit for how good they are at fighting. Putting morals aside, baddies are the hardest part of any story and should be talked about.

10 Strongest Shonen Anime Villains of All Time

There are always cross-universe comparisons that can be made about strength, but to choose which shonen villain is the best, you need to describe both strength and the villain. A villain is a figure in a story who does bad things that go against the story’s morals.

1. Naraku is the Root of All Misfortune

Naraku is a group of different yokai, or demons, that stays hidden for most of the InuYasha story and causes trouble from behind the scenes. In the end, it turns out that Naraku was the one who caused the fight between Inuyasha and Kikyō, which caused the holy jewel, the Shikon no Tama, to be spread around (the whole point of the show).

2. Hisoka Remains Undefeated Among Chaos

Because Hisoka gets involved in so much chaos and conflict in Hunter x Hunter, the only reason he stays alive is because he is strong. After new power systems like Nen were added, Hisoka’s real strength slowly became clear over the course of the series.

3. Blackbeard Rose to Fame in One Fell Swoop

In One Piece, Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard, rose to power quickly and in a well-planned way, becoming one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, the Yonko. He used to be a member of the Whitebeard Pirates. Because Blackbeard can take advantage of chances, no matter how bad they are, this makes him a classic “stand-up” pirate.

4. Raizen is the Strongest Reformed Villain

At the end of Yu Yu Hakusho’s “Three Kings Saga” story arc, Raizen shows up as the main character Urameshi Yusuke’s ancestor father. He has a scary past. In the present, Raizen is Yusuke’s mentor, but in the past, he was the hated leader of the demon world. He was a bad guy all the way through, and he said he had eaten people.

5. All for One Shakes the Symbol of Peace

The League of Villains, the main bad guys in My Hero Academia, was made by All for One, the figure who made the main hero, All Might, look so skinny when we first meet him. All for One’s quirk lets him take other people’s quirks and give them to other people. This makes him and his group a very scary threat.

6. Father, Progenitor of the Seven Deadly Sins

When you play Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Father gives you all seven homunculi, which stand for the seven dangerous sins. He also has the power to make you immortal. In terms of Father’s other skills, the options are endless because alchemy is all-encompassing. The Philosopher’s Stone and the millions of lives that have been given up for it give Father power in a world where the law of equal exchange rules.

7. Aizen Dictates New Realities

Aizen Sosuke, who betrayed Soul Society and joined the Hollows, is the only figure in Bleach who can walk the line between chaos and order. It wasn’t long ago that Aizen was one of the strongest characters in the show. He was also the captain of the 5th Division of the Gotei 13.

8. Madara Reanimates Towards Perfection

Uchiha Madara came back to life and was changed in many ways. He became a dangerous villain in the last part of Naruto: Shippuden. He had regained all of his strengths from his first life, including the Sharingan, Rinnegan, his Ninjutsu, and more. He also got some upgrades, like the Senjutsu Chakra, which gave him strong healing and Wood Release abilities. He also didn’t have any problems with his skills growing; later, he controls and seals the Ten-tails inside himself, giving him Jinchūriki powers.

9. Garou is Being Built to Become Saitama’s Nemesis

Since she was introduced in the second season of One Punch Man, Garou is quickly becoming an important part of author One’s plan to find Saitama a good opponent. People avoid Saitama because he is both the best and weakest hero in a world full of heroes and villains, but not many people know the truth. So, except for Garou, Saitama lives on a level that no other character can hope to reach.

10. Frieza, Eternal Villain of the Dragon Ball Universe

“Nothing ever dies” is the theme of the Dragon Ball Franchise, and Frieza, the main bad guy of the Dragon Ball Z series, has been remade many times, especially in Dragon Ball Super. It was supposed that the greedy space mogul would push Goku to his limits and make him a Super Saiyan, but author Toriyama Akira had other plans.



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